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TBF - The Brown Family
War Status: TKV Victory
Current Score: TKV 14, TBF 2 (Final score.  7:1 kill/death ratio)

Ok, animosity began when Fuman Brown, TBF, attacked Eowyn (friend of TKV, and later a TKV member) while she was gathering hides out in the wilderness.  He hit hard with hally and poison, and she had to go evasive.  She called for reinforcements, and it took GORDON about 4 minutes to get to her position.  GORDON stayed a couple screens off and sent Eowyn out as bait… which Fuman took and he again attacked her, again flagging himself a criminal.  GORDON went in with guns blazing, and Fuman immediately went evasive, recalling away from GORDON within 90 seconds. 

A few minutes later at Del bank, Fuman says “haha” to and  starts suggesting that GORDON and Eowyn don’t have enough skill to take him.  He suggested we leave town to fight, which we thought was a good idea, and we accepted his challenge… which is when he changed his mind.  Long story short, he was mouthy and rude, so TKV issued the challenge to go to war.  They accepted.


1/21/2004 -   The first day of this war ended with two kills and no losses.

(Due to the Vindication GM's hectic real-life schedule, I'm making this update in order to just get it done. - GORDON)

About an hour after the war started, Eowyn found Vlad by accident at Del bank.  She hid and called the rest of the guild.  She was advised to wait for reinforcements, as we didn’t know enemy numbers or disposition at this point.  GORDON showed up, and battle ensued on my signal… my signal being an explosion going off on the orange guy. 

He was evasive from the start, and at one point attempted to take Eowyn, but I showed up 10 seconds later and finished the kill that she started. 

His horse was an unfortunate casualty. 

Went back to the bank after two minutes, and immediately found Lupin Brown.  We were all lagging, but I could tell he was lagging worse.  He couldn’t get away from the TKV mage, and went down fast. 

I could tell he was REALLY laggy while I was killing him.

Both of these Browns went down without trash talk… it’s unfortunate Fuman had to get them into this mess.


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1/22/2004 -   TBF draws first blood, but pays for it four times over.

(Due to the Vindication GM's hectic real-life schedule, I'm making this update in order to just get it done. - GORDON)

GORDON and Eowyn are camping Del.  Blue “Opie Brown” is there, but hasn’t moved in awhile.  Eowyn is bouncing between cities trying to find them… when on my screen at the Del bank GORDON see’s orange “Rand.”  I tell Eowyn, and she starts heading back to Del.  About 15 seconds later she finally gets there and we attack Rand, when 3 more oranges come out of nowhere.  We’re targeting Rand, they are all targeting Eowyn.  Eowyn drops under blades and spells, and Rand sticks around too long and falls to GORDON’s ebolt.  Otis and Fuman are on me, and I go evasive and can loot neither Rand nor Eowyn.  Eowyn’s ghost notices another Brown (she thinks it was Lupin Brown) standing over her corpse looting.

Eowyn dropped first, and Rand about two seconds after.  I'm not sure why he dropped naked... the picture was captured the instant he died.  And he'd just gotten done killing Eowyn.

GORDON ducks and weaves, and manages to get Fuman alone, where Fuman dies.


Later GORDON and Eowyn find Fuman Brown hiding near the bank, and we reveal and attack.  He managed to not fizzle his 3rd attempt at recall, and he escapes. 

Later still GORDON meets Rand 1v1, and they go at it for awhile.  Rand is a pre-casting hally wacker, and every time he lands a hit he’s smacking GORDON for 80-90 points.  Every time GORDON gets Rand in the red, Rand runs off to heal, hit magic reflect, precast ebolt, and comes back.  GORDON was smelling stalemate, so he bugged out waiting for better circumstances. 

I helped Eowyn get out of Del to reequip, and we took a break for awhile.

I got bored.

Went to Del, saw Lupin and hid.  He saw me, but not where I was… I was getting ready to attack when Vlad recalls in.  

Lupin says, “I saw orange” and scouts around Del, and Vlad hid against the bank.  I recall to a different spot in Del.  I see Vlad alone and attack.  He dies.  

I see Lupin alone and attack.  He dies.


Score for tonight thus far is 4 TKV kills, 1 death.


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1/26/2004 -   The infamous 2v3 and a blue healer.

(Due to the Vindication GM's hectic real-life schedule, I'm making this update in order to just get it done. - GORDON)

Earlier this day Alex the Artist is out hunting solo, finds three TBF, and dies to them.  He was ridiculed by TKV for being such a newb... TKV routinely evades surprise 3v1 encounters. :-)  My guess is that he was trying to fight anyway, attempting to split them up.  Alex is like that.

A few hours later, Alex the Artist and GORDON are hunting.  I am camping Delucia, and Alex is out and about scouting... when I spot Rand, Otis Brown, and Fuman Brown breeze into town near the bank.  The call goes out to Alex, a target is chosen, and in spite of being outnumbered 3 to 2, we attack.  Otis was our first target, as we didn't yet have a kill shot of him, yet.


After much ducking and weaving, Otis slipped his mortal coil.

You can see Alex and Rand still tangling just off-screen.

Precasting-hally-whacking Rand was next in our target package.  Rand was kept alive by a blue-healing Pancho Villa, of >H< guild.  Pancho also extended Otis's life by a few seconds, but he was better at keeping Rand alive.  Rand avoided at least two killing blows by a timely Greater Heal from Pancho.

So, we tripped up the bad guys, and switched targets.

New res Otis just in time to see Fuman fall.

Pancho was still covering the evading Rand, and wasn't able to cover Fuman, as well.  We were STILL chasing Rand when Otis grabbed a few regs and a hally out of the bank and started attacking us again.  And we were still chasing both of them when we saw Fuman at the bank about to rejoin the fight... so we took him out again.

We were called res killers, but screw that.  We were fighting superior numbers with a blue healer and zombies.  Good thing we are the superior players.

Three kills, one loss for the night.


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1/27/2004 - TBF Loses their Delucia Privileges.

(Due to the Vindication GM's hectic real-life schedule, I'm making this update in order to just get it done. - GORDON)

Due to weather canceling real-life obligations, the killers of TKV were able to go hunting.

We camped, and we searched, but the only Brown sign in sight was a blue Opie Brown macroing in Del.  FYI, Opie Brown is Otis Brown's blue character.

We hunted at least three hours before word reached us that some Browns were spotted in the Moonglow bank.  GORDON recalled in and found a dead Rand, which I found odd until I heard they were doing the Order/Chaos wars.  That additionally struck me as odd because TBF doesn't seem to have the skill to survive Order/Chaos... which I guess explains the dead Rand.  At any rate, I find Otis and Rand inside the bank, and they recall away before I can even get inside to see if they're equipped.

A few minutes later I notice one of those annoying in-game private messages from Fuman Brown, asking me why I'm ignoring him.  That was the first message of his I'd noticed.  I thought a moment, and asked Alex Artist if he had time to scout Del for Fuman.  Alex did, found Fuman, TKV showed up, and we made an easy kill.

I'll be the first to admit there was 2 or 3 TKV there.  Welcome to guildwar.  We don't 1v1 if we can help it.

We scouted Del awhile, but it was empty of oranges again.  We posted a guard, and returned to scouting different areas.

Not long after, the alarm goes off when 2 TBF run into Delucia, Rand and Otis.  Our arrival was horribly amateurish... Eowyn showed up first, and got beaten back barely escaping with her life.  I showed up, and got beaten back barely escaping with my life.  TKV hasn't been that sloppy in years.  We pulled back, Alex arrived, we formed up, and stormed Del properly.

Lag was ridiculous.  We were laggy, they were laggy, everyone was laggy as we chased them out of town and they recalled out.  No kills for either side that go around.

About now, Fuman Brown shows up at the bank as a new res.  He starts yapping at me.  I tell him that if he equips, I was going to kill him again.  He equips his blessed Order shield and starts taunting me, "Look, I'm equipped!"  But, I'm not a newb... I just keep watching him.

All of a sudden he heals from half health to full.  He has equipped bandages.  I attack and kill, and find a pouch with 2 root in it... odd.  He resses and comes back to the bank, and starts trash talking me... "I didn't have anything!  I didn't equip!  You are sad!"  You see, I didn't tell him he couldn't equip anything except a bag of 2 root... I told him he couldn't equip, period.  I told him at this point that if he kept trash talking me that I was going to revoke his Delucia privileges... that means no ressing and no banking or anything else while TKV is around.

He trash talked me.

I revoked his Del privileges.

Alex and I spent a long while after this res killing Fuman over and over at the healers.  I told him we'd never stop... and I meant it.  I told him how to walk to the healers in Trinsic... he didn't understand.  He just kept ressing over and over, and getting killed over and over.  I mentioned to Alex that we should expect his backup at any time... and I was right.

Rand recalls into the bank, and we attack.  He hauls ass but doesn't even get past the healers before he goes down.

It was at this point he starts sending me in-game messages, which I really find annoying.  He blames lag, etc.  Never crosses his mind he ran into 2 of us while he was all alone... nah... lag has to be the reason he died.  

Yeah, I feel lucky.

Fuman tried to res and run to the bank at this point, and he was smacked back down.

A few minutes pass... and all of a sudden Rand is back fully equipped, and he's brought Otis.  We are finally busy enough that we don't have time to baby-sit Fuman, and he manages to res and start reequipping.  We targeted Otis first, as we did not yet have a kill pic of him for the evening.

It takes us awhile to take him... lag was sucking hard for us.  After not too long, Fuman is even back in the fight.  Just as Fuman rejoins the fighting, Otis drops.

You can see all 3 of them in that picture.

Rand is still running hard to and fro.  We decide to stop his running by para'ing him until he's out of pouches... it seems he only had 7 of them.  He drops again.

By now Fuman is nowhere to be found in UO, but he is on the Metro forum talking the trash.  In fact, all of them are on the forum now calling us cheaters, because they had so much lag during the fighting.

The fighting that was occurring during that stupid monster spawn in Scara Brae... you know, when the entire server was lagging.  But they decide to call us cheaters.


Anyway, Fuman is on the boards claiming we can't pvp. etc.  He challenges us all to 1v1's, in spite of the fact that I've killed him 1v1 at least 3 times in under 30 seconds.

But Alex hasn't yet, so he goes to Del and kills him 1v1 in about 20 seconds.

And that ends the fighting for the night.  5 kills for TKV, 0 for TBF.


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5/12/2004 - They lose.

This announcement is a long time coming, but TBF jumped shards and their assets on Metro have decayed.  Word reached us from a blue friend of their that they left because "TKV are a bunch of cheating faggits. (sic)"


- Alex the Artist

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