Welcome to Wrexham

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Welcome to Wrexham

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Rob McElhenney and Ryan Reynolds bought a Welsh soccer/football team during the pandemic towards the end of a season. They bought the team for $1M, iirc, and then 1) invested more $$, and 2) made an 18-part docuseries for FX based on the first full season of ownership (they are already midway through Season 2).

The team, Wrexham AFC, is one of the oldest professional soccer teams around, and plays in the oldest professional soccer stadium. The team is in the 5th league (called the National League) in English football. The lowest level that's still professional. There are 3 more levels below, iirc. Top level is the Premier League (Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal, etc). Average salary for these players is about $40k/year.

Before the first season, they pulled in some new talent, a new manager, etc. Does it payoff?

I'm a few episodes in. It's pretty good, but maybe a little long. Does it really need 18?
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