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IDS - Idiot Death Squad
War Status: IDS Badly Beaten
Current Score: TKV 45.5, IDS 12 (as of 6/18/2004)

These morons have a large brick house on the very southern tip of Ice Island.  The other day Elora, a friend of TKV and under our protection, was on Ice Island practicing her taming on the White Wolves that can be found there.  Without warning she was attacked by "Dodgin Bullets," a murderer and IDS member, and a blue who was helping DB.  Two murder counts were given.

Elora reported the crime to TKV, and we went to investigate.  We found three people there, two of which were IDS, and they were all extremely belligerent.  Fighting broke out, and Eowyn (TKV) was the first to fall.  We fell back to regroup, and we declared war on IDS.  We went back to the island and fought them again, killing and looting all three of them, multiple times.  

This is when "Dodgin Bullets" started sending us private messages about how much we "sucked," we were all "gank newbs," etc.  He said to me, "Why dont u war my guild faggit," to which I replied, "We declared on you hours ago, moron."

So, war is on.

2/8/2004 -   We declare war, and all of a sudden they are impossible to find.

(Due to the Vindication GM's hectic real-life schedule, I'm making this update in order to just get it done. - GORDON)

Went looking for them, and found them.  In the first place, "Dodgin Bullets" is no longer red... he was a proper orange.  In the second place, he wouldn't leave his house.  He would, instead, open another UO session (illegal on Metro) and try to taunt us with a "safe" blue character named, stupidly enough, "Poopios Plop."  Poopie carried a Vanquishing, Supremely Accurate axe.  So we decided to take a count on his dumb ass, and liberate the vanq.

That was the first time we killed him, and we couldn't loot.  The second time was when we got the axe, but that pic is boring... nothing but a white field of snow.  After we got his vanq axe, he started "lol'ing" about how much we sucked, how he owned us, how we were all "faggits," etc.  We just thanked his dumb ass for the vanq.


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2/10/2004 -   Their tactics turn out to be less than bold.

(Due to the Vindication GM's hectic real-life schedule, I'm making this update in order to just get it done. - GORDON)

We never see them anywhere except their house, so we added it to our rounds, and that's where we found them.

He was red a couple days ago, and I'm not sure how he went gray, but he was.  He attacked Eowyn our newb, and she made the killing blow just as we showed up.  Pretty much all her.

yza got brave to leave the house during the fighting, and died too.

About now a bunch of GMX showed up, and IDS stopped leaving the house completely.  GMX would attack us when we would go gray killing an IDS horse.  This will be relevant later.

At one point yza recalled from the house, and then recalled back into the area... he didn't survive the trip.  Not even close.

In between all the fun, IDS would cast a bunch of blade spirits and/or energy vortices, and sic them on us.  None of them really did much before they were dispelled.  IDS could be seen "rolf'ing" inside their house.  Yeah... we were owned.

GMX was popping in and out, keeping the oranges in the house, and attacking TKV when it was convenient for them.  At one point when only TKV was camping their house, they summoned 2 demons each, sic'ed them on us, and ran out on the attack.

Neither the demons nor any IDS survived the encounter.

It was soon after that yza had had enough... and resigned.  You can see his blue name at the door. 

We figured that was it for him.  DB was just sitting there and not moving, GMX was now camping them as well, and no other orange were in sight, so we all moved on to hunt.  Everyone recalled except for Alex... which is when more than one blue member of GMX attacked him.  TKV came back to help, and we dropped three or four of them... but that is another story.  

But the IDS story ends, for now... until a couple hours later.

We're hunting, and I'm checking out the Brit graveyard.  Lo and behold... orange yza runs by (it didn't occur to me until I was going through screenshots that he was AGAIN orange).

I gave chase.

He didn't even try.

Ten minutes later, both Carno and I bump into him again.  I saw him precast a recall, and he ran to the bank.  Before he popped out, he said...


What a stud.  It cracks me up when he consistently misspells the word "faggot."

Anyway, score for the night against IDS is 3.5 to 0.  GMX had input with one of the IDS kills.


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2/12/2004 -   Thank god for blues, or IDS would have no success at all.

(Due to the Vindication GM's hectic real-life schedule, I'm making this update in order to just get it done. - GORDON)

So I got bored during the day, and did some hunting in the early afternoon.  I found (in)activity in the IDS house... looked like a couple people macroing.

Well now I can't have that, can I.

Considering whatever they were carrying decayed (I could see their ghosts still in there hours later), I'm counting those as kills.  Got a problem with it?  See you on my UO forum.

I was not around for the following events that occurred on the evening of the 12th, and everything is from the mouth of Alex Artist:

"Carno was the first to see Dogin at his house, but he didn't come out, or Carno didn't stay long. I saw GmX macroing at their tower and I also saw GmX training with red Zahiri(sp?) in a two story. 

We started scouting other areas with nothing turning up. I went back to IDS and saw Dogin. Was setting up to start EQing when he moved. So, I waited. He came to his door and from inside was saying "1 v 1?". Said that about 5 times. I never said anything.  I precast an arrow. He came out and cast arrow, I dropped mine. I did my dump and he tried to precast-hally-wack (give the dog a bone-GORDON). He missed both times with hally. He hit one potion to prolong fight. I never even hit a potion. He went down. 

Then he got poop on and a blue YZA came along. 

That pic also has a non-spammed up dogin body w/ horse on steps. From there, Dogin was inside healing up and that's when Carno showed up and hid. Blunt Man X came along and attacked me. I attacked back and moved over where Carno was hidden.  I was dumping on Blunt and it wasn't working well.  I kept getting poisoned. Pulled away.  Things got a little confused at the point... Carno attacked Dogin when he came out of the house.  Due to not knowing who Carno was on, I went down and they started cross healing through Carno's dump. He left, they looted. I re-equipped and went back. Dogin and a grey blunt were there. They had been sparring. They both came out and I started fighting Dogin. Blunt started healing.  Carno came back at this time.  Things remained somewhat confused, and this time he attacked Blunt.  This brought Blunt into the fight and they both went on him. Carno went down.  Javelin showed soon after Carno died.  We group up, and Dogin came out with his healer.  Jav and I attacked him. Healer was doing his job. Then Jav landed some good hits, my combo was fast, and Dogin went down.

Started looting and that's when Blunt went grey looting. I was out of mana but didn't want to leave Jav alone. Poop came out and started looting Dogin. By the time I got back there, not much was left. Jav led Blunt on a goose chase while I meditated. Poop was re-equipping Dogin who joined the chase on Jav. We stayed on Blunt. When Jav brought him back, I was back in. I started dumping on Blunt and Dogin ran back inside his house. Left Blunt to fight 2v1.  Blunt was mostly healing, but we were able to hit him and kill.

You can see Dogin and poop in their house on the right. Dogin came out to talk some trash, or drop an EV or something. We killed him on his doorstep. 

Blunt ran up and started looting. Being the new res he was, he went down in one hally hit. 

We looted what we could with poop inside looting as well. Blunt came back a blue new res telling us how we sucked. 

I didn't get pics of everything, but it's of course in my log if needed. He went on to say the only reason we got him was cause he froze. I said "Ya. Me too. Plus you used pots and poison. And this isn't my main. And I'm on dial up. You were using a horse." His response was "Who's your main?" over and over. From there was the typical drop ev then run. We did the stone wall trick a bunch, but he would just recall. We left. My razor pic skills suck with the off screen shots and stuff. Oh ya. Right after YZA showed up blue, he got back on their stone. But he never came out to fight. In fact, he left and much later on, he got a gate back inside their house as a dead guy. So, he went else where to do what ever, instead of stick around to fight us." - Alex the Artist

This is Gordo again:  I'd just like to mention how "hip" and "cool" it is to have a drug reference in your character name.  "Blunt Man" is comedy gold, for sure!



Looks like 6 non-res IDS kills (counting the hip and cool Blunt Man who joined in, and my 2 afk kills earlier in the day), and 2 TKV deaths.


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2/15/2004 -   Their l33tness is the anchor that gives my spirit license to soar.

(Due to the Vindication GM's hectic real-life schedule, I'm making this update in order to just get it done. - GORDON)

I got a couple more afk kills on IDS yesterday, but I'm pretty sure I saw one of them res within ten minutes or so, so I can't verify that their loot decayed.  Not counting those.

Last night I went looking in the one place you always find IDS, in their house.  My logic tells me they must leave their house sometimes... but damned if that's not where I see them huddling 97% of the time I find them.  But I digress.  I found "Dodgin Bullets" in the house just sitting there.  I was in the 3rd EQ spell to kill him, when he moved and healed.  I stuck around for about 30 seconds, but my presence was then requested elsewhere.

I left to go represent TKV at some other function, and about five minutes later I get a private message from DB to, "come back and fight now that I'm not afk".  I did not hesitate, I was back within seconds, standing in front of their door.  But he had a friend there now, didn't he.

"Blunt Man X," Mr. Hip and Cool Drug Reference, was in there, and red.  They both rushed the door, and I tried timing an Energy Wall to keep one of them trapped inside.  I mis-timed it, and locked them both inside.  One of them dispelled a portion of the wall, and they both rushed me.  Crap, it's a 2v1... DB is trying to jump me.

Good thing I had backup waiting.

Alex and Eowyn swarmed in, and Blunt Man died.

Dodgin Bullets went directly back into his house and under the bed.

We start EQ'ing him, and DB fires up a second client to get another of his characters, a blue named Poopie Plop on, so he can hand out free murder counts.  We stopped EQ'ing.

30 seconds later "yza" recalls in.  He goes from orange to blue about 4 times a day, depending on when being in IDS is convenient for him.  At this time he's blue.  We drop him anyway... he had lots of regs.

It would be one thing if he was a random blue, but he isn't.  He's a member of the Idiot Death Squad, and he just happens to be blue at the moment.  We'll take a count when we know we get to loot, and kill an idiot's horse to boot.

Poopie Plop, inside the house, starts ressing; we were just standing around trying to figure out who to kill next.  Yza walks out, starts trash talking us.  He said (I'll correct his typos in the transcript):

yza: (You) must feel big ganking homos.  You are going to get ganked."

Yes, yza just referred to himself as a homo.  It's there in the journal screenshot... I can't make this stuff up.

In the first place, we aren't biased toward homosexuals.  We kill morons regardless of race, color, creed, or sexual orientation.  Don't worry, yza.  To us, even though you claim to be homosexual, you are as equally worthless as every other moron.  Sleep easier.  God bless.

Count for the night is 2 IDS kills, 0 TKV deaths.  Yes, I'm counting cool-drug-reference-guy.  Mercenaries count.


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2/17/2004 -   Short and sweet.

(Due to the Vindication GM's hectic real-life schedule, I'm making this update in order to just get it done. - GORDON)

They're idiots.

Caught 3 of them macroing in their house.  My pic of dead "Dodgin Bullets" didn't catch his name.  But the horse died, too.

Chicken  Hawk gives murder counts, so hell yes I'm counting these as kills.


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5/12/2004 -   We discover the IDS spawn in Wind.

Gordon decided he was too busy to make these page updates anymore, so he handed it back to me.  Then I ignored it for a long time until stuff was really out of date, but I have some free time now, and I'll play some catch-up.

Since the last entry of February 17th, IDS hadn't done much of interest except for moving their HQ off of Ice Island, to a location it took us a couple weeks to find.  They were quiet with them for a time... until.

Until one night in March when Gordon and I were killing some time fighting the demons and dragons in Wind.  There we were minding our own business when one of the IDS guys run in.  I forget whether it was YZA or Dodgin Bullits... at any rate, he recalled, and we got ready to catch them coming back in force.  Which they did, in their silly way.

Gordon and I were EV'ing the demons and drakes, when the IDS spawn began.  DB and YZA ran in, and tried to engage us by running through the demons to attack us.  It was a slaughter.  We locked on IDS, the demons locked on IDS, and the slaughter began.

That's YZA's corpse next to DB.

We had to lead the demons off before we could loot them, but loot them we did.

Then we killed the demons and looted what they had looted off the IDS corpses.

Soon after a random red named Yama ran in.  We thought he was just a random red, but he attacked us and we killed him.

A few minutes after this, YZA ran in, ran past a lich we were avoiding, and tried dropping an EV on us.  We hid.  The EV locked on to him.  The lich locked on to him.  About a minute later we wandered in the direction YZA had gone, and found his corpse trapped against the wall next to a dead lich.  It looks like he got stuck on terrain, the EV trapped him and killed him, then the EV killed the lich, then the EV expired, then we walked up to loot all the corpses. 

We got a huge laugh out of that.

But the IDS spawn continued.  No sooner would we kill, loot, and bank the stuff from one when another one would respawn.  It was about now that we figured out Yama was with them.  Three of them versus two of us, plus all of the inhabitants of Wind they kept tripping over and getting killed by.

They just kept dieing and dieing, always with 50 of each reg and a hally.

At one point the three of them got me trapped and killed me, but not one of them made it out of there alive, and all my loot was recovered.

At another point Gordon ICQ'd me that Yama had gotten him.  He said he hid, and Yama walked up next to him and casted Earthquake, and then Yama equipped the hally, and auto-swung when Gordon auto-defended the EQ.  That was the first time we'd seen that tactic, and it worked the first time, but hasn't since.  Because we're not stupid and we learn from our mistakes.  So, I ran to Gordon's location, killed Yama 1v1, ressed Gordon, and we recovered all loot.  Go TKV.

That's Gordon's ghost up there.  We each died once that night.

We learn from our mistakes, but they do not, because the IDS spawn in Wind continued, and they just kept coming and coming.

If you look closely, YZA's guild title, in the middle of all the fighting and between his deaths, turned into "TKV FUCKING SUCKS."  Ironical, huh.

Around this time, our bank boxes were full of IDS loot, and it was getting late, so we left Wind to empty the loot from the bank to our HQ to be recycled.  IDS starts PM'ing us with a bunch of stuff like "HAHA we own Wind now bitches."  That's their logic: we killed the hell out of them in Wind, left, and they moved in in our absence and claim to have owned us.  Seriously, how can people be so stupid?  All higher brain functions are dead in these idiots, they're operating on pure Medulla Oblongata.

I talked about it with Gordon, and we figured the three of them had finally regrouped and were camping the entrance to Wind, so we'd have to go in cautiously.  We arrived at the teleporter into Wind, and found "Poopious Plop," and character on a second account of DB's, watching for us to arrive.  Arrive we did, found him, and looted him.  If he wants to spy, he can spy as a ghost.

Even though we expected an ambush, Gordon did indeed go through the teleporter and saw they had built a wall around the entry point to trap whomever went through.  Fortunately, he was able to recall out before they could all dump on him.  "Owned," as the morons would say, I guess.  We wouldn't go back in to Wind at that point and feed them easy kills, so we waited their impatient selves out... we knew they'd eventually leave Wind to get us.

And they did.

And they died.

Apparently the IDS spawn extends a few screens outside of the Wind entrance, too.

I can't recall if we got tired of playing for the night or if they got tired of dying for the night, but at this point we quit.

A good time was had by all*.

* not including IDS

It looks like at least 14 IDS deaths, and there was definitely 2 TKV deaths.

- Alex the Artist

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