Terrifier 2 (2022)

As long as we recognize Lucas is washed up and most TV sucks, we'll all get along fine.
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Terrifier 2 (2022)

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Art the clown is back doing his thing. This time there are some supernatural elements that aren't completely explained, but whatever. You're just here for the over the top killing and Art's completely insane performance.

There is one scene that is fucked up. I mean in a Casino "watch me kill your brother before I kill you" or Sons of Anarchy "watch me burn your daughter alive before I kill you" sort of way. However, it culminates in a legit laugh out loud moment, which perfectly showcases what these movies are all about.

You're here for Art the clown who is part Michael Meyers, part Joker. The way he goes about doing things makes him surprisingly charming. This is a character that never talks or even utters a sound, yet somehow relates a ton of emotion and jokes through his facial expressions and hand gestures. His character is honestly perfect.

The story this time is deeper than the first film, but I honestly think it hurts this film. This one, unlike the first, really takes some time to get rolling and the supernatural stuff is really hit and miss. But hey, they tried something different, so I won't hold it against them.

Gore galore (cannot be overstated) and Art isn't going to catch Jason, Freddie, or Michael any time soon in number of kills, but Art is worth the price of admission. The dude playing him just nails it every time.
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