Gay Marriage

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Post by TheCatt »

My thought is that the government has no place in marriage, period. No tax deductions for being married, no official recognition of marriage, etc.

You want inheritance, property transferrence, etc, declare what you want.

You want to "marry" 5 other consenting adults? Go for it.

Really, why does marriage matter? In our system of law, it grants certain benefits (property inheritance/transfer; tax benefits, etc).

Custody of children is about the only think I haven't been able to reconcile yet.
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Post by Malcolm »

Long as I don't've to hear anyone bitching about the "disintegration of the family unit" and how it will cause the "downfall of society" bullshit lines.
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Post by GORDON »

Yep, I JUST said in the other thread that I don't think any form of marriage should be recognized by government. If you want to be married in the eyes of god, fine. But there shouldn't be a 'special-privileges-from-gov't' aspect to it.
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Post by TPRJones »

Agreed. "Marriage", what there is of it, should be composed simply of a religious element - if the individuals desire it - and some form of contract to handle distribution of wealth and kids and whatnot. Let it be whatever people want to contract for it to be.

Of course, to make it easier, lets have a few standard example contracts around where regular folks who don't care for the details can just sign on the doted line and be married without worrying too much about the details. But whatever people want to do above and beyond that is fine by me.
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