Fall (2022)

As long as we recognize Lucas is washed up and most TV sucks, we'll all get along fine.
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Fall (2022)

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A young woman, who climbs recreationally, has herself a cliffhanger moment. A year later her best friend talks her into climbing the B67 TV Tower, which is apparently a real tower. As you can imagine there is no movie if that goes smoothly.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan is in this movie for some reason. I'm guessing to fulfill a contract or doing someone a favor. It's for a few scenes, but very briefly. I'll bet he did 1 maybe 2 days on set.

The most interesting part of the movie is watching how the girls' efforts to be rescued are thwarted. There is some unintentional comedy in there.

It's boring. The acting is ok, but not where it needs to be when you have two people carrying the film on their own.
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