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MOB - "Money Over Bitches"
Yes, seriously.

War Status: Active
Current Score: TKV 2, MOB 0 (as of 7/18/2004)

Yes, their guild name is "Money Over Bitches."  As GORDON said, he is forced to assume that it's because no "bitches" will have them.

The one member of this guild we've had any meaningful contact in the past is "MzSlut."  She's one of those people who never really sticks in your mind... she walks up to us and we ask each other if we like her or not, but nobody can remember.  Going through the Razor archives today, I can see we've fought her on more than one occasion in the past.  Now that she's orange, unfortunately for her, we'll no longer be overlooking her.

Last night the reds got organized and were at the Brit graveyard in force.  At one point we managed to drop Doggin Bullets off his nightmare and onto his ass, and GORDON was going for the mount kill, making himself gray.  MzSlut and her guild mate "Rancid" decide to break off of the reds, and hit the gray (from attacking DB's nightmare) GORDON.  We'd been fighting for awhile up to that point, and both GORDON and I were light on supplies.  GORDON told me he was out of heal potions before we even dropped DB.

There were still more reds than there were blues around, so GORDON moved out of the area a bit to give us a clear field to see what was up with Slut and Stinky... err, I mean Rancid.

They were both on GORDON, so I jumped in with a heal or two, and eventually went offensive on them.  We had just managed to drop Slut when about 3 seconds later Rancid got the precast-hally-wack and dropped an already hurting GORDON.

I went back and forth with Rancid for quite a while until eventually I was out of regs, and I peeled off to reequip... and to declare war on these yahoos.

GORDON was inside their HQ checking the place out... he had just started recalling out when orange Slut and Rancid showed up.  We'd never even seen the message stating they accepted the war.

7/18/2004 -   Opening salvos.

We declared on them, they accepted.  

We went to their HQ looking for them, found them, and killed them.

I hope there's more in their guild than just those two.

- Alex the Artist

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