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September 26, 2006

Hey, where all de white Gordo's at?

At Ohio, dat's where.  <--- That's how John Kerry thinks Ohioans speak.

Random things follow:

Haven't been updating because I've been relocating DTManor from North Carolina to Ohio.  Hurricanes were too easy so I thought I'd try blizzards and tornadoes for a while.

Posting will still be a tad light because I'm doing a project out of state for the next seven weeks (or so) and am only home on weekends for that time period.

Today is the first birthday of my baby boy... so far I've managed to not break him or anything.  Whew!  He's pretty damned good looking too, just like his old man.

Cutest baby ever.  To all the fine ladies out there, take these pictures as evidence of my superior genes.  I make good lookin' babies!  To all y'all other parents out there, sorry your kid isn't as good looking as mine.  But don't feel too badly about it... only one person can have the awesomest baby ever.  It just happens to be me.  I'm sure your kids are just fine in their own ways.  By the way, if you happen to be at the Sears in the mall in Northwood, Ohio, be sure to look for my baby boy on the walls.  He's a model.  He's also been sleeping through the night since he was two months old.  Not to brag, or anything.


Anyway, yeah, back in Ohio.  I'm still missing NC, even carolina-style barbecue, and I'm actually nostalgic for hurricanes.  Like many other challenges in life, they were a test... am I prepared for this 2-5 days of bad weather, and ready to take on all possibilities like power outages, evacuations, runs on bread, milk, and eggs at the local supermarkets?  So far, here.... well, let's just wait and see how a real winter goes.  But I do plan to meet it with a big snow blower, so we'll see who makes who whose bitch.

Or something like that.


I saw some Amish people last week.


Someone, probably young punks, burned down the shelter house here in my small town, tonight.  Can't have anything nice.  Find them and if underage flog the parents in the public square, I sez.  It isn't fair to punish the dog because it was never potty trained correctly as a puppy.  Then give the parents a free hand to straighten out their kids.  Pain is a powerful motivator, I've been told and/or read about in books.

Coincidentally, a train may have hit a car at one of the local crossings tonight, as well.  The train has been stopped for hours, now, and I saw the flashing lights of emergency vehicles.  The train is visible out the picture window of the house I just bought as I type this.


Any volunteers to go under my house and pull networking cable?  Anyone?


My car had problems recently, but they got traced to corroded battery cables and was fixed.  Whew.


Just ordered a 61" HDTV on amazon.com.  Woohoo, no state tax and free shipping!  Suck it, brick and mortar!  I crawled the internet for customer reviews of the model TV, and all were favorable.  I hope it doesn't suck.  Can't send it back unless it is broken...


So now I need new bookshelves.  I'm very much missing my Wall of Power.  All my games are boxed up, *sob*.  Anyone know any good finishing carpenters in the NW Ohio area that won't charge me a ton for labor?


Well, I've got dawn patrol in the morning, so time to go nod off to some Futurama.  He sleeps through the night, but he's still up between 7:00 and 7:30am.  Not bad for the fact he's usually asleep by 9pm, but still.  I've never been a morning person.  I'm dreading the next time change.


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September 4, 2006

Crocodile Hunter, RIP.

Steve Irwin died today while filming a documentary when he was stung by a stingray and the barb punctured his heart.  He was 44 years old, and is survived by a wife and two kids.

This saddens me.  I wasn't a rabid groupie, but I was looking forward to seeing him rassle crocodiles at 80 years old.

When asked for comment about death-by-getting stabbed in the heart by a stingray, Nathan Explosion from the band Dethclock had this to say:


Metal, indeed.

Rest in peace, Crocodile Hunter.  My condolences to the family.


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August 3, 2006

You, Sir, are No Winston Churchill.

I wonder what it was like to follow world politics in the late 1930's.  

I wonder how it felt to see Hitler appeased left and right in the name of "peace in our time."

I wonder how frustrated Winston Churchill got to not only have his warnings about German aggression ignored, but to be publicly ridiculed for them.

I wonder if the appeasers ever felt guilt for the positions they had taken.   I wonder what they thought of the Holocaust.

I wonder what it will be like this time when the enemy isn't wearing a uniform or flying a banner and fights exclusively from within civilian ranks.  And relishes attacking soft targets like civilian centers.

I wonder what it will be like this time when the real war wont even start until they have a working nuclear weapons program.

I wonder what it will be like to actually try to close our porous borders, and screen hundreds of thousands of cargo containers.  I hope the cost of that particular lesson isn't too high.  And I hope I'm upwind of it.

I wonder what it will take before people wake up.  9/11 was insufficient.

I wonder if there will be any satisfaction in "I told you so."

I wonder if Churchill felt gratified, if even for a moment.


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August 2, 2006

Adios, Illusion of Freedom.  I'll miss you.

Allow me to preface the following incoherent rant with a few definitions of how I see things, so you can put the rest into a context.  I see myself as somewhere around conservative libertarian.  I'm close to full libertarian, but I like the idea of a collective to pave streets, run fire departments, etc.  I might be truly conservative, because I believe the Constitution of the United States should be the limiting factor of what government should be worrying about, legislation-wise.  A lot of religious baggage usually gets attached to conservatism, though, so I am reflexively loath to claim to be it fully.

Without pulling official definitions, I see libertarianism as a complete lack of governmental interference, and conservatism as an adherence to what it states in the Constitution, and no more.

And I see progressive liberalism as an affront to everything I hold sacred, especially liberty and freedom.  Here's why.

This train of thought began for me when this morning I read the Fark headline, City planners, awakened from some drug-induced stupor, begin to limit increase in number of McMansions / starter castles.

The resulting comment thread contained, at the times, scores of comments from different people, all in the vein of...

Me man. Me want big house. Make woman happy. Woman forgive me for small peepee. House have plenty of room for children of wife and poolboy.

Funny.  Generalizations, assumptions, and generally being a jerkoff.

If you live in Bumfark AK, Trotts, SD or Plain WI and build one of these because you think you're "RICH" - go fark yourself, because you're NOT.

that is what i hate about the mcmansion.

build yourself one along a coastline or in a large metro area - feel free, you ARE rich!

Funny.  Elitism over anyplace in the country that isn't on the east or west coast.  Everybody in the middle must be poor idiots.

and of course when someone talks back to the liberal horde:

jimbo44311: Do you really need a law telling me what I am allowed to build?


You don't.

If you are building it in *my* neighborhood then Yes. I hope there is a law.

And there's the rub... this person feels like he has some ownership of his neighbor's land.

Some level headed person had this to say:

If you want to ensure "your" neighborhood only has the style of housing you personally find esthetically pleasing, then buy up all the houses and rent them out. That makes them your business, and you can do whatever your heart pleases with them. As it is, it aint yours, you meddle, and you haven't the right... until you get the law passed that says it's your right. No wonder people hate your guts.

This is like a socialist version of that eminent domain you all claim to hate so much.

As of this writing, that comment has yet to be addressed.

So what does this have to do with liberalism being the opposite of freedom?   I know, at first glance what I just said seems to be contradictory to itself.  But the jerks quoted above consider themselves to be classic liberals.  They think they have this hatred for so-called McManshions because it hurts the little people who can't keep up with the successful capitalist robber-barons of the world, so laws need to be passed to keep them from "hurting" the little people and building their new houses in older neighborhoods.

These people want to restrict freedom.

Liberals also believe in political correctness.  For example, we all heard a while back when Brokeback Mountain didn't win an Oscar that it was because middle America was still too homophobic.  They lamented a lack of homosexual awareness, as if somehow someone in America had not been exposed to Will and Grace (Known as "Sodomite and Slutty Zionist" in Arab lands...) or Queer Eye for the Straight Guy.  To me that implies they think there should be more forced awareness of these things.  I know that I've been through several MANDATORY "awareness/tolerance" meetings through my life, in order to get me thinking the Correct Way.  Environmental propaganda all through grade school, sexual harassment training in the military, ethnic/religious/everything-else tolerance training at every company I've worked.  Everyone is telling me the proper way to think.  This isn't freedom.

In my opinion, people don't need better awareness of homosexuality if they think the idea of two men having sex is gross.  They already have too much awareness of homosexuality at that point.

In my opinion, people don't need better awareness of ghetto culture if they notice that ghetto culture is a crime ridden, drug addled cesspool.  And of course it's incorrect to suggest there's anything wrong with that.  It's a black thing, and I just can't understand.

In my opinion, government supported universal healthcare is a gun to the head of everyone paying for their neighbor's health problems due to their smoking habits.  Trust me... when health care becomes a public responsibility, notice how peoples' behavior will become legislated.  See: McDonalds lawsuits, tobacco company lawsuits.  It's already begun, and I HAVE heard Medicare/Medicaid quoted as a reason taxpayers should be concerned with lifestyle choices.  This isn't freedom.  It's also a classic liberal campaign platform.

In my opinion, political correctness and forced "sensitivity" to this or that is a gag in our mouths, and the same in spirit as a Stalinist reeducation camp.

So.  As of right this second I probably won't be jailed for my opinions, but with the new liberal, progressive "ethnic intimidations" laws, it is a distinct possibility.  That's your progressive liberty and freedom, right there.  So ban those houses.  They totally ruin the view from your tea nook.


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July 31, 2006

Jesus Needs GPS.

I have an acquaintance that is male, my age, and a born again Christian. One of the hard-core born again Christians that listens exclusively to Christian rock music, wears the "Got Jesus?" t-shirt, and has a bible verse on his telephone answering machine message.  He told me that he had a "wild youth," but when he was 17 he was at a rock concert and in the pot smoke haze above the stage he saw an image of Jesus who told him to clean himself up.

And that's fine by me.  Whatever.

My question is, why doesn't Jesus appear to the terrorist asshole right before he plants a bomb that will blow up a bunch of women, children, and other civilians in some public market?  Are those people not worth Jesus's attention and intervention as much as a stupid stoner kid in Pennsylvania?

I just don't understand it.  Prioritize better, Jesus.

Oh, btw, the person I mentioned in the first paragraph is a general contractor, and he recently got fired from a company because he wouldn't do work in a certain house where, and this is his direct quote, "Those people there are so fat that I can't stand to look at them."  

That's some good Christian values, right there.  I guess those particular people aren't made in God's image.


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July 29, 2006

Freedom for all, as long as they approve.

The running theme I see across the internet is that (all intelligent people know) Republicans are evil neo-cons intent on reducing personal freedoms, possibly through a dictatorial theocracy, and Democrats are freedom and peace-loving regular folk who just want to live their lives.  But tell me - people who fit the following examples... how do you think they vote?

1.  We will hold political rallies, and we will allow people who would protest our politics... from around the corner in a designated Free Speech Zone, out of sight, and surrounded by fences, barbed wire, and armed guards.  For their own protection.

2.  We will do everything in our power to have vehicles that don't meet a certain standard of fuel efficiency, a value we will decide, declared illegal.  Sure people should have a choice, but in some cases personal responsibility should be dictated and legislated.

3.  We will protest and get local governments to pass laws specifically against big stores like Wal-Mart in order to save small businesses.  Sure, the only reason small businesses die is because people want the lower prices at Wal-Mart, but the people don't know what's good for them, anyway, the way we do.  See "legislating personal responsibility," above.

4.  With complete freedom we will put bumper stickers on our cars that proclaim "George Bush is a Fascist and has turned Amerikka into a Fascist Country," and have our heads so far up our own asses that we don't realize that in a true fascist country we would be jailed for owning that bumper sticker.

5.  Our more popular internet voices will secretly agree on and align our opinions in closed, freedom-loving committee, at which time we will blame the other side for making decisions via closed, evil, secret committee.

6.  We know we're better than everyone else. So shut up, stupid.

So.  Who does the above exemplify, and who did they vote for in 2004?


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July 5, 2006

The Most Pathetic Thing I've Seen Today.  Maybe ever.

Not a lot of commentary.... but the usual crew in Hollywood, in support of Crazy Cindy Sheehan, are going to skip a meal in order to show how dedicated they are to really really wanting the war for the liberation of the middle east to end.

Other supporters, including Penn, Sarandon, novelist Alice Walker and actor Danny Glover will join a 'rolling" fast, a relay in which 2,700 activists pledge to refuse food for at least 24 hours, and then hand over to a comrade.
BREITBART.COM - US stars align in anti-Iraq war hunger strike

A "rolling fast" means that one of the 2700 peeps will not eat for 24 hours, at which time they will "hand off" the fast to the next person who will then not eat for 24 hours.

By my reckoning, the person on the tail end of the list is going to have to skip a couple meals a little over 7 years from now.  Maybe they'll fast 2 at a time and get twice as much protesting done in the same time.

Wow, that's an incredible display of sacrifice and commitment to a principle.


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July 4, 2006

Independence Day, 2006.

America is the best country in the world, in almost every way, and I know I'm lucky to be an American.  And I was happy to observe the anniversary of our signing a big 'ol "GFY" to the King of England and the most powerful military in the world.

But how much liberty do we actually have any more, and how much do you, personally, actually want?  Take this quiz I lifted from Boortz:


Planning for your retirement.

  1. I want my employer to provide me with a pension plan.
  2. I want the government to take something out of every one of my paychecks and then pay it back to me in monthly payments after I reach retirement age.
  3. I'm perfectly willing to save some money toward my retirement years out of each and every paycheck and I want my employer and the government to butt out.  If I fail to finance my retirement years adequately I'll have nobody to blame but myself.

Desecrating the American Flag

  1. I believe the Bill of Rights was written by men to tell government what it can and cannot do.  Even though I strongly disapprove of anyone desecrating our Flag, I realize the First Amendment was written to protect unpopular expressions, not ones that everyone is going to agree with. 
  2. I believe that our Flag is the symbol of our country, and anyone who desecrates it ought to be punished harshly.  To that end I approve of a new Constitutional amendment, the first one since prohibition that would tell us what we can and cannot do, instead of the government.

Medical Care

  1. My employer should provide me with a health insurance plan covering me and my immediate family.
  2. The government should provide taxpayer funded health care for everyone.
  3. I should be responsible for providing my own health care and health insurance  in a competitive medical marketplace unhindered by government mandates and regulations.

Health Insurance

  1. The government should tell health insurance companies what they must and what they cannot cover in their policies.
  2. I wish to be free to negotiate with health insurance companies in order to find the best price for my policy by including matters I wish to insure against, and excluding health matters, like drug and alcohol abuse, which are of no concern to me.

Having No Health Insurance

  1. If I have no health insurance the government should provide me emergency health care paid for by the taxpayers.
  2. If I have no health insurance and the taxpayers are compelled to pay for any of my health care the taxpayers should be reimbursed through the seizure and sale of all of my assets.  I have no claim on the property of others for the purpose of paying for my medical needs.

Choosing a doctor

  1. I'm perfectly willing to rely on private accreditation organizations to tell me who is properly trained in the delivery of medical services.  After conferring with those accreditation organizations, like the American Medical Association, I want to be free to chose any person I want for any medical purpose I see fit.
  2. I want the government to tell me who I can seek medical services from.

Wages and Employment

  1. I realize that in the free enterprise marketplace I have something to sell just as to all other individuals and businesses do.  My product is my physical and intellectual labor.  I should be left absolutely free to negotiate a price for my physical and intellectual labor with any prospective employer free of government interference.  The only role for the government in my relationship with my employer would be to provide a means to enforce contracts between us.
  2. I want the government to set a minimum wage below which I would not be free to work.  I also want the government to set my working hours, how I am to be paid for overtime, family leave options and my vacation periods,

I recognize that the most important task I shall have as a human being will be to nurture and raise my child.  With that in mind:

  1. I want the government to seize my money through taxes and to use those taxes to set up a system of government schools to which I shall be compelled to send my child.  I will be free, if I wish, to send my child to a private school, but the government will not let me have any of my money back to pay for it.
  2. I want the government to back out of the picture and allow me to accept the responsibility for the education of my child free of government interference and mandates.

Knowing that the more despotic a government becomes the more that government tries to control the dissemination of information.  I also know that most American rely on the broadcast media for their news. Therefore:

  1. I want the government to continue to license the operation of all radio and television stations and to regulate their conduct so that they don't broadcast against the common interest.
  2. I want the broadcast media in this country to have the full First Amendment rights granted to the printed media.

I am a devoutly religious person and my religious feelings include strongly felt opinions on what other people should and should not do in their private lives.

  1. I want the government to regulate the sexual conduct between consenting adults so that said conduct will be in keeping with my personal sense of what is right and what is wrong.
  2. I may be disgusted by what some people do to and with each other in the privacy of their own homes, but I do not wish for the government to prevent those perverts from doing whatever perverted things they like to do to each other. 

Even though I drink alcohol and smoke nicotine:

  1. I want the government to make sure that nobody uses any substance that I find personally offensive.  Marijuana, for instance.
  2. I do not believe that the government should be involved in what people do, and that includes what people smoke, in privacy of their own homes.  I just don't want to have to pay for it when they screw themselves up good.

You need some legal advice.

  1. 1. You want the government to tell you who you can go to for legal advice.  If you go to someone for legal advice who is not approved by the government, and that person charges you to prepare a will or to draw up a lawsuit for you, you want the government to punish that person with a heavy fine, or perhaps some jail time, even though you freely entered into an agreement with him for that advice and legal help.
  2. 2.  You are willing to use your own common sense in choosing someone to represent you before a court, either someone who is recommended by a private accreditation agency such as the American Bar Association, or someone who is otherwise known to you to be informed and capable as to legal affairs, and you are willing to abide by the choice you made.

You're going to have a child.  You understand that having a child will be physically, emotionally and financially challenging. So .....

  1. You want the government to used money seized from taxpayers to pay for child care for your child.
  2. You want the government to force your employer to give you 12 weeks off from the job in order to care for your new child, and you want your job to be waiting for you when you return.
  3. You know that you had the child, not the taxpayers and not your employer, and you are willing to bear the responsibility for raising that child without the government imposing any cost, burden or duty on anyone else on your behalf.

You want to ride your motorcycle without a helmet.

  1. You're willing to take full responsibility for your decision, including the possibility that you might die if you crack your head open and you don't have enough money to pay for the medical care you'll need and there's no private charity willing to step up and cover your costs because they consider your injuries to be essentially self-inflicted.
  2. You want to be free to ride without a helmet, but if you do happen to sustain a horrible injury you want the government to force the taxpayers to be responsible for your health care. 

Nealz Nuze Today's Nuze

 Hopefully it makes some of y'all think.

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July 2, 2006

Socially Acceptable Bigotry.

"Everyone knows" it is OK for progressives to mock southerners.  "Everyone knows" it is acceptable to blame white males for the majority of society's ills.  But one of the last facades is slipping loose from a certain set of the American public: pure, boiling hatred for the military, and those who serve within it.

Here's a few comments from another forum, in response to this article from yahoo news which claims yet another murdering, raping gang of soldiers has been having fun in Iraq. 

BEIJI, Iraq - A group of American soldiers in an insurgent-riddled town allegedly noticed a young Iraqi woman when on patrol and later returned to rape her, according to U.S. officials Friday. In an apparent cover-up attempt, she and three members of her family then were killed and her body was set on fire.

Five U.S. troops are being investigated, a U.S. military official told The Associated Press.

It is the fifth pending case involving alleged slayings of Iraqi civilians by U.S. troops.

Emphasis theirs.

A massive flame war erupted in the thread, with a lot of peoples' masks slipping and their true feelings emerging.  

I'm just going to make a block of quotes because there are so many:

Morale+1. I'm not very surprised about this, given the caliber of the people we send to represent us overseas.


Nice going guys! Surely this will improve things in Iraq.


Do people think that the "conform or else!" mentality of the army boot camp causes these kinds of groupthink disasters?


I want to know how many more instances of this we can pass off as 'a few bad apples' instead of an inherent flaw in the type who want to serve in the US military.


"Listen, we only killed the baby cause it was a witness to the rape. We're not monsters."


No, don't you get it? There's an inherent flaw in the people since the time they were born that causes them to be attracted to the US military, because it allows them to act out their fetish of group rape and murder and arson.


"Army of One" really doesn't jibe with this "group rape" mentality. There's no "I" in rape!

And that's just page 1 of 9.

So, add "Servicemen" to the list of people that it is still OK to mock.  We've gotten rid of minstrel singers and the suggestion that religious fundamentalists perpetrated 9/11... I guess we need new, politically correct demons.  The military will do, mental defectives that they are (It's a good thing that George Bush has created a fascist police state in which saying anything against the government warrants summary execution.  Like I've heard about).

But it sure is strange that nothing has changed since hippies were spitting on returning Vietnam veterans.  That's progressive!  

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