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March 27, 2005


Working on it.  There's a major issue with the hosting service.  I've been working on this issue since yesterday with incompetent Level 1 tech support people, and I'm down to one straw from a broken back.

If it's not up this evening, it'll be down for a few days while I switch hosting services. 

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January 12, 2005


Maybe you haven't noticed, but posting's been light lately.  Since before the last election, the posts I did occasionally make still felt forced... inspiration hasn't come effortlessly in quite a while, the way it used to.

I'm not holstering my pen permanently, but I am taking a sabbatical from Man Damning.  My real world obligations will significantly slow down in May, and by then I hope to have found my muse again... and tied her up with S&M gear in a cage in my office to use as I will.  Then more posting will come.  And there will be much rejoicing.

The DTMan Forum remains active, though, and I usually participate at least once every day.  It always has been the most interesting part of this page, anyway.

Take care, god speed, avoid the clap, so long, fare thee well, pip pip cheerio, and we'll see you soon.

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December 31, 2004

The cost of doing business.

This page got hacked again yesterday, and this time the perpetrator was clever enough to just insert a redirect exploit instead of something overt like replacing the page with some stupid "greetz." 

Sorry if this caused you any problems... the 3 of you who may have checked for an update.

PS, happy New Year's Eve.

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December 14, 2004

Brick and mortar.

For years I've heard the arguments how an internet sales tax was needed, as retail outlets with overhead costs... land and buildings... couldn't compete with online retailers.

I've never agreed with the sentiment, because I never envisioned a way that shopping online could provide the instant gratification you can get by purchasing a product at the mall.  The equivalent of an internet sales tax to help the mall would be an instant gratification tax on the malls to help  Technology evolves, new markets and distribution methods are created, and the world moves on.

I live pretty far from the bright center of the universe (Memphis, TN), so my local retail options are somewhat limited.  The local establishments which sell things such as CD's and DVD's are, even when they have what I'm looking for (50/50 chance, usually), almost always 20% more expensive than products available by internet mail order.  But, there are some things for which I want instant gratification, so I gladly pay this 20%-markup... the instant gratification tax.

Return of the King - Extended Edition/Collectors set was released today.  Circuit City, Target, and Wal-Mart were already sold out by the time I got to shopping at 1pm.  Since I was failed by the local brick and mortar joints, because I couldn't be instantly gratified, I took my business to

Price on the empty shelf at Target: $69.66.  Price on after paying $7 for 2-day shipping:  $62.something.

I reckon there's a lesson in there somewhere.

Or not.  

Who cares.  


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December 8, 2004

The Silent Generation.

As World War II was coming to a close, Americans were worried about a repeat of the economic recession that occurred after the Great War, caused by the combination of thousands of GI's re-entering the private sector and a nation scaling its economy back from war footing.

Something happened after WW2, though, that didn't happen after WW1; the introduction of the GI Bill.  Like the version of the GI Bill as it exists today, it helped honorably discharged servicemen to attend colleges and universities, in addition to helping GI's to buy homes, a service handled by the Veteran's Administration, today.

But I'm getting away from what I was trying to say...  two things happened when home coming conquerors from Europe and the Pacific became freshman in colleges across the country: none of them would wear the required "freshman beanies," and they generally out-performed their non-veteran peers.  Eighteen year old college freshmen were often heard to say, "Because of them (veterans), we need to slave to keep up."


As a fellow classmate and USMC vet and said to me the other day, "A little discipline goes a long way."

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December 2, 2004

2004's Top 10 Worst Things said at Democratic Underground.

"Know thy enemy."

Here's #1:

1) ReadTomPaine: As we’ve heard again and again recently, if we are going to beat this bunch of rule breaking GOP misanthropes, we’re going to have to start fighting as dirty as they do. I started this thread for one reason, to get everyone’s ideas on a list of things we as Democrats can consider to stop the takeover of this country. This isn’t going to be a thread for the squeamish, or for the ideologically pure. Best to steer clear if that describes you.

Here are half a dozen ideas to get the ball rolling.

1) Get Republicans fired at your workplace, or fire them yourself if you can – In the belief that all activism starts with the grass roots, do us all a favor, and fire your Republican employees this week. There are legitimate reasons to fire virtually any employee, so avail yourself of them. Not only will it quit the gloating you’re hearing around the office, it’ll stop those donation checks they are getting ready to write. Might also teach them a bit of humility regarding the poor and the disadvantaged. They can be the “Pioneers” of “Unemployment Window A”

2) Pretend to be a Republican, and then cut down the next Republican that you have a conversation with. - The more public/crowed the place you do this, the better. Use whatever remarks you know are sure to make the intended impression. “You’re no better than the liberal scum you claim to hate… get back into the kitchen… Just wait till we win next year and toss peons like you into the field or the workhouse… People in your income bracket don’t have the right to be Republican or vote etc.” If you need talking points, just observe in a Yahoo political chat room for a few minutes and you have all the right wing bile that you can use and quite possibly all that you can stand.

3) Create, plant and disseminate widely “news stories” that discredit GOP policies – A good way to do this is to print out stories in the visual style of a major newspaper or magazine (don’t use the logo or other copywrited material, however) and theme them similarly to the ones that targeted John McCain’s platform last presidential election. Make sure not to slander individuals directly. Leave stacks of the printouts where people are certain to find them – i.e. supermarkets, coffee houses, bars, community centers etc. As in #2 make sure to write these from the right wing perspective, for maximum effect on the target audience. Avoid digital media, as it’s too easy to fact check, not that most GOP voters care to check these things anyway.

4) Contact the IRS and anonymously tip them off regarding prominent GOP contributors in your area. – Lets face it, they are likely tax evaders in any case (that’s why they are GOP), so might as well have them go thru an audit and feel a bit of what it’s like to have a hostile government prying into their affairs. The tax money you shake free will be a little payback to your community for the egregious tax cut they undoubtedly are enjoying.

5) Make sure that you’re the only ride on voting day for a group of hard right types who live out of the way, and then don’t show up. – This works best in low population density areas and poor right wing communities. Cultivate a group of right wing friends and make sure they depend on you for the ride on Election Day. Then don’t show up. Every vote they miss is an uncontested vote on the blue side of the aisle. The right needs a taste of Florida 2000.

6) Impersonate Linda Tripp. – Whisper into the ear of GOP associates to encourage and get dirty laundry regarding their improprieties, and then make sure that information gets into the wrong hands. It’s hard to brag about family values or think about politics when you’re in a divorce court.

Are you really serious about winning the culture war? Do you mean it when you say it’s time to fight fire with fire? Then channel that anger and let’s hear some ideas. Given the thin skin of most conservative ideologues, it won’t take much to have them running far away from such policies and tactics so we can all enjoy proper, principled political discourse in the country again. First, however, they need to be taught that fighting dirty burns them as much as it burns anyone.

BTW- if you want to take action beyond the intellectual consideration of these ideas, please do so on your own. This thread is meant for the mental exercise of these ideas. Don’t involve DU.
Right Wing News

Hat tip: Right Thinking from the Left Coast.

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