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CoL - Chesapeake Legends
War Status: Victory
Current Score: TKV 2.5, CoL 0 (as of 5/22/2004)

A month or so ago, a soon-to-be member of TKV was training himself up in our guild headquarters.  His attention lapsed... and when he noticed he was dead, he saw "Esx" and "WitchHunter," gray, leaving our headquarters.  TKV arrived within seconds, but we just missed them.

Two days later, WitchHunter was spotted near the City of the Dead near Delucia... and our Vindication was swift and severe.

Esx remained elusive... neither hide nor hair of him did we see.

A week or two later we received an out of the blue declaration of war from "Chesapeake Legends."  We didn't know who they were... but then we saw them running around Brit in numbers.

Esx was one of them.

We accepted their declaration of war.

2/13/2004 -   First contact.

(Due to the Vindication GM's hectic real-life schedule, I'm making this update in order to just get it done. - GORDON)

TKV was online in force, split up and scouting, and the call went out that orange were spotted in Britain.  We didn't yet know how many there were, but we knew it was more than one.  Eowyn was first on the scene and declared Fuzzy to be the target.

Only three of us were here at this time.

(Top-right person in that image is "Nexprex," of the Hospitallers Guild.  I didn't even notice him until I examined the screen captures.  He is casting Greater Heal... though I have no idea who he is healing.  Considering he contributed to another Fuzzy kill later, I don't think he was healing Fuzzy.  I really have no idea.)

By now we realized we only saw two orange, and there were now four TKV on the scene.  Strifen, visible above, escaped us at that time.

About ten minutes later, both Fuzzy and Strifen are back, and aggressive.  If they know we were all still there, then "A for effort" on their part.  If they didn't... well, they soon found out.  Strifen didn't get too far from the bank... Fuzzy can be seen attempting to keep him alive:

This time we kept a couple people on Fuzzy, and with the assistance of a Nexprex of the Hospitallers, we took him down.  Fuzzy never had a chance.  No shame losing to a 4v1.

These guys get major props for not trash talking when they ressed and went to the bank where we were staged.  That is very much the exception to the shit talk rule.

Still looking for Esx.

2.5 kills for TKV, no losses.  .5 of one of the kills goes to Nexprex.


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5/22/2004 -   Hello.  Goodbye.

They changed their guild name to "Berzerk," then they disappeared off the server.

Oh well.

- Alex the Artist

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