Pearl (2022)

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Pearl (2022)

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A prequel to the horror film, X.

From what I've heard, they had the cast, crew, sets, and budget when they wrapped on X and figured they'd just knock out another film really fast. That definitely shows from time to time, but this was a pretty decent origin story.

The appropriately named Mia Goth might be the new Danielle Harris. She's a really good actress and potentially the new queen of horror. She also has a unique look about her that ranges from homely to attractive depending on the lighting and her facial expressions. Based on her acting in X and Pearl, she's also a pretty sexual creature in real life. I think she's a perfect example of personality jumping off the screen and adding to one's attractiveness. She's a new category of hot called "curiously hot". She's not traditionally "hot", but there's something about her that makes her desirable.

Anyway, she's Pearl and this is her story. There's probably no reason for you to watch this unless you've already seen X, so I'm not going to get heavy into the plot. I will say that it's a bit slow at times and heavily dependent upon Mia to drag the movie with her. I'm happy to say she is excellent in this role. Seriously, she's awesome. She sells it so damn well that it's a bit unnerving. Maybe it hits home a bit more to those of us with daughters, but the quickly shifting moods and how her feelings drive her instead of logic are perfect.

Also, shout out to the rest of the cast. Not a single bad performance in the movie. Even Matthew Sunderland, who had to act with just his eyes the whole film, was great (and oddly looked like Ralph Fiennes while doing it).

There's a reason the phrase "Keep It Simple Stupid" exists and Pearl is a great example of why. They weren't trying to reinvent the wheel here and had a fantastic lead. This is 100% a character piece with some horror elements thrown in and I might have enjoyed it more than X.
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