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GMX - Gnomish Mining Something or other
War Status: Active
Current Score: TKV 38, GMX 27 (as of 5/22/2004)

I have no idea what's happening with these people.

It's the evening of February 10, 2004.  TKV was camping out at the IDS guild house, when a large-ish group of GMX rolled in.  For our part, we were friendly.  A couple times when we would flag ourselves criminal while killing an IDS horse, however, a member or two of GMX would attack us.  We wouldn't fight back, just quickly evade and hide out the flag.  We were STILL cool with it... obvious misunderstanding.  The second time it happened I said to the group of them, "If you keep attacking us while gray, we're going to start taking it personally."  No reply that I saw.  We still let it slide.

After we had made IDS inactive for the most part, we decided to move on and check out other hunting spots.  For no particular reason, Alex Artist was the last one of us at the IDS house... which is when at least two members of GMX attacked him.  TKV starting heading back to defend our friend.

The first gray GMX I saw was "Mat Tuer Betot."  I dropped him solo-style when he ran down a dead-end street.

We finally grouped up and dropped "evermore knight" as a team.

We chased "Drako Prime" a bit, but he ran too fast.  He seemed to be the "Prime" trash talker of the group.  He was the one who PM'd me later with drivel.

We found gray Fuchu just standing there, and we didn't know if he dropped, or lagged, or what... and we didn't know if he was fighting us... so we dropped him.  No idea why he was gray.... but do I need to assume the obvious?

Within a minute or two, we meet Fuchu standing on the steps of his guild house.  He is apologizing to us, saying it was all a mistake.  I told him that almost every member of his guild had attacked me at one time or another... were they all mistakes?  He didn't have an answer.  "Drako Prime" comes out of hiding and stands on the steps trash talking us.  Telling us to war him, we're pussies, etc.  His guild master is standing there trying to diffuse the situation, and Drako is there trying to enflame it.  

A red walks up like it's cool, and we ignore him (figuring he was in GMX), as we are still taking to Fuchu, trying to figure out what in the hell is going on.

All of a sudden, the red casts explosion and targets Alex, precasts ebolt, hits Alex with a hally, and lets his ebolt fly just as Drako Prime lands a combo on Alex at the same time.  Two counts were given.

Alex is pk'd.  Drako couldn't fight us in full scale combat, so he calls his red friends to jump us.  Drako sucks at combat... but he makes a great pk.  Bravo, Drako.

It's game on, at this point.  At least four reds and grays are on Carno and myself, and we go heavy evasive.  Carno manages to shake his pursuers and hide... I manage to recall out with three terrorist assholes chasing me.  I had 6 hit points when I arrived at my recall point.

I trade a few private messages with Fuchu.  He is still apologizing.  I tell him (I think it worked) that it's fine he is apologizing, but we can't have the people in his guild blue and jumping us whenever they get the opportunity.  I was implying that we'd have to war so at least we'd know who the assholes were.  Fuchu says he can't really do anything about it, because most of them are real life friends... for his part, anyway.  They don't seem to respect Fuchu's wishes very much, that's obvious.  Fuchu says that however it turns out, he won't be attacking us.

TKV declared war on GMX.

About an hour later, Fuchu accepted the declaration.  I got a private message from Drako telling me how much I'd regret it, or some asinine thing.  I tried responding back, but he had pm'd me, then logged off.  Loser.

Soon after, an orange is spotted in Del.  Three TKV show up and realize it is Fuchu... and we watch him commit suicide.  To my knowledge, none of us went aggressive on him.  He literally ebolted himself to death in front of us.

We didn't loot him.

So now we're in a war with a guild full of assholes, which has a guild master we respect... but he can't control his people.

All of us in TKV are hoping Fuchu manages to rein in his guild mates.  If he can't... well... as long as Fuchu remains neutral, meaning no fighting us and no healing them when we're fighting them, then we wont purposely attack him, ever.

What a mess.

Update (2/12/2004): I've been informed that Fuchu is not the GM of DMX.  I was mistaken, and stand corrected.  Additionally, I have been told that Alex and Carno DID, in fact, go aggressive on Fuchu there at the end, but they stopped when they realized who he was.  Fuchu did commit suicide, though.

2/12/2004 -   Not much, yet... but the weekend is coming....

(Due to the Vindication GM's hectic real-life schedule, I'm making this update in order to just get it done. - GORDON)

No open warfare yet that I am aware of, but some GMX were spotted hanging out with red friends.  I only mention it because someone in GMX said that they are "too honorable" to hang with reds.  It was during an IDS event, so the pic is posted in that story.


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2/13/2004 -   First contact.

(Due to the Vindication GM's hectic real-life schedule, I'm making this update in order to just get it done. - GORDON)

We have engaged the enemy, and they are ours. 

To the point, we decided to start hunting, and soon we spotted GMX in Jhelom, and in numbers.  We thought there was four, but after the fact we decided we'd only seen three.  But there was four of us online, and so four of us moved in.

Fuchu lost his immunity immediately by locking on to Eowyn.

The fighting was fast and brutal.  We kept trying to take out Drako, but his guildmates kept cross healing him.  Eventually our mages were out of mana, and suddenly there was a guy beating me over the head with a staff; Smeddy.  I had to go evasive.    I ducked and weaved... I was within one hit of dropping, so I didn't dare stop to cast a heal, lest he catch up and finish me off.

They got an edge on us... there isn't much three pure mages can do after an unsuccessful mana dump... and we had to scatter and go evasive.

I heard Eowyn was fighting Fuchu 1v1, when another GMX showed up and dropped her fast.  Bad news.

My spirit was darkening... when the call went out that Drako dropped!  Huzzah!

These 2 images are showing a single kill of Drako.  The first didn't show his name.

Eowyn was out, so Alex and Carno came to my aid, and gave me a little breathing room for me to get myself healed up and back in the fight.

Then we killed Smeddy.

Again, 2 pictures of the same kill.  I couldn't decide which was better.

This is the last GmX we saw for that skirmish; we assume they gated out their dead to recover.

I saw one of their gates open and went through, and found Fuchu there alone in their tower.  I attacked him, but didn't get to the ebolt of my combo before he banned me.

We gave them time to recover, and went hunting elsewhere... and had our little CoL adventure.

It was at least a half hour later, and we went hunting for GMX.  Four of them (for sure this time) were spotted in Jhelom, and we arrived seconds later, but they were nowhere to be found.  After much scouting, we decided to go ahead and check their tower... we hate fighting around peoples' houses, because it becomes a house-hiding fest.

But we went anyway.

Four of us found four of them, and fighting was fierce (sorry about the alliteration).  Eowyn, Carno, Alex and myself for TKV, versus Drako, Fuchu, Rubyn, and...Hunter(?) for GMX.

As soon as the big fight started, I went into a three second lockup.  I was certain I'd come back dead, as last thing I saw was me taking damage.

Before I even unlocked I heard Drako had fallen.  In this screenshot, I'm the one near the top of the image, off the horse (and under the health bar) drinking a heal potion.  My client was locked that entire time, so I never saw it.

I unlocked, but I was again evasive.  I healed but then Rubyn was precast-hally-whacking me, and next thing I know I have 10% health left.  I went evasive (hauled ass) before he could get the killing blow.

About this time I heard Eowyn was getting hammered hard (no pun intended) by two of them, but she managed to evade.  She was safe so TKV grouped around me, and Rubyn fell.

At this, Fuchu and Hunter(?) withdrew from the field of battle, and locked themselves in their tower.  Some of us had other things to do, so we stepped away and logged off.

It was TKV's barbecue, and it tasted good.

Four to one so far, Drako.  Is this not what you expected?


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2/14/2004 -   Chain-para mastahs.

(Due to the Vindication GM's hectic real-life schedule, I'm making this update in order to just get it done. - GORDON)

We geared up, and started scouting.  We found a couple blues belonging to the ids folks, and we took counts on them.  A few minutes later, Carno reports he has three GMX chain-para'ing him at the IDS house... he said he went through 12 pouches to evade the gank squad.  Well done, Carno.

He recovers, and a few minutes later he finds them all in their tower.  He reports that none of them will come out, so we didn't go to him, yet.  He spent about ten minutes walking around in front of their door... but they wouldn't come out.  This is hilarious.  He was tracking three orange and two blues inside... but they fear us so much that the sight of a single TKV keeps them hidden under their beds like frightened children.  Carno even knocked on their door with a couple EQ spells... but they still wouldn't come out.

They now have the proper mindset to fight this war... one TKV requires at least three combat-ready GMX.

About ten minutes later, a couple of them came outside.  TKV started flooding in.  Porter was chosen as target, and we smited him.  We began smiting Fuchu, but he recalled away.  Drako can be seen in this picture inside the door... he never came out when his team was getting chopped down. 

Drako is a real "lead from the front" kinda guy.  If I was Porter, I wouldn't be taking any more hits to protect Drako's ass, that's for sure.

Right about now, two reds and a blue showed up... what a coincidence.  There's no direct evidence that they were helping DMX, so you won't see their death pics here... but they did all die with no TKV losses.  A minute after that, a red named "Shadow" showed up.  He logged out on the steps of a tower, and logged in his orange character, "Mat Tuer Betot."  You may remember him as my first GMX kill.

We were very loot heavy from the reds, two of us were filled to capacity... and at this time we saw SEVERAL GMX grouping in their tower... so we decided to call it a night, and let them eat dust for revenge.

Score for the night is one to nothing, with a few dubious red kills.  If we see the same reds in future GMX battles, we'll start counting their deaths, too.


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2/15/2004 -   GMX draws first gank.

(Due to the Vindication GM's hectic real-life schedule, I'm making this update in order to just get it done. - GORDON)

Throughout the night we saw various GMX here and there, and engaged them.  A particularly memorable skirmish was when we found 2 of them at the Brit Graveyard.  Three of us jumped them, split them up, and watched them recall away.  Oh well.

The first serious, successful gank of the war goes to GMX, who managed to drop Alex Artist with only three people.  Savor the flavor boys, because it doesn't happen very often.

Ethereal Alex hung out for awhile, and saw much rejoicing.  Drako was quoted as saying, "That was very satisfying."

I bet, chief.  You're losing the war with a 1:2 rate of attrition.

A spy we have in the GMX camp told me that later they passed Alex's head around, so they could all hold it and see it in their packs.  Wow.  Kinda creepy.  Alex's head is now locked down in the back room of their tower.

They logged off soon after, so no payback for TKV.  Score for the night is 1 TKV death, no GMX kills.  Can't wait to see their kill pic.


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2/17/2004 -   GMX draws second gank, but pays for it.

(Due to the Vindication GM's hectic real-life schedule, I'm making this update in order to just get it done. - GORDON)

Drako and crew caught Eowyn while she was alone and doing some housekeeping.  They ganked her 5v1 at our house, which they apparently found.  The comedy was all the trash talk after the 5 of them got her... they were very pleased with themselves.  Drako was later PM'ing me with more happy-dance, like "Can't wait to read the update."

Any TKV kill is a hard-earned TKV kill, apparently.

(By the way, congratulations go out to GMX.  This is the first time we've seen them anywhere but inside their cute little gnome-village on ice island.  Way to get out in the world, boys!)

Anyhoo, we went and got some payback today.  We did some even-odds fighting, and also repaid some of the gank love.

We were camping their tower, trying to get Huff and Terror to come out.  Suddenly in recalls Gerik, and a'down he went.

Thanks much for the non-existent communication with the guildmates, Gerik.

No orange moved for ten minutes... when suddenly Rubyn, Terror, and Garik were back and feeling froggy.  Eowyn wanted vindication from Terror, as he was on the previous evening's gank squad.  Eowyn and Terror dropped at about the same time.

That leaves 2v2, Alex and Gordon vs. Gerik and Rubyn.  Who will prevail?

Dumb question.

Gerik went grey wacking Eowyn's horse, so he was next on our death list.

(Some of the GMX kill pics are a little ambiguous, due to Ice Island looking the same everywhere.  If anyone challenges their validity, I will post full Razor images that show map locations.)

Up to this point we had been too busy to loot, what with the precast-hally-whackers, and no mana to do anything about it.  In fact, they had such an advantage that they were able to res kill Eowyn 3 times, and allow Terror to res and loot his corpse.  3v2, now, GMX advantage.  But, halfway through the battle, we finally got some forward momentum, and we started having time to loot them.  And wack their evil horses, of course.

Terror dropped again.

Looted himself, and back again, to die.

Rubyn kept running interference to give Terror time to res at the shrine and come back to loot himself... but, eventually his luck ran out.

Once he dropped, festivities ceased, and they stopped offering themselves up to TKV as sacrifices.

Tally for the last 24 hours is 6 GMX kills, 2 TKV deaths.


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2/26/2004 - What a surprise... we find GMX fighting out of their house.

(Due to the Vindication GM's hectic real-life schedule, I'm making this update in order to just get it done. - GORDON)

First of all, a correction:  On February 17 I mentioned that we'd finally seen GMX fighting somewhere besides their houses.  The exact quote is "By the way, congratulations go out to GMX.  This is the first time we've seen them anywhere but inside their cute little gnome-village on ice island.  Way to get out in the world, boys!"

I was perusing through the GMX history today, and I had forgotten the GMX kills we made on them in Jhelom, once.  My bad.  They only fight out of their houses about 85% of the time, not 90%.  I stand corrected.  GMX rules.

Ok, new bidness:  The last 2 or 3 days have seen 2 GORDON kills.  One in a 4v6 (GMX advantage), and the other while I was afk.  Good job, GMX.  The 4v6 death can be seen on the main page.

Tonight there was a 45 minute window when 3 TKV could be online at the same time, so we went hunting.  (Eowyn, a 4th TKV, showed up for the last ten minutes, but no kills were made at this time.  Because none of them would leave the safety of their tower.)

We started scouting a bit, and we didn't even hit Ice Island at first, hoping beyond hope we'd actually find them out of their tower.  No dice.

I went to Ice, and found evermore knight afk inside his 2-story house.  A few earthquakes later, he was dead.

A few minutes later, and three TKV were in the vicinity to see what would happen next.  We saw a blue Fuchu and thought he resigned, but moments later saw orange Fuchu, and figured it for multiple characters.

A few minutes after that and we were tracking several orange at different times.  In all we saw Huff, evermore knight, Smeddy, Rubyn and Fuchu, but we only ever fought 3 at a time... unless you count the blue named "ZahR" who kept jumping in to the fight.  And I'm going to count him as a war kill, because he attacked us more than once, as well as was healing them from time to time.  Mercenaries count.  TKV doesn't use them, but then we're not losing the war, and we don't need to.

I don't have the kill pic of the blue, but this is pasted right out of my journal:

You see: ZahR
Gordon: ZahR is attacking you!
You see: ZahR

He was a bit of a surprise, so we didn't target him immediately, but eventually he caught our attention, and

Alex The Artist: Vas Ort Flam [Explosion]
Smeddy: [Fu's my masta!, GmX] (Order)
You see: Smeddy
Alex The Artist: Corp Por [Energy Bolt]
Alex The Artist: Corp Por [Energy Bolt]
Gordon: Corp Por [Energy Bolt]
You see: ZahR
Gordon: You are attacking ZahR!
You have gained a lot of karma.
Smeddy: [Fu's my masta!, GmX] (Order)
You see: Smeddy
You see: the remains of ZahR

That is unedited.  I added as much as I did to show we didn't just jump him alone... it was the middle of combat.

Another thing to note is that the lag spikes were a bitch.  All of us TKV were locking at random times... but it was Alex Artist who locked and died twice.  Two insane Alex kills due to lag.  They still count, of course.  A kill is a kill.

Battle rages on.  I think it was Rubyn who dropped next...

And not long after evermore knight died in real combat, this time.

I may have the order of the rubyn/ek kills mixed up.  Not sure.  Who cares.

Fuchu came out and tried to fight, and we dropped him as he was trying to get back to hiding inside his house.  Fucking house hiders...

I could be mistaken, but I think that's our first Fuchu kill of the war.  Mostly because it is the first time we'd actually targeted him.  And we targeted him because we didn't have any kill shots of him, yet.  I guess that means Smeddy is next, muahahaha.

Two GORDON deaths over the last 2 or 3 days, two Alex kills tonight.  Four orange GMX dead tonight, plus ZahR, their blue helpy helperton.  5 to 4.


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2/27/2004 - At least they managed to fight without blue healers this time.

(Due to the Vindication GM's hectic real-life schedule, I'm making this update in order to just get it done. - GORDON)

Haven't had time to make an update in a couple days, so this one will not be very detailed.

Fighting started, as usual, at their house on Ice.  TKV took an early lead with 4 GMX kills, and one death... guess who.

First we got Rubyn as he ran into the house trying to hide...

A little later we got Terror...

And later when Eowyn died we got Rubyn as he killed her mount:

You can see his grey name, there.

There was a 4th kill, we all remember it, but don't remember who, and we couldn't scrounge a screenshot between us. 

Later as we were trying to get Eowyn ressed, they were dropping EV's out of their tower like the true, hardcore pvp'ers they are:

That was also the night in which Fuchu showed up with the dragons, making it 2 TKV deaths when the dragons got Alex.

It would have been a good night if we had quit here, but later half of TKV got cocky and wanted to fight 5 GMX with only 3 of us, and we died and died, a total of 4 deaths in 2 fights.  Two Alex's and two Carno's, if I recall.

Score for that night was 4 dead GMX, 6 dead TKV.  GMX finally broke double digits for kills... congratulations on that.


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2/28/2004 - At least they managed to fight without blue healers this time.

(Due to the Vindication GM's hectic real-life schedule, I'm making this update in order to just get it done. - GORDON)

Pretty bad night for the GMX second stringers.

We went hunting, finding nothing, and eventually ended up on Ice Island, where we found them.  

Rubyn died fleeing.

Nobody else would come out... so we continued scouting... and much to our spurprise... found them out of their tower and in Jhelom.  We engaged in the 4v4... Terror, Fuchu, Elminster, and Rubyn vs. us.

Lots of ducking and weaving, but Elminster died, then Rubyn, and Terror and Fuchu didn't even want none of that.


Scouted around again, screwed with some reds around Brit.

Went to Ice again, and found GMX regrouped...

Lo and behold, The Newbie Eowyn takes out Rubyn all alone.  We're all so proud of her!

If she's alone in the screenshot, it must be true, right?

We got Wu Tang a few minutes later....

A minute or so later, we got tangled with MAF reds, and GMX managed to stand in the door of the tower, and mana dump on Eowyn.  She died.  She got res killed once or twice, and GMX was able to get some momentum, so we pulled back to regroup.

About ten minutes later, and Eowyn was reset in our HQ, and we were getting ready to hunt again... when GMX actually showed up at our house.  I bet they expected us to hide inside and throw EV's out the front door, like they do.  Not even.

We swarmed out and engaged, and with the help of some of our "neighbors" we managed to drop Wu Tang again with no casualties.  Terror, Fuchu. and Rubyn fled.


We looted Wu Tang and ran the other off, so we quickly hit Ice to look for stragglers...

And caught Rubyn for the 4th time outside the safety of the tower.

I was able to loot everything except his potions when Huff logged into that house, and I got out before being banned.  It was his 4th death of the night... half the leather armor I took off him was generic NPC-bought armor.

7 GMX deaths, 1 TKV.


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4/04/2004 - Long time, no update. But, here's one.

Ok. TRYING to pick up where we left off. . .

With the lag closing in on us like a dark cloud. . . oh screw it. Lag was getting REALLY bad for us. And we fed GMX alot of kills. They claim 15. But then, they count res kills. We counted about 9. They also say we didn't kill them through that mess. I think we got one. Nothing to brag about. But, we did what we could with what we had to work with. And that's when we pretty much went on leave.

Then along came a spammer. Not a nasty one that we all hate. A good one!! From what I've read, someone made a large donation to the shard, and we have a new connection. So, we are back now, seeing how things are going.

So the action picks up on April 1st. I was one of the first on when the shard came back up. And I went scouting. Found random reds to tangle with. Things looked promising. Went to Ice to find some orange. Rubyn was the only one to come out. That's fine. So I did some testing. Ran this way, and that way. We seemed pretty much even. Where in the past, he'd catch up easily. That test ended with a dead me. But that's ok. All in the name of progress!

So, later comes along. Carno and I are out looking for bad guys. We find a couple in Trinsic. Gerik and Yeurich. We are tangling for a bit and just as Gerik goes down, Gordon shows up to join the fun.  

This sends Yeurich high tailing it out. We all chase. This give Gerik time to go back and loot his own corps. Gerik and Yeurich recall out.

They both come back and the fighting resumes. We take Gerik out again.


This time, I stay behind to loot, and Gordon and Jav take to chasing Yeurich. Only this time, the recall didn't take.

And this is where that evenings fun ended with GMX.

So, we add 3 more to our total, and 1 more to theirs.

The next evening, we do some stuff and find that GMX is out in full force. We were only able to score one kill this night.

We head up and chace Gerik off his corpse and finish looting Darko and head out.


We ran into them here and there, but no more kills were scored on either side.

And that's how April 2nd ended.

On the 3rd of April, we did more hunting/scouting. We ran into them at the Brit Graveyard and in the tussle, Eowyn took a fall. We chased a grey Terror out of the area, and that left 3 GMX vs 3 TKV. We find Fuchu and he's in full on duck and weave mode. Till he meets up with Wu Tang and takes a stand. Gordon and I take him down.

Wu Tang, no idea what he was thinking, tried to loot Fuchu. A few spells later, he was down.

Turns out, as all this was happening, Carno had been fighting Gerik in the streets of Brit. But he recalled away in the middle of the fight. My guess is, word came in that his team was dead, and he figured it was time to go. Terror made a brief showing as he ran right by us. We loot Fuchu and Wu Tang and start scouting again.

We were checking out the Trinsic bank and find Wu Tang getting equiped. We interupt it. We saw the hally, and that equaled target to us.

A couple others showed up, but they didn't want to play and immediately recalled. So, we went to Ice Island. This is when we saw Rubyn. He saw all four of us, and he just stood there. We attack. He starts running. I smelled a trap. We chase him for quiet some time. But, we got him.

While this was happening, the rest of his crew found Eowyn lagging behind and were too much for her. She went down.

And this is where the evening ended. So, we add 3 from the 4th, one from the 3rd, 3 from the first, for a total of 7 kills since the first for TKV. GMX got me on the first, and Eowyn twice on the 4th. That 3 for them. 7 to 3. Hmmmmm. Wonder if it has anything to do with the new connection. Dunno.

- Alex the Artist

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