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The America II forum archives

Through most of 2001 we were playing a mind game:  we spent so much time bitching about the American government, we decided to plan our own.

September 11 removed all of desire for this, for various reasons.  Following is an archive of our thoughts.

Raise your hand if you think the American government today is what the Founding Fathers had in mind.

If your hand is in the air, you don't belong in this forum.

This forum is to discuss every aspect of a national government...how it should be.  I for one am not thrilled with the tax/spend/tax/spend cycle we're in now.

Our "perfect" country will be called "America II."

There are the issues we discussed and the policy decisions that were made.

This forum may be reopened in case of Constitutional crisis.

Topics we discussed.

"State" Governments.

Changing Human Nature.


Public Transportation.


The Homeless.



Environmental Legislation.

Big Business Laws.

Immigration Laws.

National Defense.

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