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AA - Ancient Abyss
War Status: Active
Current Score: TKV 19, AA 10.5 (as of 7/18/2004)

Our first impressions of AA were that they were cheaters.

When TKV first arrived on Metro in November of 2003, the Metro forums were alight with people claiming AA used cheat programs, they admitted it, and they bragged about it.  I heard some of them were finally banned.  We never really crossed their paths to form our own conclusions until recently.

One of our friends placed a house out of which to mine a mountainside, and her neighbor ended up being a member of the AA guild named "Poker."  The first time they saw each other, he attempted to PK her.  She called us to protect her, and we ended up killing Poker on the roof of his house.

He harassed her a few times more, but each time she called TKV in to protect her, and Poker would die.

Then we started hanging around the Brit graveyard more, and our exposure to guild AA increased.  I don't recall what continued the animosity between our groups... I want to say they had a habit of blue healing people we were trying to kill... but the straw that broke the camel's back was when four of them went gray, jumped me, and killed me.

Two of us managed to drop one of them, but then three of them got me.

Soon after this we declared war on them, and the declaration went unanswered.  We took to randomly jumping their blues, and telling their ghosts to get their GM to return our war declaration.  They wouldn't war us.  So, we fed them a couple kills to boost their confidence (ala GTG), and within the hour we were all orange.

Incidentally, Poker has since moved his house away from our blue miner friend.

5/22/2004 -   This post represents more than one night of fighting.  I procrastinate and suck.

Looking at the pictures, it looks like there was three night's worth of fighting.  It's hard to remember.

Here they are in no particular order.  I'll try to be more careful about not procrastinating in the future so I don't forget the stories.

They were popping in and out of a gate behind that house.  Joseph came through, we dispelled the gate, and he died.


Arthur's turbocharged, but we manage to catch him now and then.

Here's their first TKV score.  I pasted in the text I got when he died.  Looks like I mis-targetted and hit him.  Whoopsie, hehehe.

Don't recall the circumstances, but you can see he wasn't alone.

Not sure what his story was.  he showed up, we engaged, he ran to the inn to try and log.

I don't recall the details.


GORDON reports 2 deaths, one when he, as he said, "was a dumbass and stood in their doorway too long while Joseph Stalin hid behind his trash barrel lobbing spells at me."

I'm not positive, but I think those were the only kills they've scored on us.  If I am corrected, I will correct that in the next update.

- Alex the Artist

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5/24/2004 -   Lag remains an issue.

GORDON reports he saw Arthur alone at the Brit bank and attacked him.  He said for about 30 seconds the fighting wasn't really getting anywhere, then Max ran up and GORDON realized Arthur wasn't really fighting so much as he was stalling for time, waiting for backup.  GORDON said he went down, but not in a Rated-R way.

A little later there was a few TKV on, and we found Max and paid him back for Gordo.

Not much happened with AA for awhile.  We hit some reds at Buc's Den, and were starting to get bored.  And, it was beginning to get laggy.  Then we spotted AA, and they had four on, just like us.  It would have been a good fight, but half of us were getting so laggy we could barely move.  We were making the decision to quit pvp'ing until the lag cleared up, when all of a sudden there was... we think... 6 AA on us.  They got me before I could leave to log out.

2 to 1, AA.

- Alex the Artist

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5/26/2004 -   The ebb and flow of war.

There was some fighting 2 nights ago, but I wasn't there for it.  Here's the story and pic I received from GORDON:

"I was bored and logged in, and the only TKV online seemed to be afk.  I went to the gy alone, I see Max.  I figure... I don't see any of his friends, so I jump him.  I combo, he swings his hally and misses, and he runs.  He is saying over and over, "calling in the gank squad?"  I'm thinking "I wish..." because nobody else was on.

After about a minute of chasing max in circles, CARNO SHOWS UP!  Yay.  Totally unexpected.  Max hauls ass to the bank... where he joins up with Scott.  Now there are two.  Fine... we start to fight... then there are 3.  It was, I think, Skywalker... maybe.  I saw so many different AA that night that I mix up who was where, when.  We decide to bug out and reequip, as I'd been casting a lot, and Carno wasn't really combat ready when he came to the gy and saw me fighting.

We hit the forge, talked about it, and decided to hit the gy and try again.

I THINK it was Max we saw alone, and chased after.  Instantly... I THINK... Joseph S was there, and it was a 2v2.  Actually, no, Scott was one of the 2, because we knocked him down to a sliver of health, and took off after him.    We chased and chased, and Scott got to full health, and then there was 3 AA in the fight.  I chased Scott into the mage shop, Carno was behind me.  Scott changed his mind and doubled back toward the entrance, past me and Carno... and we dropped our spells, and he died.

Instantly there was 2 more orange there, and we were low on mana.  Then there was 3 live AA in the area, and one of them was ressing Scott....  When I recalled out of the fight, Scott was back on his mount, looted up, and chasing after me, too.

So, even though we couldn't loot Scott, we fought superior numbers and got a kill.  Heh."

Good job fellows.

The night after that, last night, things were much more chaotic.  Over the course of about 4 hours we had several AA contacts, with reds and IDS thrown into the mix just to make things extra crispy.

Here's the story to the best of our recollection.

We saw a couple AA in ones and twos, but they'd recall before the 3 of us who were on, Eden, GORDON, and I could take them out.  All of a sudden there was 4 of them, we weren't expecting them and were spread out, and we started dropping.  Eden was first to drop, and unknown to us Carno showed up at that time, and he dropped too.

Carno is 20 seconds from death up at the graveyard entrance, he just doesn't know it yet.

We pulled back, collected our dead, and regrouped.  We made fun of Carno and Eden for sucking so bad.  We reequipped, and headed back into the fray...  and found Arthur.

Hello, Arthur.

Goodbye, Arthur.

After that the fighting left the graveyard and went into Brit, and we were able to drop Sandy in a 3v3 through all the cross-healing...

Unfortunately, about a second later, I dropped.  I was focusing on offensive spells through their cross-healing, and hoped they'd not hit so hard... but no dice.

There was a pause to reequip and get back in.  Carno logged out at this point.  GORDON, Eden and I went back in, hoping they wouldn't still have 4 on... and to be honest, I'm not sure.  Fighting was all over the place and at one point went way north of the city.  GORDON and I managed to separate Joseph Stalin from their group, and he died.

GORDON stayed to loot him, and I went after Sandy.  Arthur was not yet in the area.  Sandy stopped to engage me... right in the middle of a monster spawn.  Sandy hit once.  Then a gargoyle killed me.  No kidding.  We're giving Sandy half a point for that one, since she didn't even do 25% of the damage.

GORDON saw the message that the garg had killed me, and came to see what he could recover of the situation.  He immediately attacked her, and I saw her totally red twice before he was out of mana.  I have no idea how she survived.  At this point Arthur showed up, and GORDON went evasive.  He told me later that he had zero heal potions left, so he had no way to heal and stay ahead of their hallies and spears, or whatever it was they were using.  GORDON said he ran back to Brit, just ahead of the dexer, with 10 hit points left.  He knew one hit and he was done.  I had contacted Eden to meet him in the city to try to take some of the heat off of him...

What we didn't know was that Arthur had broken off the pursuit, recalled into Brit, and was getting ready to cut GORDON off.  He did, and dropped a para.  GORDON was also out of trapped pouches.  The dexer caught up, and with one wack finished off GORDON.

Of course this was right when Eden showed up, and Arthur and Sandy tag teamed her, too.

Now... this next part... I'll just post what GORDON said in his email when he gave me the rundown of these events:

"I wasn't far from the healer building, so I ran there and creeped up to my corpse to see if they were camping it.  The were, so I ran away from the 3 of them.  Sandy caught me and res killed me.  That was a first.  I decided to see how committed they were to res killing, so I ressed again, went about a half screen away from my corpse, and hid.  Arthur and Stalin ran up to me, Arthur revealed me in my death robes, one of them magic arrow, then a hally dropped me.  It looks like they want to res kill.  I let them res kill me one more time just to make sure.  AA are hereby KOS's, including new resses and horses."

So there you go.  GORDON has made the call, I can't say I disagree with him, and we always support our brothers.

We again collected our dead.  Eden went off to do other things, and GORDON and I started scouting around... when we found 2 silly AA macroing unattended in an unsecured house.

Silly rabbits.

I mean, they weren't even at their keyboards, so it isn't like we really outfought them or something... but to be dumb enough to go AFK in an unsecured house... we're counting that as 2 kills on account of stupidity.

This didn't please Joseph Stalin, and when he checked his character 5 minutes later, he kind of went off the deep end.  From out of nowhere, he messages GORDON with:  "you kill someone while they are macroing, man that's lame. You're supposed to be an adult? You seem emotionally retarded."

GORDON said he just laughed, "Yeah, like if AA found us macroing somewhere, they'd just walk on by."  He said it to me.  he ignored JS.

After that he was sending PM's to me about how much like kids we all were.  He also admitted to being 17 years old.  Geez, I have to be wary of swearing in his presence lest I be guilty of contributing to the delinquency of a minor.  I'd tell him to have a beer and get over it... but he's 4 years from being able to do that... so... I guess I can just suggest he forgot his Ritalin today.

Looks like 6 to 5.5 (half point for the gargoyle kill) over the last 2 nights.

- Alex the Artist

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7/18/2004 -   Catching up.

There has not been a lot of AA action for the last two months.  They remain just barely active enough for us to not say they're gone and declare victory in the war.  Once a week or so, we'll spot one of them and either kill them, or make them recall.

They've taken to hiding in that thief house near the Brit Graveyard entrance.  They truly are skilled at pvp.

BAM Scott's dead.

BAM Poker's dead.

BAM Sam's dead.

BAM Sylvain's d.....  well, she got away.



BAM Max is dead.  Note the honorable Rachel trying to blue heal.


BAM Sam's dead again.  He likes trash talking in French while he is running from us.  "TKV blah blah blah LE MORONS" is in there a lot.  So, Gordon answered him back in his native tongue the last time we killed him:

Because Gordo's very concerned about maintaining good foreign relations.

Looks like 6 AA kills, 0 losses.

- Alex the Artist

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