Nobody Saves the World

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Nobody Saves the World

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I think I got this in a Humble Bundle.

Cute RPG where you are a dude with no memory. You are in a kingdom in danger and you find a wand. The wand allows you to change in various forms and this is how you play the game.

The forms are Nobody, Egg, Rat, Archer, Guard, Monk, Robot, Zombie, Mermaid, Dragon, Dino, Rogue, Ghost, Slug, Necromancer, Bodybuilder, and Turtle. There are two other forms as part of DLC, but I didn't get it. All the forms have different abilities, which you grind up in that form. Then you can upgrade the abilities and mix and match them. This is how you can build your character to have a better chance in dungeons.

Most of the game's baddies are standard, but deep in dungeons will be ones with wards. Think of the wards like rock, paper, scissors. You'll need to have the proper attack to break the ward and then anything can hurt it. It's a lot less annoying than it sounds.

Cute little game worth a few bucks and good for entry level folks or, as I used it, as a bridge from one longer AAA title to another.
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