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3*K - "Three Stars Killahs"
War Status: Active
Current Score: TKV 3, 3*K 0 (as of 7/18/2004)

Relatively new to the server, the 3*K crew have never really gone out of their way to be friendly to us, at times being overtly hostile.

"Monk Stylin'" has often been seen blue healing and scouting for the murderer "Monk the Skunk," and the crew with which he runs.  He has on more than once attempted to PK members of TKV, and our friends.

He didn't see me hidden next to him when he attacked my guild mate.  I don't recall if Monk survived this encounter... but you can be sure he wasn't offensive beyond that initial combo.

There's also at least one murderer in their guild, one "renois."  And you know how we hate murderers.

What really flamed up the hostility level was when they were randomly opening a gate from the patio of their forge-style house to a spot between the wall of the Brit graveyard and that newer vendor house, there.  The gate is all but invisible.  In a display of the worse luck ever, TKV member Eowyn just happened to be walking through that pass when the gate opened.  She was gated to their patio, they dispelled the gate behind her, and "Mr. Claxtown" and "renoise" proceeded to pk her.

Game on.

I don't expect these people to last long.

7/18/2004 -   Opening salvos.

They declared on us, we accepted.  We first saw one of them orange when GORDON and I were messing with 3 reds in Bucs.  Suddenly there was Clax with them... we weren't sure if the reds would be jumping him, or helping him.  We prepared a charge and found Clax gray... we assume he was healing reds, because they sure as hell weren't fighting each other.

As I recall we were able to loot most of him before the reds came back in force, sending us evasive.

A few minutes later, a gate opened up in Buc's.  GORDON went ahead and went through it... he has a bit more evasion skill than Eowyn, god love her.  The gate must have been for Clax's ghost, because it went directly to their guild house.  At war for like 5 seconds, and we find their HQ.  Got to love it.

Three there, Monk, renois, and Clax.  they get themselves together for a few minutes, and come out to fight.

They're pretty good at not letting themselves get separated, and they're fast with the crosshealing.  But neither good nor fast enough:

Monk was the only one to escape.

A few minutes later, I disrupted their res party.  They were all logged out soon after.

They have enthusiasm, but like everyone else, they have no idea what they got themselves into with TKV.  The people on the Metro forums really do the newbs a disservice with all the "TKV sux lol" stuff.... the poor newbs actually believe it.

- Alex the Artist

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