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Made some additions to the miscellaneous battles section. Catching up on all the stories that have been passed on to me. Still working on putting the events of our first mass guild outing into 0.0 space with the first screen shots. But for now, just read what I've got out there.

Also, when you have a chance, check out the first movie made by TasmanianX. He's got it hosted HERE for now. Maybe someday it will get moved to a better site.

- Taran


Where to start. . .

We've obviously left Metro. What started so hopeful, ended in such hopelessness. We were defeated by the admins of the server. Insanity. Short sightedness. Ignorance. *shudder*

But we move on. In search of injustice, oppression and unchecked grief. 'Cause we're dramatic like that. Actually, we read an article about a game. A game where over the course of a year, a group of people wreaked such havok and mayhem, that it cost some of the players of the game an estimated $20,000 (ebay value) in damages. Wow. Very interesting on so many levels. First, there's a game that (after checking ebay myself) actually has a flourishing market of virtual goods being sold for real world dollars. And a LOT. Comparing the losses reported in the game to the value of said items being actively sold on ebay, I can see there could actually be a way to cause $20,000 in damages. $20,000. That's $20,000 that someone could have made had they posted those items on ebay. And witin and hour, it was all either destroyed or in the posession of someone else. That's cool. The second interesting thing I read, was the developers of the game actually thought it was cool too. They weren't talking about how they investigated the situation and reimbursed losses, banned players, etc. Everything they did was per the design of the game. Everything they accomplished was through hard work, dedication, and a lot of charisma. So, the game company actually supports that activety. This is all good for two reasons. Number one, there are real, measureable consequences to one's actions. You win, not only do you actually win something, but you also know your victim lost something. You lose, you actually lose something. And the types of losses you can sustain are as varied as they are unlimited. You risk, you may lose. But, the more you risk, the more you can win.

I had to know more. So, I did some research. I liked what I read. So, I tried it out. I liked what it was all about. I liked the MASSIVE skill tree. I liked the diversity of occupations. I like the diversity of combat options. There's no single setup/combo that is going to be copied by everyone. Team play is rewarded, but solo is possible. The game is what it is. Virtually unchecked, massive, complicated, easy to play, endless possibilities and more. You make your own fortune, anyway you want and there is little to no admin intervention. Player policed universe. Awesome.

So the TKV army comes out of retirement and prepares for battle. There's a long road to travel to get to PVP greatness, but it's going to be an interesting journey. We've only been active for about 4 to 6 weeks, but we have already tasted victory, death, losses and the spoils of combat. Learning every step of the way, and making notes. Bad guys, we are learning who you are, and we'll be looking you up.

Welcome back TKV.

- Taran


It's been quiet on the guild war front, until last night... we added 3*K and MOB to the war roster.

Yes, "MOB" is "Money Over Bitches."  How street.

-Alex the Artist



IDS quits.  We win.  Dodgin Bullits remains an idiot to this day, and probably will be forever.  If you know him, slap his face.  It's for his own good.

-Alex the Artist



Short and sweet:

  • A long night of AA action.

  • GORDON makes the first update on his UO page in a long while.

  • We DIDN'T have any IDS contact and we DIDN'T get a couple kills.

-Alex the Artist



All caught up, I think.

  • AA accepted our declaration, and the war begins.

  • GMX makes a public statement that they are back from their sabbatical, and I've caught up that page.

  • IDS just keeps on being poo-flinging morons.

  • Chesapeake Legends went away, so we declared a minor victory in that war.

There's more for the miscellaneous page, but I've made enough webpage updates for one day.

-Alex the Artist



Yeah I haven't posted in awhile, but that doesn't mean we've been inactive.  GORDON got tired of making the TKV page updates and gave it back to me, the original owner.  And I procrastinated.  But now I'm playing some ketchup.

  • I posted on the IDS Spawn we found in Wind in March.

  • I caught up on the currently boring GMX war.  Boring because GMX hasn't been seen in a month or so.

  • We declared victory of The Brown Family.  Our perfect war record remains perfect.

There's more to catch up with on the IDS war, but that'll have to wait until tomorrow or something.

Oh, we declared on guild AA a few nights ago, but they are yet to accept.  Pretty sure they're scared.

-Alex the Artist



I haven't had time to make updates for a few days, so I made 2 in the GMX section.  My memories of the encounters on the 27th have mostly been erased by the memories of the fighting on the 28th, so the story of the 27th will be sketchy.

One thing I do remember from the 27th was... GMX introduced dragons to our pvp scene.

It was an even fight (if I recall correctly), and we were whipping them, and Fuchu comes in from off-screen with the dragons and an "All Kill."  Alex drops almost instantly.  Well done GMX; GMX well done.  

And people say TKV are the ones who can't "pvp..."

Another thing... the other day GMX posted the following picture as their "proof" that GORDON got killed in a 1v1.

They figure that since there's only one guy on the screen, it must be proof.  Like Razor can ONLY take pics at the moment of death.  I don't remember any 1v1's that day, personally.  I think I sense a photoshopped-out Drako to the left, where he was when I dropped.  Even the health bar could be edited perfectly in 3 seconds.

In answer to this, I provide the following irrepressible evidence that we kill GMX in 1v1's a lot, also:

See?  Nobody there but Carno killing Wu Fei, near those trees.  It's a screenshot... it must be true.  Looks like it might even have been Carno winning a 2v1... there's Fuchu just off-screen.  Go Carno!




Finally have a few minutes to not only play some UO, but make an update, too.  Huzzah!

  • I think we made a couple kills on Chesapeake Legends... but I think they changed the name of their guild to "Berzerk."  More on that later, and kill pics if applicable.

  • Word has reached us by a person named "Sweet Melissa" that because of TKV's constant hounding of them, GTG has switched shards.  This is reinforced by the fact "Doodler," one of the more skilled of GTG, is now in a guild called "iQ."  So there you go... we've driven a guild of buttholes (who falsely accuse anyone who defeats them of cheating) off the shard.  You're welcome, Metropolis server.

  • The Brown Family is still gone.  They liked pk'ing blues who are out minding their own business.  You're welcome, Metropolis server.

  • IDS (Dodgin Bullets) has moved their guildhouse, and as we don't know where their house is yet, we haven't seen them.  Ice is now that much safer from pk'ing buttholes.  You're welcome, Ice Island denizens.  Sorry to whomever their new neighbors happen to be.  Let us know where they are and we'll continue taking out the trash.

Say what you want about TKV, we don't pk people.  In fact, when we can, we will go out of our way to help people who need help... even if we don't know them.  Every time we've attacked and killed a blue, we've had a good reason... usually it is vindication for actions in the recent, or even distant past.  We're big on giving payback.  It kind of fits the name of our guild.

It's a small community, and we have good memories...that means you, Rorret, who hangs out on Yew Prison Isle.  My journal told me you were in on my afk kill.  You're next. :-)

I got hit by a truck full of GMX the other night.

That's me dead, there, under Gerik.  GMX Rules.  Oh, they lost another fair fight, tonight.  They seem to only be effective when they can outnumber you.  Fair fights find them wanting.  Read about it here.




Who out there killed Eowyn 3v1 in a city last night?  We want to give credit where credit is due, but she didn't catch your names.  Thread is here.  You'll need to provide the name of the city as proof.

"The Brown Family" guild has not been seen on Metropolis for a month, and looks to be actively playing the "Alert The Clutch" server.  We're about to shut down that war and call it another big win.

Minor IDS activity, and another big loss for GMX.




Big night.

GMX ends the night with their first-ever win over TKV.  One to nothing, advantage GMX.  Go team.  (PS - STOP ALL THE FUCKING HOUSE HIDING)

IDS remains, as always, morons.

GTG made a good showing, but still lost big... we even made their GM cry.

Final guildwar numbers for the night was 12 TKV kills, 2 deaths.

And we're ok with that.




When you're one of the higher-profile guilds on a server, you tend to make both friends and enemies... even of people you've never met.  People hear things from people who have heard things, and they form their opinions of you based on 3rd and 4th hand accounts.

Tonight we spent some time camping Jhelom, and watched "Krunk" fill the bank area with his tamed dog and rats.

Isn't that nice?  He's blue, so we can't really do anything about it... but whatever.  Any way you look at it, we seem to bother him.  "Any publicity is good publicity."  Mission accomplished, I guess.

Lots of action tonight.

Appetizers with GTG, a barbecue with GMX, and CoL for a late night snack.

In all, 7.5 TKV kills, one death.  Not bad for a guild that gets dogs named "TKVsucks" left at the bank.  I think I can have a 7:1 kill ratio and still live with sucking.  Yes... I think I'm just fine with that.




I've been hearing about tons of trash talk on the Metro forums...  I've had to stop going there daily, as there was a bit more adolescence-fueled angst and anger than I can stand.  My plan is to browse it about once a week, and let them know why they are idiots... those to whom it applies.  I and the other members of TKV have gotten more than one inquiry about joining us... apparently not everyone believes it when certain people try to drag our name through the mud.  It's good to see that there are people there who can cut through the bullshit, and see the truth that we present, and represent.

There's not much we claim that we don't back up with screenshots.

Anyhoo, updates in the IDS, GTG, and GMX conflicts.




Seems like a new war every damned night.

We're now in some kind of half-war against GMX.  Long story, told there.

More related action with the idiots in IDS.  Be sure to read and enjoy the stupidity.

Spanky and Corona and 2 other reds killed Alex and I in Buc's Den tonight, and one of them stood over my corpse and said "LOL 1 on 1 I got him."  I have no idea why the other two who got me didn't correct him.

We found Lux and the rlt guild house tonight.  Ask Lux what happened when our two mages met 1v1... hint: he casted himself out of mana, and I was still alive, and he walked to the steps of his house and logged out.  True story.




Welcome to the new page, we kiss you!

Alex has been too much fucking busy to update this page, as has been his responsibility for the last several years.  He asked me to take over the duties temporarily, but I told him I would only do it if he let me simplify the layout.

He didn't want me to, but I did anyway.


Now for the actual news...

The GTG war ended, and restarted again when we got bored.  They continue getting creamed.

"The Brown Family" guild got belligerent with us, and we went to war against them.  Officially we're still at war, but they've not been seen on Metropolis in a month, and have been spotted on another server.  We think we kicked them off the server completely.

The guild called "Idiot Gank Squad" (or some such thing) also got froggy with us, so we went to war with them recently.  So far it's looking like they'll get creamed.  They die a lot in and around their house on the southern tip of Ice Island.

Returned a declaration last night on the guild "Chesapeake Legends."  They declared on us a couple weeks ago.  They killed a TKV member while afk in our guild house a few weeks ago... but mostly we decided to fight them out of boredom.

So, we're currently warring 4 guilds, and still find time for reds in between oranges.  We kill much more often than we are killed, but idiots on the Metropolis forums continue living in a fantasy world in which we suck.  Oh well... I'm just not in a position to give every moron in the world free psychological advice to help them to better deal with reality.



HEY!!! Just noticed I haven't been updating the news page!! Well, if you've only come this far, and left, you've been missing some stuff. My bad. Since the last news post, we've gone to war!! Then, the war ended. . . It's all detailed in the Enemies section on the left. Metro server of course, and the guild was GTG! It was a decent warm up for better guilds out there. But that's the news! We've been doing the TKV thing, the TKV way, and thigs are pretty TKV. So, check out the war details and enjoy UO TKV style!!



Ok. Long story short. EA sucks and we left them a long time ago. Will NEVER go back there. So. Morons are free to rule on GL forever.

However, TKV lives. . . . we found a free shard called IPY. We played there for about a week, hard core. Getting ready to make our full on return. However, it only took us 7 days to realize. . . IPY wasn't going to work. Remember all those moron types we'd beat up on GL? Those were the morons in charge of IPY. Ummmm, no. Within two weeks of us leaving IPY, it imploded to the point of a complete wipe. Of course it had nothing to do with us leaving. We just saw it coming.
However, the UO bug was still with us. So we went server shopping. We found Legacy. Good server. Good pre-uor rule set. Good admin. Only problem was the lack of players. I hated leaving that server, as I knew it would have been a good new home for TKV.
From there, we moved on to Metropolis. Attentive admins, nice server hardware, good Internet connection, and decent population. My guess is that 90% of the population is about PvP. You see more reds in the wild than blues. Etc. Browsing the boards. . . plenty of morons. So, we started playing. First things first.

From there, we started training. Taran and Opolis make their return. We aren't at war yet. . .far too soon for that. But, we did go hunting. You can read about it under Enemies in the Misc column.

-Alex the Artist


You wouldn't know it from our lack of activity, but we are currently at war with FS!. We haven't been active for the typical reasaons. . . busy, poor traceroutes, etc. But, there has been a little here and there. Read about it in the enemies section.

-Alex the Artist


Our war with R@B is like teenage sex. As quick as it starts. . . . it's over. After a week of war, R@B has called it quits. Not surprised, but am disappointed. If they aren't orange, it's so much more difficult to kill them. We'll keep an eye on them though to keep them in check. Will have to see who's next on the list now. . . .

-Alex the Artist


War rages on. Rages. . . . wonder if that's the term for it. If one side is just absolutely dominating the other, is the war raging? And I might add, easily dominating. I guess I can't really say 'raging', can I. Let's say, the war continues. The domination continues. The humiliation continues. Nah. None of those work. But in R@B's case, the ignorance certainly continues.

-Alex the Artist


"Wonder how long it will take the new meat to get to know us." My guess, not long. We've been warring R@B (A.K.A. RAB) for two days now. Guess who's winning. We have lots of kill pics to post, and as soon as they are all gathered up, we'll get them posted.

-Alex the Artist


Wow. 8 months since the last update. Ummmm. Lots of things have changed. But then, not alot has. We were in factions, killed alot of people, earned alot of points, and then stood there wondering "What's the point?". So, we left factions. Then we took a 5 month break. We were still around, doing this or that. But we weren't really patrolling the lands for morons. So, the morons have gone rampant. Their numbers are increasing, their ignorance is growing stronger, and the names (for the most part) have changed. But one thing remains the same, well, I was going to say they are just as stupid as ever. But they aren't. We are gearing up for our war against ignorance. Training in bucs on the theives, scouting for griefers, etc. Looking for fresh meat. We've got two declerations on us now, and we'll be accepting soon. Wonder how long it will take the new meat to get to know us.

-Alex the Artist


Day three of faction warring. . . . I gotta say, the PvP scene on GL is pretty unimpressive. After 3 days, we are climbing the CoM ranks and have entered the top 20 for all factions. Took some losses on day 2, but still came up with a net gain of a few points. Day 3 gave us our highest net gain of around 20 points. Almost half of which came from house hiding Will. Thanks Will. So far, factioners have said some pretty ignorant things. Here's some quotes.

"Run much?" - Chrono -------- From a 3 on 1? Well, ya. Wouldn't you? Let me guess, 'no', cause you are so l33t. Next time, I'll just stand there and let you and your 2 friends smack me down. At least then you can say "Owned".

"He was real tough when I was in stat loss" - Chrono ------- When you were in stat loss? Gosh. I'm sorry I missed the "I'm in stat loss" sign that was above your head. Had I noticed the warning that you were in stat loss, I probably would have stopped and let you continue to hit me. Or something. Know what I do when I'm in stat loss? I avoid the enemy. But that's just me. If you were in stat loss, why were you in the fight? And if you just wanted to fight, why are you talking smack about someone fighting you? I dunno. I'll just chalk it up as ignorance.

I had a third quote, but I can't remember it now. Sorry.

Those were from day 2. Day 3 gave us.

"lol" - Redrum ------- Again, as I ran from a 4 on 1. But you should note, I had him down to half before moving on. And they never got me. So, who's 'loling' now? Oh wait, when my two friends showed up, Redrum and how many of his friends died? 'lol' indeed.

Best show so far has been from Casper. Came across this person at a moongate. The 3 of us (Alex, Hyapatia and Gordon) started the chase. Now, this wasn't a great fight, because it was 3 on 1. But the ability of Casper to stay alive as long as he did was very impressive. I sent no fewer than 3 death blows, and I know Gordon and Hya delivered just as many. But Casper simply wouldn't die. Not sure how he did it, but he lasted a LONG time. And there was never an 'lol' or 'gank newbs'. He simply evaded, as anyone would.

Worste show. That would go to Dana. Holy geez she runs alot. Never even made an attempt to fight. Just ran. Teleported over water. Crossed server lines. Everything. If you aren't going to fight, why be in factions? Tied for worste is Yellow Beard and Pattadaddy. These guys don't like to fight either. I come through the Trinsic gate, see both of them, move away from the gate (hoping they'd follow) and start casting. They both hide. If they aren't up for a 2 on 1, what are they there for? Odds don't get much better than that! After much talking about them to a local blue, they did finally decide to show themselves. I chased Yellow Beard off and Pat took me down with some massive axe blows. Later, we ran into them at Skara, chased them for a bit, but got 'em. They get worste show because they were ready to let me leave, rather than fight me. I had to make them look like idiots before they'd come out. OH! They made sure I attacked them first so that they could still use the gate. . . .

-Alex the Artist


It's amazing how much the 'real PvPers' on GL want to talk, rather than war. We went to where it seems the Who's Who of GL PvP is doing their chatting and basically challenged them all to war. Their responses ranged from 'lol' to 'please leave'. But over all, they all seemed to agree that we sucked, had no skill, etc, etc. The funny thing is. . . . . none of them would declare on us. We heard "Our stone is broke", "I don't feel like it", and more. My impression of them is. . . . they just want to hang out in their little clique and stroke each other. They are like an inbred Arkansas family at this point. Any given member of any of the guilds have been in the other guilds they are warring. In other words, they all get together to form a guild, fight for a while, then everyone changes teams. There is no consistancy. Blah. Hardly worth the time. We did war a few of them, but those all lasted less than 4 weeks before the guild we were warring was dead, and the members all had moved on to other guilds. But rest assured, they "owned" us. mmhmmm. Now if you go to their message board, they are congratulating each other, giving each other reach arounds, etc. "He fights all the time and I respect him for that." "He doesn't run, and I respect him for that." "I respect you because you don't use potions." Please. Reach around some more. That's a mess that we don't need to get involved with.

So what are we to do? Well, I'll tell you what we do. We join factions. Blah. Factions. Pointless. Meaningless. And other stuff. BUT. There are oranges. So, Gordon and Alex strike out on their own and create KVF. The Knights of Vindication - Factions. I'm sure other TKV members will join up as well. We joined Council of Mages. Why CoM? Why not? We couldn't figure out who was losing so we could join them, so, we joined CoM. We headed out and in a few hours of scouting, we racked up a total of 18 points. This puts us in 9th place among the CoM. This is too easy. We need to find out where the good faction fighters hang out. This one and two points per kill is boring.

Fun faction tale so far is. . . . Gordon and Alex were scouting the moongates. Cause, as everyone knows, that's where factions hang out. We find a couple at the Trinsic gate. We engage and it turns out there are 3 of them. We duck and weave and attack and stuff. No one died. We regroup and start scouting the area again. I run into one and we go at it. While fighting, one of his mates join up. As I'm taking the first one down, another one of his mates show up. Score one for TKV, I mean, KVF and Alex has two on him, he goes defensive. Gordon finds the fun and opens up on Eclipse and sends her on her way, and the third enemy bugged out as well. So, KVF's first faction related 3 on 2 was a victory. Alex does a bit of research and it turns out they were members of the number one Minax guild. FAR ahead of anyone as far as points. So, basically, KVF just took on 3 of the best factioners on GL, and came out on top. Not trying to brag, but, this is too easy. . . .

-Alex the Artist


After an ISP induced vaction, I rounded up Gordon and Jav and we went hunting for straglers. We only found one. He was F^D, and you can read about it in the enemies section. Oh ya, I saw one early in the evening, Dr. Pain of SoV. But he hopped a moongate as soon as he saw me. Had time to hit him with one spell before he was gone.

On another front, I (Alex) ran into some message board pals by the names of Lythor, Temptress, and Mustafa. Ran into them near the Yew moongate as they were gating out after some fighting. Being the nosey one that I am, I went through the gate. Saw they were going home, and went back through the gate. Then the thought occured to me that I might want to file that house location away. . . So, I went back through again. To my surprise (not really) Temp and Lythor attacked me!! Mustafa decided not to. . . yet. I went evasive to evaluate the situation. Only two were attacking, and so I figured I'd make a go at trying my luck. However, I couldn't find them. Mustafa was always close by though. So, I went back to their house. Saw Temp running back and cast explosion. Had her health bar up and targeted her. As I'm casting ebolt, she went blue. Then *BOOM* the explosion goes off. Grrrrrr. I'm grey now. Mustafa decides to capitalize on the new situation and attacks. I have to go evasive again because there's a potential of three attackers now. So I scramble a bit and Mustafa stays on me. Lythor and Temp seem to have broken off the chase. So I get ready to fight Mustafa. *WACK* hits me hard with an axe and takes my mana away. Grrrrr. More running. Just about have my mana back when *WACK*. Hally this time, and my mana is gone again. Double Grrrrrr. So then I hide and wait for my mana. That's when the smack talk starts up. I suck. I'm a newb. And many other things I don't care to repeat. I let him know I'm waiting for mana, and hide again. He says some other stuff. As I get my mana back, I start casting. I get an explosion cast and targeted when *WACK* with an axe. It hurt, but I still had my mana. I keep casting. *Woosh* he missed. I keep casting. *Woosh* I keep casting. He's down low and starts to retreat. My last ebolt finishes the job. As I'm looting, I figure I'll res. I'm a sporting kinda guy. He runs off as I say "Wait". He comes back ressed. He says something about UOAssist messing up. I explain that I hate when that happens too. Then he makes another comment about me being a newb, among other things and makes his leave. While standing over his body, I make the discovery that it was a pretty nice axe that he was wacking me with.

It wasn't until I got home that I discovered that the hally he was hitting me with was of Vanquishing as well. So, thank you Mustafa for schooling this newb in the art of PvP, and thank you also for the nice stuff.

-Alex the Artist


Story forwarded by Alex the Artist -

I wish there was more to talk about here. With F^D membership down to 5 and WiN down to 18, we don't see many bad guys. I just have to wonder if it's coincidence that, after going to war with TKV, two of the 'reported' best PvP guilds on GL have either died, or become near extinct. Listening to them talk on message boards, you'd think they'd be posing a threat. However, I saw my first orange enemy last night in Buc's Den. What did he do? He cast explosion, then paralyse, then. . . . he ran. I didn't see him after that. Ummm. Ok. So, with barely even fighting these guilds, I feel like we've already won.

Then there's B*G or Bloodguard. They declared on us sometime in the last week. Not sure why. Perhaps they've seen us around Moonglow and feel they'd like to give us a try. Only problem with them is, you see them in numbers (5 or so) for a night or two, then, you don't see them again for a week or two. Not interested in warring a part time guild.

Then finally, there's D-I. Reading their website, they are the best PvP guild to ever be seen on GL. They are really quite proud of themselves. Bah. If you also pay close attention, they haven't updated their warring status since they were at war with TDE. Which was when WE were at war with TDE. And, if they think they had anything to do with the destruction of TDE, they need to re-examine their facts. As you can see from our stories, we dominated TDE (All versions of them) for quite some time. And if you look at the pictures, you NEVER see any M-N or D-I in them. My point is. . . . they are so full of themselves, but in reality, they see so little of the whole picture. The only thing M-N/D-I was ever any good at was taking advantage of less fortunate and experienced players. Any time they had any real challenge, they would camp on top of the Trinsic bank and call themselves winning. In my opinion, when you are limited to one area only, it's called prison. Anyway, as soon as WiN and F^D undeclare on us, we'll be moving on to D-I. That is, if they accept our decleration of course.

-Alex the Artist



Seouland declared war on us while we were fighting them in their houses one day. We promptly accepted. We proceeded to dismantle their guild, one member at a time. 3 Weeks later, Seouland surrenders. The surrender occured late on the 17th after staging a small uprising. They recruited a few new members, made an attack, lost one member in the attack, another deserted, and the last hid in their house. A small fire that was extinguished quickly. After surrendering, their guildmaster came out to talk to Alex. Alex was told "I am not fast enough to even begin to be able to fight you. If it matters to you, you win." Although the excuse is weak, the result is as was expected. We win. Tearing this guild of 30+ members down to 8 followed by a quick surrender in less than three weeks is possibly one of the fastest destructions of a guild in TKV's carreer.
A word to Seouland's guildmaster. . . . Speed has nothing to do with it. You had 30+ people in your guild. You had 3+ houses you could hide in. We have 9 members and fought in your yard. Our typical hunting party consisted of an average of 3 people. Speed, although helpfull, isn't enough to accomplish what we did. 3 fought against many, on foriegn ground. And won. So, don't claim 'speed'. We are just better.
A word to eveyone else. What we accomplished, though impressive in a numerical sense, was not difficult. We were never challenged. This may have been our fastest victory, it was not our best. In otherwords, they were really easy, disorganized, predictable, and weak.

We are still at war with WiN and F^D. We have scored a few kills on each guild in the last few days, but we rarely see any of them. Not sure where they are hiding. . . .



Yes, we are still here. I've just not taken the time to update everyone on what's going on. I'm doing that now, though. TONS of stuff to report. In the order they occured. . . .

A friend of TKV was hunting with his dragon. Not hogging spawns, or robbing kills, or anything else that might interfear with other people. In fact, he had just shown up at the hunting spot and hadn't even killed anything yet. So, the following was totally unwarrented. Members of the guild, F^D (Fatal Destiny) killed his dragon. When he tried to defend his dragon, they proceeded to try to kill him! Another friend of TKV gated him out of the area and F^D followed them home. TKV showed up and invited them to war. Cause, TKV don't like people that pick on the helpless. (Ya, he had a dragon. But, it's not like you can do much with those any more anyway. . . .) They mocked TKV for a little bit, making sure to let us know they've never heard of us which meant we were nothing. They never heard of us. Good. :-) And then they accepted our decleration of war.

While hunting for F^D, we'd make stops off at one of our favorite spots where we like to kill some house hiding reds/greys. In the middle of the battle, we get a decleration of war. Hmmmm. We look into it. It was the house hiding reds/greys. Apparently they think they'll do better if we are orange. Ok. Guild number 3.

While accepting ^ ^ (the house hiders), we notice WiN declared on us as well. We check them out. Turns out during our search for F^D and AiA, we ran into some old morons in Minoc. Now these aren't your normal everyday morons. These were ex-TDE morons. They were excited to see TKV after so long and made some ignorant comments. We didn't think much of it, and moved on. We had things to do. Well, they decided to make another go at TKV. I'm sure they were thinking "They can't use deamons any more, so, we'll own them". We accepted their decleration as well. Takes the full war count up to 4. AiA, F^D, ^ ^, WiN. Total enemy count, 60+. With our average hunting party being about 3 people, you'd think we'd be nervous. But we are TKV. So, on the contrary, after the long drought of orange we'd seen while at war with AiA, we were looking forward to some sorely missed action and challenge.

Within two weeks of accepting the other declerations of war, AiA finally peaced. I think the final straw was some rapid kills of their guildmaster. He'd had enough. Yet another guild of morons destroyed by TKV. Delucia was cleaned up and made a pleasant place to do business. Thank you TKV. :-) However, since undeclaring on us, we have seen a drastic increase in AiA activity. Their roster has grown. All those friends of thiers that would blue heal, etc, joined AiA. After all, they were out of danger now! We also see AiA around alot more now. Kinda sucks. Harder to do anything about them now. But, rest assured, we will be attacking when ever possible. You can even ask Warlock and Storm. Storm had to take a count to save Warlock, but, Storm died later to TKV without handing any counts out. . . . We do what we can.

Click on the enemies section on the left to see how we are fairing so far in these wars.

- Taran


Another day, another update. Nothing major. But we scored. . . .

- Taran


A little update to let everyone know things are still going on. Much of the details and MANY of the pictures were lost/not captured over the last month. Got lazy. But what we do have is now posted.

- Taran


Sometime on the 20th or 21st, S!C undeclared on TKV. So the guild that was going to make "TKV peace within a week" peaced themselves within a month. So, the threat of "12-15 enemies in Del" is now over. Tearing them apart was a fun time had by TKV. To S!C. Thanks for coming. Buh Bye.

- Taran


Everyone join in on the new AiA war cry. "Why don't you show you are real men and join Order/Chaos or Factions!" Like this topic even needs to be addressed again (not to mention the fact that we have female members. . .). We don't war for sport. We don't war for fun. We war to kill idiots that otherwise would go unkilled. AiA is O/C, however they spend all their time at their house, or in Delucia. Two places where the O/C population is rather sparse. And what does going O/C or Factions prove? That you are willing to join a meaningless fight that has no purpose? Wow. What men. Oh wait, they have been spotted in Trammel Moonglow. But wait. Didn't they limit O/C combat to Felucca? Oh well. The war with AiA rages on. They are celebrating their latest kills and thinking they are winning. Another topic that hardly warrents discussion. I guess when you score the last 5 kills, you are winning. Even though your enemy has racked up well over 400 kills to your, MAYBE 50. You got the last 5, so you win. . . Mind boggling. But I've grown to expect little else from this group.

- Taran


My how this war has gone on way too long. There comes a time when one has to contemplate continuing to kill an enemy simply because you can, and ending the war because it was over long ago. We are at that time.
AiA no longer fights. They simply exsist. They zombie. They fight from inside their house. We see more of their nonguilded friends than we do of them. They let anything in their guild as long as it swings a sword for their cause. It's truly sad. Now, they do have a couple members that do make a half hearted attempt to fight. They even come looking for us. But even they can do little more than throw a couple punches and then hope they can outrun us.
Give it up boys. It's over. You have been beaten.
But we'll give you some more time to realize it. Remember, the first step is admitting. . . .

- Taran


Holy geez. Another update!! What can I say, I'm on a roll. . .
I wanted to get any pics I had posted and TRY to get back into the swing of things.
One change that has occured is that we've accepted the Declaration of S!C. They are a bunch of friends of KDC that wanted to fight us too, but not with the current KDC letters (AiA) above their heads. As if the letters mean anything. . . . So instead of waiting for them to go grey and killing them, they are now orange and attackable at any time. This was prompted by the fact that AiA just wasn't showing up any more. The only one's that would was Troy and Zerk. The others would just stand around in Del nonguilded and blue to TKV. They would occationaly turn grey, die, and then trash talk about how we sucked, etc, etc. AiA has 15+ members, and we never saw more than 3 at a time. We decided to war S!C so we can continue to clean up Del, and also to bring some AiA out of the wood work. We figured that with S!C on the scene, they would feel safer about being in Del and start showing up more. Funny thing is, even S!C was hanging out in Del as nonguildeds. So we started to think that S!C was going to chicken out as well! As the evening progressed, things got more interesting. But that's all explained in the War Update section. So, we are still at war with KDC although their current letters are AiA and S!C. They want to try to start this war over under a new name so they can escape their horrible past. Sorry, not going to happen. You are all the same people, same cause, different letters. That equals same war. Hell, they even party up to go out and fight us even though they are at war with each other via order/chaos. S!C = "We don't want all the zerk zombie deaths to count against us".

With the help of Alex, we are upping the technology being used in capturing our kills. Although VERY entertaining, the updated web pages with kill pics got tedious and boring to constantly update. Also, it was like so many other sites out there. So I tried something with a little style. This brought us "TKV The Movie" which became "From Here To Idiocy". Now that was cool (If I may say so myself). Original and entertaining. Then, Alex sent me something VERY interesting and I did some playing with it. I'm hesitent to show it in such a raw format. But I'm going to any way. Just a small snipit of things to come. . . .



The long awaited update. . . .
From the lack of my updates, one would think that we've been inactive. Not even close. We been puttin' some serious smack down and tracking our progress as usual. I've just been lazy. Or have I? . . . Well, yes, some of it was laziness. But I WAS hard at work on another project. Making a movie. I was inspired by Gordon's TDE movie he created so long ago. But, I wanted to one up him. I think I succeeded. I created one version, although good, was not quite what I envisioned. So, it was scrapped and redone. The current, and final version of the movie is now available for your viewing pleasure. It is rated R by the Motion Picture Association of America due to it's Graphic Violence and Adult Language. So please be advised. . . .

So now, I am proud to present, The Movie .



Has it really been 3 months? The war with KDC is still on. However, it's just Zerk now. No new recruits. Nothing. Have to wonder when we say enough is enough. Why can't some people admit defeat? His repeated zombi'ing is getting old. We are not at war with him. He is mearly a fly buzzing in our ear that won't go away. Unless things 'get interesting' (as his last email said), I think we'll have to chalk KDC up as another defeated guild and move on. We have desroyed his guild.
Now, on to AiA. They were basically a few KDC drop outs that thought they might have a better chance with some new guild letters behind their name. Things did not go well for them in the early days of this war. This was also about the time that TKV became rather inactive. Slacking in our duties to keep the idiots down, we didn't go on many hunting trips, and weren't keeping up on our pictures and updates (as you can see from the 3 month leave of absence). However, some recent events in Delucia have inspired us. After a few bad trips to Delucia, where TKV members were dying, we realized that our kill ratio was starting to decline. At one point, AiA was actually claiming more kills than TKV. This was disputed a bit on the message board, and the ratio came much more in line with reality. However, it was a close ratio. And that was simply unacceptable. Something had to be done. So, over the weekend, TKV stepped up, and gave AiA what TKV is known for. A swift kick in the rear, and a slap of reality. On Saturday, TKV killed no fewer than 20 enemies while only suffering one loss. On Sunday, one of our less capable members did die twice to our enemies, but that didn't compare very well (for them at least) to our 9.
On the subject of AiA. They have petitioned to be disassociated with KDC. They claim to be their own guild, with their own kill ratio. Who could blame this band of KDC drop outs? I would want to get away from that 60+ to 1 kill ratio that KDC is sporting. Yet, they continue to count any kill that they are involved in as their own, even when KDC is involved. Now, that begs the question. . . . If we give AiA a kill, even when KDC is doing damage, do we give TKV a kill even when Chaos members are doing damage to AiA? Logic would say yes. However, I'm sure AiA has a valid reason why this logic is flawed. Can't even begin to think of what that reason might be though. Bottom line, until AiA stops associating with KDC, it will be difficult for us to seperate them.
As with any update, the lastest shots of the action are posted.



KDC members are coming and going at an alarming rate. They try to recruit some help and then the help is beaten out of the guild. Not sure if Zerk has what it takes to rally up enough force to put TKV in it's place. But his last email said that 'Things were going to get interesting'. Still waiting for that to happen. . . . The latest updates to the ongoing war are in their usual places.



Alas, our streak has ended. KDC scored their first kill. GoT comes back from a leave of absence to feed KDC some joy. And it was humorous to see how happy they were. Running around town in celabration. "I BROKE THE LOSING STREAK!!!" shouted Berzerker. Yes, he did break the first streak. We are now setting out to beat that last streak. We can only hope that Zerk can keep the recruits coming so that we can achieve our goals.

On other sites, Gordon has been busy updating his own site with his views on various things. Some good reading, if you want my opinion.



Not much to report today, just more of the same. KDC is not fairing well in their war against us. They have a couple more members and some blue healers now. But things are pretty much as they have been. More pictures posted in the KDC war update section.



Closing out the year with a bang and starting the new year off well. TONS of killing by TKV over the last week and still none by KDC. The new recruits to KDC are proving quite ineffective. However, a recent email from the other side indicates 'things are going to change'. . . again. If I had a gold piece for everytime they said that. . . . I'd have alot of gold. . . We'll wait and see. In the mean time, you can expect to see more of the same. TKV takin' care of business. Go check out the pictures and stories in the Enemies section.



Met up with one of the more insane members of KDC. Insane. . . updates are posted.



Many fine battles have taken place since the last update. Be sure to check out all the kill pics in the KDC section. WdT is all but gone now with factions.



More war stories posted about WdT and NZI/BSR/KDC/ETC.



Good battles with WdT tonight.



Wars rage on. Still going at it with NZI and WdT. Lost many pics and many details over the last few weeks. The pictures we have are posted for the time period of 10/22 to 12/2. We know you want to see them! Normal updates are continuing today. Will try to keep up better.



Been too busy to keep things updated lately. However, I'm inspired to make time for this site, so I have. The war with KDC has kind of ended. KDC as a guild is dead and inactive. However, it's more active members created a new guild. BSR. Black Star Rebelion or some such thing. Then, they changed to GBH. Now, it's NZI. Anyway, they have cycled through a few members, but Berserker and Rumble Fish hold strong. They appear to be more stubborn than the others they have recruited to fight with them. I wish I could remember thier names right now. . . but I don't. But you can still find them hanging out with BSR, trash talking us, letting us know we are newbs, we suck, etc, etc, etc. I can't help wondering. . . if we are so bad, why aren't they orange any more? Some questions just can't be answered. . . . The pictures of the war have not been getting posted due to the fact that looking at the same types of pictures over and over is boring, and so is posting them. But, I'll try to start doing that again. . . .

The war with WdT has been rather slow since it started. Occationaly, we would find one member here or there. But nothing major. Always respected them as well. They would die, leave, and that would be it. If they didn't leave, they would congratulate us, open their bank and recall away. But then we met up with a new WdT member. Can't remember his name. . . We killed him, and he came back to the bank and stated "lol". Not sure what he meant, but oh well. Then, we noticed him holding a sword at the bank and fully healed. So, we attacked again. The sword was DP'ed and he even killed one of our members. However, when he came back, he insisted that we were lame res killers. Is not a fully healed orange enemy who is holding a weapon a valid target? We think so, and we attacked. He then started throwing many insults at us. So, we killed him again. We also let him know since he was re-equiping at the bank, we would not let him return to it. He continued to come back and throw insults. We continued to kill him. It's not that hard to figure out. If you insult us, call us names, etc. We will attack. Hopefully no one actually expects us to stand there and let that happen!! Eventually, either he got tired of dying, or we got tired of killing him, and we left. A few nights later, yet another new member from WdT was killed by us. Having him confused with BSR, we did res kill him on sight. However, once we discovered our error, we appologized and stopped doing it. However, that is when he decided it would be wise to start insulting us. So, the killing began. It went on for quite some time. He even went as far as threatening us with the 'GM call'. We don't tollerate people trash talking us, or re-equiping at a bank to fight naked. Very simple. We allow you to go to the bank to go to another city. But don't antagonize us or equip weapons. He was getting VERY upset. Eventually though, he did call his friends and they made us stop killing him. :-) THAT'S what you should do. Not threaten with a 'GM' or curse and abuse us. Anyway, hopefully the WdT war will go back to the way is was with no res killing or trash talk. Time will tell.



Boy, didn't I fall behind. . . There's so much to report. More pics of our adventures were posted. They are in the usual spot. Along with that, KDC discovered our email address!! So, we have a few letters from them to share. They are certainly worth checking out.
In other news, TKV has declared war on WDT. Whispering Death Thieves. I have to say, this is the most crafty guild we have come accross. Perhaps our first challenge.



For those that feel they need to talk about it, we give you this


D.P just wasn't interested in a war I guess. Not that I blame them. Most of them had previous experience with us. We withdrew our declaration after waiting many weeks.
We met KDC in Delucia. Spunky group of people to say the least. Just loved going grey and then talking smack. Then, we finally decided to put the smack down. Berzerker was the unfortunate one. Dying to our blades a couple times that night. But he swore he was owning us. On the other hand, none of us were killed. We couldn't figure it out. That's generally what we hear though. We just can't understand this 'owning' thing. When ever we create corpses of our enemies, they run up and down the streets declaring they own us. I dunno. Well, I'm off the subject of news. . . I'll get back to it. Berzerker asked us to go to war with them. Well, we thought about it for a bit, and decided it was in Delucia's best interest. All these folks did was run around grey trying to get people to attack them. No body likes that. So, we figured we'd give them something to do to make them leave the others alone. So, we declared. They accepted. So, check out the war pages to see how it's going.



TD3 has decided that warring TKV was not an intelligent thing to do, and has undeclared. Well, actually, as best we can tell, TD3 has decided that it's existance was not intelligent. Seems they have totaly disbanned. So, no more TD3. Unfortunetly, I'm sure the old members of TD3 are still around poluting Great Lakes with thier unsavory ways. . . . The search is on for them, and we'll try to keep them in line.
In the mean time, we are still waiting for d.P to declare war back. Perhaps they are learning that warring TKV isn't in their best interest.

- Taran


We have finally been able to declare on D.p. The Minoc trash. We have tried in the past, but due to a bug, it wouldn't work. Well, it worked today. So, we wait to see if D.p will declare back.

- Taran


In a totaly discriminant way, BWK (Brodie's Wrath Clan) declared peace on TKV. So, we are unsure of exactly when they gave in to TKV, but we of course know why. We'll be on the look out for them though, catching them on thier quest of no good.
We are still at war with !M! and TD3 however. Only, finding one of them is like finding a spot to place a tower on Felluca. Damn near impossible. But we'll keep looking.

- Taran


In the ongoing struggle to kill the idiots, we have accepted a decleration of war by Brodie's War Clan (BWK). This is the guild of the week for many of the people we have been fighting, or rather, trying to fight for the last 2-3 weeks. Not sure how long they'll be in THIS guild, but we'll keep hunting them, and declaring on their next guilds. . .
Check out the war pages for the kill shots to date.

- Taran


Happy Fourth of July!!!! Let's go kill bad guys. . .
Bad guys are hard to find for some reason though. We are at war with two guilds, and the only orange we see is Jay. Lot's of blues hangin' around telling us how bad we suck though.
Keep an eye on Gordon's page . He's been pretty active lately.

- Taran


The war with !M! is still going slow. Easily handling them. . . . So, we have added another fun group of people to our list that should be killed on sight. They are the guild known as TD3. The Dark Return. (Funny, I don't remember that coming up in Diablo. . . . Hmm) TD3 is Jay, from TDE fame, and some of his friends. We'll see how that guild forms up now that there is something for them to do besides kill miners in the Minoc caves. Of course watch the site for war updates!!
In other news, Gordon has made a long awaited update to his UO page . It's a must see. . .

- Taran


The war with !M! is going rather slow. BUT, TKV did add two more houses. A Large Marble and a 2 story cabin in Trammel. so, we have an HQ on both sides now. Way to go all. It was a hell of a night. . . Runes to the houses can be picked up at the forge.
The doors to the tower will now be unlocked so you can get access to the secure chests and we don't have to worry about keys anymore. There are about 6 that will be available to all. There will be 3 green ones with extra equipment and supplies in them, just like at the forge. May reports that sales at the Jungle Shop are going as strong as ever. Keep the magic items coming in! Also, May wanted everyone to know that her house with patio is still up for grabs. If no one wants it, she is going to post it on Tradespot sometime next week. So let her know!!

- Taran


Wow. I kinda dropped the ball on the updates here. Didn't I. . .
Well, anyway, the war with TDE ended abruptly when they kinda just had some major internal problems. I guess the new crew that Dycledarg recruited just didn't agree with his philosophies or something. But they crashed hard. Kinda right off the face of UO. Their site was 'hacked' by their web master. (I dunno either) I'm not at all surprised in what it ended up looking like. But anyway, they went away. Would see a blue, ex-TDE member here or there. They would remind us how we sucked and all. But for the most part. They were gone.

But guess what? They seem to be reincarnating themselves. I knew the ol' TDE members didn't go away, they just left TDE. I didn't think it would take THIS long for them to resurface, but they have. They are mixed between !M! and THF. A whole new stock of new people hanging out with them now. And of course, we still suck. They figured they would have to do something to us in order for us to declare war on them. Nahhhh. Once an idiot, always an idiot, I say. Just cause you have three new letters above your head, doesn't mean you're not the same lovable character you've always been!!! So we declared, they declared. . . . we are at WAR!!!! Right now, it's only with !M!. We will of course be keeping the history updated as well. So check out how bad we suck with the links to the left!!!

- Taran


More news. . . . Since the last news update, TDE fell apart . . again, and lost a ton of members. But just recently, TDE has rebuilt again, and are REALLY active as of late. GOOD!!! We were running low on armor. Back up to 35+ members, and I'm sure will be adding more soon. I think this is the 3rd generation of TDE we are fighting now. With LDR off fighting their own war, it's just TKV vs TDE now. TDE won't war LDR for some reason. Dunno. TDE calls them newbies and all, yet, won't war them. ??? TDE is lacking in the logic area though.

Also, as you have noticed, we moved!! Got our own domain setup, so we don't have those stupid banner adds any more. Now, our power is no longer limited. Be looking for some major changes to what we can do here. That is, if we have the time to make them. . . . .

We have two message boards up now. But, I don't think we are going to use them. Going to wait for Gordon to get one set up for us on dtman. So, I'm not going to tell you where they are. Banner ads make you look like amateures.. . . .

I need to update the news more often. . . . . Gordon has created his own commentary site. It's at . As usual, I'm sure there will be some good readin' in there.

- Taran


Some news. . . . . TDE's membership is up to an all time high (at least since we started fighting them) of 43 members. Was that all for us? How flatering. But with about a 70 to 20 deaths per kill ratio, they had to do something!

Other news. . . . . well, there is none really. If we aren't out hunting TDE, we are trianing so. . . still accepting contributions of content if you have any!!!

- Taran


Welcome to the new site!!! Any contributions to it's content would be welcome. Please let me know if anything doesn't work right.

- Taran