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GTG - Guistengoihsf/iolhns
War Status: Active (again)
Current Score: TKV 42, GTG 3 (as of 2/15/2004)

This saga begins with Gordonopolis showing up in Jhelom after doing some stuff that the powers that be deemed criminal. . . but he had honorable intentions. None the less, many members of GTG attack him. After a short skirmish, Opolis falls. They loot. Opolis returns to survey the situation, and after a short conversation, a war challenge was issued. GTG acted reluctant to accept. TKV declared none the less. A short time later, GTG accepted. Gordon noticed this on a short trip to Jhelom when he saw some orange at the bank.

So, war is on.


Gordonopolis and I head out to hunt for our new found enemy. So we go to where we saw them last. The Jhelom bank. We don't see anyone at first and are contemplating our next move. This is when Jimmy Hat recalls in. We attack. He sticks around to see what he can do and does some ducking a weaving. However, we managed to take him down.

We head back up to the bank and another GTG member shows up at the bank. We attack him. He doesn't stick around. He starts running, and the first opportunity he finds, he recalls.
Again, it's to the bank. On the way, we see and hear Yerk recall into Jhelom. Unfortunately, the city guards didn't like the state he was in. I have no idea what he'd been doing, but as soon as he materialized in Jhelom, the gaurds were on him quicker than we could be. He ran a good distance before 'justice' prevailed. We have no picture of this. Wasn't our kill. But, something fun to note! So. Once again. Back to the bank. However, now the word is out and a number of GTG members come storming out from behind the bank. Now it's Opolis and I who start evading. We manage to seperate one from the herd and take him down.

The city is now crawling with about 5 GTG and we are playing it pretty cautious. Opolis scouts the bank and finds Yerk. Quickly attacking before Yerk can escape, Opolis cuts him down in one swing. Turns out he was a new res.

Didn't know. Had he known.. . he would have paused. Not our style to be the first to res kill. Well, unless they are asking for it. And we're not sure he was asking for it. Anyway, back to the story.
We do some light scouting and alot of evading. We've really stirred up the hornet's nest. They are buzzing around all over the place. As opportunities presented themselves, we'd take advantage of them. Darious came clamering through town and we attacked. With no horse, she hardly had much of a chance. But, we didn't pick her friends and we had no mercy.

The other bees swarmed in quickly after and we were back on the move. After more ducking and weaving, another opportunity came along. It was Darious again. Still no horse. But, she has heart. Still in town looking for blood. Again, we made easy work of her.

As the evening wore on into morning, we found one more opportunity. Jelly was sepperated and taken down. He put up a good fight and has good speed. At one point, he either paused to ask for help, or hit a lag pocket, because we both caught up to him and he went down.

With it being full on morning, we decided to pack it up. Long night of us two TKV taking on a variety of up to 8 GTG members came to a close.
In the end, we tallied up 5 TKV kills (not counting the two Yerk deaths) and 0 GTG kills. We'll see how they do in future battles.

- Taran


Tonights fight starts very much like last night did. Taran and Opolis heading out to the Jhelom bank to see what we could see. We didn't have to look long to know that we had our work cut out for us tonight. Heading into Jhelom, we ran into quite a few GTG and they were already in a tizzy. We didn't stick around long as there was just too many of them.
We start scouting other locations. We end up in Cove and head to the bank. It's as if they read our minds. . . lots of TGT in Cove doing some banking. We see some corpses though, and think we might have an opportunity to catch them recovering from another battle. So we jump in. Well, they were pretty ready. They were on us real quick. We were evading and I saw an opportunity. I attacked a straggler and we went at it. I got in some solid hits and just as 3 more showed up, I deliver the death blow. Opolis was in an good location to view the event. He was the one they were all chasing and hitting, so he was healing up in his secret spot.

I'm making a hasty retreat from the onslaught of new comers to Anger's and my private party. While I'm retreating, one of them stumbles upon Opolis's secret spot and he makes a break for it. He's doing well when the Internet decides it's time to give ol' GTG their first kill. He locks up to come back dead. I circle around to see what I can get off of Anger's corpse. I'm being attacked by some Bastard guy as I'm getting my stuff. I hit a couple potions off the corpse, grab his armor, and bail.

Saw incoming. With a downed partner, I take my leave of Cove plowing through a number of them at the bank on my way out.
Back at our headquarters, we take stock of the situation. We feel we are doing pretty well, and Opolis gears up, and we head back out. To where else? Jhelom. Cause that's where they seem to nest. We have to be pretty patient tonight. They seemed to be fairly organized and are traveling in packs better than we had seen. But, patient we are. And as the opportunities came along:

We took them. As expected, the cavelry was right behind, and we evaded.
Having tons of it, patience pays off again. We meet Darious once again. But HEY!! She's got a horse!! Good job. However, it's still not enough. We score this kill up near the bank with her crew bearing down on us.

We break off again amidst a storm of orange and regroup. We want one more before we call it a night. At this point, we are counting 10 different GTG members in the city of Jhelom. We are causing quite a stir. But like I said, we wanted one more. We go for it.

After a realatively short battle, we get one and scatter, weaving through a field of orange.
And it is here that we call it a night. TKV scores an additional 3 kills tonight, and GTG gets their first taste of TKV blood in this war with 1 kill.
Till we meet again.

- Taran

1/11/2004 - Star date . . blah blah blah. Opolis was busy, so Gordon and Taran are cruisin' around doing random stuff in the land of Sosaria.

Nothing major. Just stuff. When, we come across JessieOMG fighting stuff in the wild. We cruise in to take the easy kill.

That's Gordon's first war kill. Good job.

This gets us into a hunting/warring mood. So we head out to the common GTG hang outs. But, they were harder to find than evenings past. It wasn't until we scouted the city of Britain that we finally have an encounter. We find JessieOMG doing some banking. We attack and finish the job just as Doodler shows up.

We start fighting Doodler and Jimmy jumps into the fight. Lag is coming down hard on all of us at this point. Hard to keep up with reality as too often, what appears before us, isn't the way things really are. In other words, everyone was warping all over the place. Anyway, we stay focused and Jimmy goes down.

Being that JessieOMG got to res and loot himself (and then leave the city while we are fighting his friends?), I took the time to grab his weapon and reg bag before joining Gordon's attack on Doodler. Lag was getting worse. . . Doodler seemed to be less effected than us as he EASILY out ran me, and Gordon couldn't get much ground between himself and Doodler's spear. But, we're use to being the underdog and adjust our tactics. Gordon eventually gets the upper hand, and Doodler is sent off running to heal. At this point, I'm merely an observer as I simply CAN NOT keep up with anybody. This goes on for a while. Doodler is apparently abandoned by his mates. But, he sticks around trying to use his speed against us. EVENTUALLY. . . Gordon lands a good combo and the right combination of Internet packets hit the server as I was able to keep up with Doodler and land the killing blow.

While we are looting, Doodler runs up and tries to grab some of our stuff. Gordon has to chase him down and take it back.

He comes back after that. . and gets his horse and takes leave. We hang around Brit to see what comes our way. We don't wait long before we see Doodler running through town with his spear. He didn't appear to have armor on, which meant spear and some baids looking to score a lag kill. We decide "Nah" and take our leave.

A lot of time passes before we see any more GTG. Gordon saw one as he ran to the Inn to take the rest of the night off. We missed him. A little later, I saw Jimmy trying to do the same thing. I take chase and attack him as he's running through the Inn. Not gonna get away that easy. . .

So. That gives TKV another. . . (ok, there was Jessie, then Jessie again, then Jimmy, then Doodler, then Jimmy again) 5 kills, and GTG scored none. Not a bad day of justice being served. Wonder if they regret attacking Opolis in Jhelom yet. Wonder if they regret accepting our war challenge. Probably not yet. It generally takes them a while before they realize what's going on.

- Taran

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1/15/2004 - After a short break from the action, Taran and Gordon head out once again to rid the land of GTG.

They are scouting the usual places when they come across Jimmy Hat in Jhelom. You know. . . that place they claim we never visit. . . anyway, there he was, and here he is:

The hunt continues and we find Doodler in Brit. The fighting goes on for a bit. We had him on the run for the most part. But he got a couple good hits in on Gordon. In the end, only one of the three of us fell. Guess who.

We continue the hunt. And once again, we see GTG in Jhelom. It was Doodler again. He said something about not being prepared, but the long spear he was carrying told a different story. After a bit of chasing, he got away. So, back to hunting. A short while later, Gordon runs into Korak. Now Korak is someone that doesn't think much of us. Often publicly speaks out about how bad at PvP we are. We're not a real guild. We are afraid to go to Jhelom. Etc. So, imagine our surprise when he runs from Gordon, and logs out on the steps of his house. Korak, the all mighty PvPer, runs home to hide, from one, no skill TKV member (using his words). Ah well. We'll eventually get him.
Back to the hunt. We see Doodler here and there. He'd stick around for a hit or two, then bail. Couldn't manage to get him. At one point, as he's moongating away from me, he says "brb for a 2v2", and then he's gone. Hmmm. Ok. We'll wait for you here. Back to the bank.
While waiting for Doodler and his date, Korak comes back to the bank. Gordon and I attack him and after a few seconds. . . .

The mighty has fallen. Whatever. . . he had crap for loot and was an easy kill. After all the trash talk he's been spewing on the message board, we decided that his orange horse was a valid war target as well. It went down ALMOST as easy as he did.
It was only a matter of minutes before Doodler and his companion showed up. Old Bastard was the mystery mate. The fight was on. It rolled through the streets of Jhelom like. . . something that rolls through streets. Anyway, the fighting was all over the place. The fist casualty was on the side of GTG. And that only left one out of their 2v2. And it wasn't long after Bastard fell that Doodler took his fall.

While heading back to the bank, and having a short conversation with a newly ressed Doodler about lag and the fight, Korak runs up and attacks Gordon. We assumed he was a new res, and didn't attack. He had no horse, was in a deathrobe, etc. But when I saw the skirmish break out, I quickly joined. Of course he went down again, katana still in his dead hands.

So, the big bad expert PvPer that is Korak. . . zombies. Good to know. That makes him a res kill candidate so that he can't grab his baids and kat and jump back into the fight. Bad example for a guildmaster to set when the rest of his guild has acted so much more intelligent.
It was at this point that we decided they'd had enough. We just didn't think they'd be back. So, we took our leave to start throwing away some more bone armor. NPC vendor bought plate and bone armor? Come on guys. . . .

Oh ya. That's another 6 kills for TKV (including at least one self proclaim 'real' member of GTG) and none for GTG.

- Taran

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1/16/2004 - Wow. What a night. We head out to find some GTG to kill, and find some here and there.

Most of the fighting took place in Jhelom. They tried to put up a fight, but just couldn't. We started res killing Yerk as all he was doing was ressing, grabbing bandages and a cheap spear and wacking on us. So, we camped the healers and just kept wacking him. Over all, I just don't remember all the details of the night, so, no play by play description this time. However, we of course have pictures and many highlights to cover. So, here they are, in no particular order.

Saddam didn't stick around long, so we weren't ever able to get a kill shot of him.

That's Deo, their blue healer. Not sure why he's way down there. Didn't catch the name of the GTG member coming up from below, but I think it's Yerk based on the robe's color.

See what I mean about the color of Yerk's robe? Oh. And notice how it's a 3 on 2 AND they have a blue healer? Now granted, they are zombi'ing at this point, making them easier to kill. . . but still.

Here we have a 2v2 with a 3rd GTG member entering the scene AND they have their inept blue healer. I'd fire him if I were them. Not very good.

Based on the last two kills. . . looks like someone needs more breast pieces.

Make that new . . . all pieces.

This is a shot of me preventing the zombi'ing. He's talking about going someplace else to res. I told him that was a good idea. He wasn't welcome in Jhelom any more. Oh. . . and please note my haxorizationismized 'see hidden' arrow. I hacked my client with the Traxor skill.

Ummm. You need skill for that. Sorry.

This was actually one of the first things we saw when we got to Jhelom. A blue Jelly doing some banking. We felt the end was near.

This was their blue healer. He wasn't very good as we still scored many kills. They can't even do that right. . . .

And after a quick trip out of town, we come back to this. The war started on the 8th, and ended on the 17th. 9 total days. But only 5 days of fighting. So unbeatable. They are gonna really 'own' this server.

Over all, I rate GTG a D-. They get such a low score for calling us cheaters. It's too bad they can't just realize that we are better than them. Take out the cheating accusations, and I would have thrown a B- at them. They have numbers. A few of their members have determination. Very little trash talk. Some organization. If they would get rid of the zombi'ing and get some better equipment and of course their GM, their grade could get even higher. But the cheating thing. As I've said before (in other forums), there's just no words. You guys have a long way to go before you can hang on this, or any other server. But, I do see potential. To guilds out there considering getting into the PvP scene, this would be a good guild to start out on. That is, if you can deal with being called a cheater. You would learn a lot about what needs to be done in battle, without taking heavy losses, or simply not having a chance. They have numbers and speed, so you will be challenged there. Once you can figure out how to work around that, you'll knock 'em down pretty easily, and you'll be ready to move on to a better guild.

So, in closing, this war ended with 1 TKV death, and 25+ GTG deaths. 25:1 kill ratio. Not bad. However, it's not saying much considering it was GTG.

That is all for now. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me!

- Taran

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1/31/2004 -   Hostilities renewed.

(Due to the Vindication GM's hectic real-life schedule, I'm making this update in order to just get it done. - GORDON)

About an hour after the war ended, we started slamming Korac and crew on the Metro forums.  Apparently we struck a nerve, because he re-declared on TKV within a couple hours, if I recall correctly.

He accused us of cheating, called us every name he tiny brain could think of, and said he "regretted wasting his guild's time on us."  And yet he still wants to war us.  We had better things to do at the time, and told him to stick his declaration up his ass and be silent in his disgraced defeat.

Then one night we realized TBF had left the server, no reds were around, and we got bored.  So we went ahead and accepted their declaration for war so we'd have something to do.

Our strike was swift and severe.

Almost immediately we found Anger.  Alex and I held him paralyzed while waiting for our new girl to show up... she gets mad when we hog all the kills.  We held him still while she wacked on him.  When he attempted to recall, I ebolted him.

We followed him to the healers to see what he'd do.  Eowyn got a little overzealous and she res wacked him a time or two.  She got such a talking-to for that! ;-)  After a couple minutes, we notice...

He's blue.  He gave up.  The mighty bonds of GTG were broken, in him.  I followed him back to the bank...

And I try to be as gracious a winner as I can, hehehe.  Turns out he was pretty disgruntled under Korac's protection.


Turns out "Anger" was a good name for him.

Anyhoo, we continued hunting.

Apparently word reached Korac that it was GAME ON again with TKV, and he came running in to die.

He immediately logged off, and we haven't seen him since.  Yes, Korac is the GM.

A bit later, word reaches us that JessieOMG is in Del.  Alex is the first to arrive, and Jessie dies before anybody else even gets there.

I thought he was rude for hogging the kill, and told him so:


Alex goes on to say that he wasn't much of a challenge.


I chastised Alex for being rude.

Apparently JessieOMG couldn't stand the thought of us fighting over who gets to kill him next time...

So no more Jessie, apparently.

And that was all the GTG we found that night.  Looks like 3 GTG kills, no deaths.  Two GTG resignations.


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2/4/2004 -   Unknown at this time....

(Due to the Vindication GM's hectic real-life schedule, I'm making this update in order to just get it done. - GORDON)

I think something happened around this date, but I wasn't there and I haven't gotten any info or pics or stories yet.  This will be updated as info becomes available.

Update (2/12/2004):  Just received an email about what happened this night... to the best of their recollection.  From Alex Artist:

"I don't remember details. But, I do remember seeing Art in Del and killing him as he tried to run away.  He had a bow equipped, but no arrows in his pack.

There is also a Korac kill in Del. Not sure when or anything like that though. Not sure if the guy standing there was healing either.

The Grando pic in Jhelom is me vs both of them. 1v2.  Grand died as he tried to run away.

There was a healer at some point, but I don't remember if that was the same night. :-)

We were fighting both grando and art 2v2 all over Jhel. We got grando, but I wasn't on screen when he went down. Jav was able to continue the pursuit, and got the death blow. I wasn't there. Art came up to help, too late, and we took him down.

I'm almost positive they got me at one point, not sure about Jav though. I might have that confused with another night where they had a bunch of people at their house. That healer pic may have come from that fight/night."


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2/6/2004 -   GTG = Rares.

(Due to the Vindication GM's hectic real-life schedule, I'm making this update in order to just get it done. - GORDON)

Slow night.  I first saw Grandos in Jhel, and traded a few spells with him, and he recalled.  Fifteen minutes later I saw him in Brit, and he recalled before I got my first spell off.  A couple hours later, we caught him in Brit and kept him from recalling, this time.

One to nothing for the night.


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2/12/2004 -   Holy crap, I found one.

(Due to the Vindication GM's hectic real-life schedule, I'm making this update in order to just get it done. - GORDON)

Here's one from a few nights ago that fell through the cracks.  Not much story behind it, beyond that he tried teleporter hopping.

Yesterday I was wandering around doing some random things, and I found Zer sitting in the woods doing nothing.  He just stood there as I killed him.  

"Excellent," I thought.  "He either crashed, or if he was really stupid he went afk without hiding himself."

A few minutes later, I start getting pm's from Zer.

The dumbass has a character on that is not only in the Order/Chaos wars (if I recall correctly), but he's in at least one guildwar, and he goes afk without taking steps to secure himself.

Which would be fine if he hadn't whined about it.  I wouldn't be proving his dumbassedness if he had just kept his silence.

But no.


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2/13/2004 -   Another victim of the false security provided by GTG.

(Due to the Vindication GM's hectic real-life schedule, I'm making this update in order to just get it done. - GORDON)

Alex found a lone orange in Jhelom, and took him out.  He said he felt bad because the guy obviously wasn't ready for pvp.  Why GTG puts these people on their rolls, I'll never know.

He dropped so easy, Alex said he didn't even loot... except for the guy's magic sleeves.


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2/15/2004 -   An actual big night with GTG.

(Due to the Vindication GM's hectic real-life schedule, I'm making this update in order to just get it done. - GORDON)

Fighting with GTG took place over a lot of the evening, so I may mix up some of the events, here.  Lots of engagements, 10 kills, and even... yes... a GORDON kill.  Lots to try and keep straight.

If memory serves, two of us found Doodler in Brit, and gave chase.  Instead of recalling immediately he screwed around a lot, making us chase him in town, out of town, through the Brit sewers, etcetera.  In the end he just recalls anyway.

A little later, Doodler is back, with friends.  We see Doodler, YeOldeBastard, and Arturus.  We engage.

2v3, advantage GTG

(I'm not using this as an excuse, but lag was sucking tonight.  No spikes so much as just slow to move, and stuff like that.  It seemed to be the same for everyone.  If it was just TKV having the lag, we wouldn't have fought at all.)

I am the first person to drop.  I heard someone getting hit with a spear, but my health bar read normal... I thought Alex was getting hit.  Then my health bar status caught up, I was all red, then I was dead.  About one second later, Doodler drops right beside me.

Alex Artists's screenshot.

Alex now has Arturus and Bastard hammering him, so he had to go evasive.  He had no chance to loot anybody.

I'm now in a race with Doodler to the healer.  I know if he resses and gets back first, he only has to pick up a spear and I'm a res kill.  If I get back first, I need to pick up all those damned regs before I can do anything.  I figure I'm screwed.

Good ol' Alex runs interference for me... he manages to pretty much keep them off my corpse, and also keeps Doodler busy for a bit.  I manage to get back, get my horse, and loot all my armor, half my regs, and one heal potion.  Not too bad.

All three are now around me, I'm hidden a square away with 20 health, and Alex is away recovering mana.  They start moving one way, I move another to get some distance, heal up, etc.

Doodler saw me.

Now begins the longest I've been chased in years.  We went all over the countryside outside of Brit.  He had a regular exceptional long spear, but EVER SINGLE TIME I stopped to heal, or recall, or anything, he whacked and disrupted me.  Out of 25 or 30 swings of that spear, he never missed me once.  I was 0wn3d by the random number generator, I guess.  I spent that entire chase within one good hit of death.  No heal potions, unable to stop and get a heal off, and lag to boot.

At one point Alex tried coming to my aid, but a bunch or red buttholes decided to take up station outside the bridge to the city, and he had to take the long way around.  Alex finally arrives, and I'm able to recover myself.  Low on regs and gear, the fight continues on, and the five of us end up back in Brit.

Arturus is a spoiler with a bow, and we make him our first target.  We manage to drop him, but again with Doodler and Bastard beating the shit out of us, we have to go evasive and can't loot.

Fighting rages on.

Now, my memory gets a little fuzzy at this point... before we manage to kill another one of them, Arturus is ressed and reequipped and back in the fight, and it's 2v3 all over again.  Both Alex and I were redlined more than once, but squeaked out escapes.  We manage to drop Arturus yet again, and this time Alex has the presence of mind to loot his bow, even though we're still getting hammered.  

This takes Arturus out of the fight a little longer this time, and we were able to turn the tide of the battle.  Details at this point... I'm not even going to bother.  Killing, ressing, zombieing.  I've edited out res kills and duplicates images.



Eventually we had enough of them dead at the same time that they decided any other charges were useless, and TKV held the field of battle.

Later that evening we were still online and hunting.  I see "Sir Dire" in Jhelom, but he's blue.  I follow him through the Jhelom teleporter... he's heading for the GTG guildstone.

I get there, and whaddayaknow... GTG GM Korak is inside the house putting Sir Dire on the GTG guildstone.  I'm now outside of their house looking at two orange GTG.  Uh oh.

KORAK LOGS OFF.   Holy shit.  Holy, holy, holy shit.

Now it's just me and orange Sir Dire.  He says, and this is a quote, "dual?"

I guess that means he wanted 2 of us, so Alex Artist shows up and we gank the hell out of Dire.  Misspellings get you killed.

A little bit later we found him at our bank reequipping, so we killed him again.

There was actually 2 of them at this point, but I can't remember who it was anymore.  You can see him in that pic.

Final score is 1 GORDON kill, and it looks like 10 GTG deaths.  And 1 scared Korak.


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