Vendetta (2022)

As long as we recognize Lucas is washed up and most TV sucks, we'll all get along fine.
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Vendetta (2022)

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Top billing: Bruce Willis and Thomas Jane.

The top five faces on the marketing: Bruce Willis, Thomas Jane, Mike Tyson, Theo Rossi, and Clive Standen.

Reality: Tyson is in two scenes. Jane in three or four. Willis in minor bits throughout. Rossi carries the film and is the main villain. Standen is the lead.

Rossi really does carry the film and you don't know his name, but you'll know his face. He brought his A game. Standen is very unmemorable as a poor man's Punisher. He's fine, but there's not much to work with. Put Jason Statham in the lead and this movie probably makes $20M, plus Jane would have tried harder.

The worst part of the movie is Willis. Now that we know his diagnosis, it's really obvious. He's trying, but you can tell he's very limited. Just seeing him and knowing what he's having to do just to get his lines out makes it sad. He simply cannot deliver any real personality anymore.

The movie is fine, although boring, despite some really bad dialogue and a complete lack of knowledge about police procedures. Oh, and the ridiculous premise... Yes, random murders happen, but nobody does initiation murders in broad daylight in public places. Certainly not crime families who try to maintain a low profile.
“Every record been destroyed or falsified, books rewritten, pictures repainted, statues, street building renamed, every date altered. The process is continuing day by day. History stops. Nothing exists except endless present in which the Party is right.”
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