Run Hide Fight (2020)

As long as we recognize Lucas is washed up and most TV sucks, we'll all get along fine.
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Run Hide Fight (2020)

Post by GORDON »

This movie pisses me off a little because I had a story in mind where there's a school shooting situation, and the shooters didn't know one of the kids inside was the child of a really deadly military guy who raised his kids well.

So this is that.

It's not bad. I appreciate the character motivations, for the most part, whether justified or not. They're kids exposed to the firehose of back alley danger, disease, and corruption, through social media. They're all fucked up.

Pretty tense. It doesn't pull punches, high school kids get executed frequently.
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Run Hide Fight (2020)

Post by Leisher »

It was fine. You can tell it's one of the first films from the production company. It was clearly made on the cheap, but pulled some decent performances from no name actors.

-The explosions were practical, not CGI, but they were clearly designed to not do damage.
-The Thomas Jane moment was a bit of movie magic, but a nod to the military, so I'll allow it.
-Could they have found a less obviously gay actor to play the best friend? I thought he did a good job, but he wasn't fooling anyone. On that note, there was a lot of diversity in the cast. Gay, minority, obese, not attractive, and so on. I have to admit that the cast looked real.
-I even enjoyed the overall plan of the villains. It made sense, although the director wasn't able to convey the sense of scale. In fact, he didn't do a great job of conveying location at all, except for the bathroom-cafeteria area, but even that took a moment. Did we ever even see an exterior shot of the school? That would have helped a lot.
-The dude with the shotgun needed to be shown reloading more often. That's a two shot shotgun. I do love his character arc though because it genuinely made sense and the director showed us the steps.

Again, it's fine. Very obviously low budget, but competently made.
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