Dual (2022)

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Dual (2022)

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Karen Gillan stars as a woman who is terminally ill. In this world a terminal person can have a clone created to take their place once they are gone. They basically live with the clone for 6 months so it learns everything about them. However, in some cases the terminal patient makes it. In these cases the clone is destroyed, but if it has lived long enough to create its own life, then it has the option to ask for a duel with the original. The winner gets the life.

A thought provoking film, obviously due to the subject matter, but also regarding its take on the human condition and with how it ends. I will do a spoiler tag down below and I highly recommend you do not click it if you plan to see the movie.

It's weird, I should have been bored by this film, but Gillan's odd portrayal of Sarah, and Sarah-Double, is somehow captivating. To say she's strange is an understatement. She's almost alien. I honestly believe she was more human and had a wider range of emotions playing Nebula.

There are a few notes of black comedy sprinkled throughout. They're not a distraction, but just humorous enough to lighten the mood and inject some energy.

This film takes me back to the days before streaming when movies still made money, and thus, studios could make original stories.

I recommend it. Good movie.

So who do you think it was at the end? Some think Sarah survived and the end was her realizing that she fought to survive just to live in hell. However, others think it was indeed the double, which I think the film tried to make obvious (too obvious?) and the end is her breaking down realizing her life is shit. That would be a perfect circle from the start of the film to the end.

Best part of the movie is Sarah-double's speech. That is one of the dark comedy moments and I legit laughed.
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