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IDS - Idiot Death Squad
War Status: IDS Beaten badly
Current Score: TKV 45.5, IDS 12 (as of 6/18/2004)

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5/22/2004 -   Getting IDS updates all caught up.

Since the IDS Spawn, there hadn't been any large scale TKV/IDS combat, just random encounters here and there.  Most of the time we would encounter a single red IDS member fighting alongside one or more reds belonging to different guilds, and I was at a loss as how to count those kills and deaths that weren't purely guild warfare.  I got with GORDON and we decided that to make the calculations fair we should count a kill as a kill, and a death as a death, no matter how many other people helped.  So, that's what I'm doing.

GORDON sent me the pics in no particular order, so here they are in no particular order.

DB getting jumped at the Brit graveyard.  Don't remember the circumstances.

YZA getting jumped at the Brit graveyard.  Don't remember the circumstances.

I remember this one.  Six reds at the entrance to the graveyard, and three TKV flanked it and separated DB from his backup.  He was, no doubt, running to hide in his house up on the corner.

Don't remember the circumstances.

Here's my death to report... DB and Yama both dumped and hally wacked me.  Oh well, it has to happen occasionally.

Don't remember the circumstances.

Don't remember the circumstances.

Hey look, more house hiding.  *shock*

Don't remember the circumstances.

Don't remember the circumstances.

I remember this one.  Three TKV were in Buc's trying to tangle with three reds and a blue, Rai, who went aggressive on us.  Carno dropped.

Don't remember the circumstances.

Don't remember the circumstances.

Here's two TKV fighting three reds, which rumor has it we never do.

Don't remember the circumstances.

Don't remember the circumstances.

GORDON reports he has two more kills to give to DB.  One when he was fighting DB and another red 2v1 in Buc's.  He dropped the other red, and DB got in a perfect exp/hally/ebolt combo, and killed him instantly.  The second time was in the graveyard, when he was chasing DB, and another blue jumped in and PK'd GORDON.  Eowyn also reports getting killed by DB once.

So, the count for this update looks like 13 IDS kills, and 5 TKV deaths.

- Alex the Artist

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5/25/2004 -   Trickles.

Recently on the metro forums, Dodgin Bullits (Posting as "Poopios Plop) and YZA have started a campaign to discredit the veracity of this page.  To sum up everything they say into one line, "Everything on the TKV page = fiction.  They roll up on you dead and take pictures like it was them that killed you."

In the spirit of "TKV page = fiction," here's a few things that DID NOT happen last night.

We didn't encounter "Guetenberg the IV" and "Shadow" at the graveyard, and we definitely didn't kill Shadow.

According to DB, we just "rolled up on him when he was already dead."  Ignore all the "you are attacking" messages over my head.  That = fiction.

Later we weren't patrolling Buc's, and we didn't find a new-res Shadow.  And he didn't trash talk us, which didn't result in his new-res death.

Later we didn't decide to patrol Shadow's house on Ice Island, and we didn't find him and didn't kill him there, too.

Again, we "rolled up on him already dead."  Ignore all those signs of combat spell casting.  It never happened.

We don't count res kills as war kills.  2 dead IDS, 0 dead TKV.  Poo-flingers Dodgin Bullits and YZA nowhere to be found.

- Alex the Artist

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5/26/2004 -   I give them their first winning night.

It's a good thing Dodgin Bullits declared everything on this page to be fiction... this way nobody will believe it when I say IDS had their first winning night against TKV last night.

Two of us found 3 IDS, Shadow, Parasite, and Guetenberg the IV, that sounded about fair, so we attacked.  I stayed too long, and dropped.

We recovered, and went back... this time some of the nice blues helped trap me behind that new vendor house, and I fell under 3 of them again.  I got out from behind it before I died, but an explosion dropped me.  That house has more kills than most reds do.

Recovered, went back... 2 TKV vs.  3 IDS... and they got me yet again.

Three combos hurt.  It was about this time GORDON asked me what my problem was.  The only answer I could give him was that I suck.  He agreed.

I was thinking that IDS would log out right now and be happy with a 3-0 skunk of TKV... but they didn't.  Not all of them, anyway.  Shadow screwed up their perfect night when we caught him alone in Buc's.

Bummer for IDS.

Interesting to note that neither Dodgin Bullits nor YZA were seen the entire night.  Strange that their guild is only successful without them.

1 to 3, IDS.

- Alex the Artist

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6/18/2004 -   They lose.  Badly.

We'd noticed a couple of former IDS guys running around with different guild titles, but didn't think much of it, as people jumping ship to no longer be warring us is pretty common.  But, I saw "Shadow" today without the IDS guild tag, and checked our guild stone.  No IDS in the war list.  I went to where the IDS stone was located, and it wasn't there.

They quit.

They lose.

We win.

Dodgin Bullits is a moron.  He goes near the top of the "Most Delusional Players I've Ever Encountered" list.  Top three.

- Alex the Artist

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