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R@B - Royal Army of Britannia
War Status: TKV Victory
Current Score: TKV 33, R@B 7 (as of 8/11/2002)

We've always been about killing griefers. And sometimes, PK's fit the description of a griefer. Now, we are all about having PK's in the game, and miss their numbers. But, none the less, PK's ARE the bad guys, and we do fight them. But, we don't war them. We don't fight them as if they were griefers. We fight them with the thought that they are one of a dying breed in UO, and give them points for going the hard road. R@B has PK's. But they are the griefing kind. The kind that kill based on opportunity. Not for the challenge. They house hide. They. . . they do alot of things you'd see griefers do. We don't like them. And they don't like us. They hunt in our yard, and attack others that try to hunt there. And well, that's enough for us to jump in and help those that can't help themselves. Oh ya, they also declared on us. They declared on us a while ago. Either just before, or just after we went on our leave of absence. We came back to the game with a standing declaration by RAB. We got ourselves up to speed, and saw that RAB had dissolved, undeclared, and became R@B. So, we declared on R@B. They accepted a day later, and the war begins. We don't like them in our yard, and we don't like their opportunistic killing style. So, we give R@B something to do, other than bother other people in our world.

8/4/2002 - We gate to Buc's to find some thieves to pound on, and we find two orange instead!!

So, we head out to Buc's Den to find some thieves to kill to keep ourselves busy. When we get there, we find Ruby Tuesday and GasNapalm. We target RT and she tries to do some evading. She gets tripped up on some terrain and goes down.

I don't think she ever got a shot off. From here, we turn our attention to Gas and hit him with stuff. He died.

We saw Jimmy Buffet running around a couple times. Didn't stick around long to fight though. In and out of Buc's a few times. Then, one point, someone reveals on the moongate, and there he stands. So we open up on him. He leaves the gate, does some ducking and weaving, but ends up face down trying to make an escape.

We don't see any more R@B for the rest of the night.

Welcome to the war, folks.

- Taran

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8/5/2002 - We do some scouting, and find R@B hanging out at their house. After seeing LOW wipe them all out, we wait a little while, and then take our turn.

We start our scouting this night strictly looking for R@B. We find them at their small tower in Yew. There were 3 (maybe more, didn't see) at the first sighting. I saw them cast, but didn't stick around to see what they wanted to do with that. . . . Continued to scout here and there waiting for an opportunity to cause some trouble. Javalin was in and out during this time as well. Basically, keeping their guard up at this point. At one point, during a scouting mission, I see LOW laying some hard smack down on R@B. R@B were all hiding in their house and LOW still got them all. LOW started ressing the dead R@Bs. I see Ruby say "Good show" or some such thing. Hmmmm. LOW and R@B both clear out, and I do the same. Not too much later, TKV starts their attack. Well, it's not much of an attack if R@B stays inside for the most part. But, we make due with what we have and start doing our jobs. Now, with all the killing that went on, the follow shots were taken, but probably not in this order.

I'm not sure who the gentleman in gold is, but he's obviously a fan.

A well placed energy field keeps your enemy within range. The blue healer on the inside couldn't even save his friend. At some time during the fighting, Ruby let me (Alex) know that I was a 'newb' or something. You know. Vocalizing her dislike of me. That's ok. I don't need morons to like me.

Here we see their blue healer getting dead. I think he tried to save someone's loot or something. Oops.

I'm not sure what is sad. But then, I don't care either. Chalk up another for TKV.

Blue healers beware. You WILL be attacked if you go grey.

This was scored after a really long chase all through out the Yew country side. We had to para her out of pouches so that she would hold still long enough for us to get her. After we para'd her the last time, where she didn't have any more pouches. She smiled at us. Then she went down. She then revealed herself as a ghost. Perhaps hoping for a res so she could hop on the ethy and ride off to the bank. Or perhaps to hit a rune in her rune book. But, being the 'newb' that I am, I walked away. Gordon has no love for R@B and walks away as well. Note to Ruby: . . . oh, never mind. I don't need her to get it.

There was another blue healer that may or may not be in the pictures above. But, he was there. Name was Docta Dolittle. After someone bola'd him off his nightmare, and I helped Snake kill it, he decided the best way to get revenge would be to make himself orange to TKV. I love it when morons think that way. Wonder how long he'll stay orange to us.

And last, but not least:

And that ends the kill shots for this day, August 5th. So, as we can all see, that makes a total of 12 R@B kills. Now, one might argue that Dragon Lance isn't really R@B. But, when he heals them, hides in their house, attacks us if we step up on the steps of the house, loots them and us, etc, well, then, he's R@B. Guilt by association, I say.

And like I just said, yes, we were looted as well. In all the action, R@B did manage to score 3 kills on us. Two were scored on GoT. Poor guy dropped at one point, and they got him. But, a kill is a kill. (Second time, he wasn't paying attention. But, I won't mention it cause I don't want him to feel bad ;-] )The 3rd kill that R@B scored was on Gordon. A rare occasion. One that R@B should savor.

So, at the end of day two of the R@B/TKV war, we have a score of TKV - 15, R@B - 3. We're gonna have to work on that ratio a bit, I think.

- Taran

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8/9/2002 - This is an update for the last few days. In summary, we are doing well, and they aren't.

I'm told that Javelin and God of Thunder went hunting on the 7th. They reported that they scored 3 kills, and suffered one loss. GoT was awarded MVP that night with a performance that lived up to his name. Unfortunately, I have not received the pictures from that evening. But will share them as soon as I get them!

On the 9th, Gordon and Alex (that's me) started the evening out. We ran into some bad guys in their house in Yew. We started fighting and we did some killing. They ended up with a total of three members at their house about the time we had to leave to get some equipment. Javelin joined our group, but I had to take a short break. During my absence, Gordon and Javelin both died. The score for the evening was tied at 2 kills on each side. Jav and Gordon were workin' the bad guys when I rejoined the fighting. As the evening went on, we scored 7 more kills with them coming up empty handed. We even made one of them go blue. I guess he's had enough.

Hasn't even been a week, and Gas has had enough. We had the rest of R@B on as their blue characters before the night was over. They'd had enough too. They weren't ready to quit, but, they'd had enough. Welcome to war, TKV style.

- Taran

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8/11/2002 - Things were going so well, till they surrendered. They even scored a kill last night!!

Gordon started the fighting on the 10th doing some lone scouting. Came across an R@B member here and there. . . and killed them. Found Ruby in her house.

And found Skrylox and got him at one of their houses.

Then he and someone else chased Skry down again, and he died again.

I hooked up with him a bit later, and we went a huntin' again. Came across Ruby and Gas in their house. However, Gas was still blue from his giving up the previous night. He did go grey however, and after Ruby mumbled something (from her house no less) about being afraid of a 2 on 2, the fighting began. I think she was assuming we hadn't attacked Gas, which we had. So they came out of their house trying to be all bad and stuff. We had to nip that in the bud.

Even with the healers. . . . anyway, Gas decided it was better INSIDE than out. Gas resses Ruby in their house and goes grey again. Gordon and I lob various spells through their open door, just to keep from falling asleep. And low and behold, they catch me off guard and drop a nasty combo on me. I go down and they gleefully loot me. I go res and get ready to fight again. From here, Ruby and Gas gated out. We run in so as to keep them honest. . . we hit the gate as well. We end up at the R@B Guild HQ where Gas is put back on the R@B stone. Good, now he's orange. Not sure what made them think this was better, but none the less, they are both orange now. They exit their humble abode (which is rare) and the fighting starts. Gas was the first to fall.

With Ruby joining her mate in the after life shortly thereafter.

As the evening progressed, we ended up getting Gas again.

They disappear for the evening and we head off to see what's happening in the rest of the world.

When we look in to things the next day, we notice that R@B has surrendered. I guess their 1:4.7 kill ratio just wasn't what they had in mind. Now for the weeks of 'TKV sucks', 'duel me', etc, etc, etc trash talk from them that always follows a war. And perhaps, after a few weeks off, they will think they are better, and will redeclare on us. That just depends on how truly ignorant they are, I guess.

- Taran

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