Hellraiser (2022)

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Hellraiser (2022)

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I have mixed feelings about this film, some good, generally bad. Don't even care "Pinhead" is played by a woman now. Doesn't matter. Source material was ambiguous about the sex.

The good: It's new Hellraiser, and they generally stuck to the extreme S&M pain themes. The actress did as well playing The Priest (pinhead) as she could, given the script. I give her a thumbs up.

The bad: For what it's worth the first two Hellraiser movies established a canon and methodology for the Cenobites, and how they operated. One of my favorite scenes from part 2 was the evil doctor who gets an autistic girl to open the puzzle box. She opens it with a complete lack of understanding. The Cenobites arrive, look at her. Pinhead states, "It isn't the hands that call to us, it is the desire," and all turn to look at the doctor, observing from a "safe" vantage. The first two movies make it clear they are angels to some, demons to others, and only come when called by seekers of sensation.

Well in this movie, it's almost all trickery fuckery. One or two people actually call to them, but it's mostly "Ha ha you got someone to bleed on the box, now that person is fucked and will be tortured to death," to the extent of even turning the tables. I don't like this lazy shit. There are plenty of people into "extreme sensation" you cpuold have made a story around, and you don't need to get a bunch of EXTREMELY annoying 20-somethings to literally run from Cenobites through the woods trying to escape them.

The body horror was there. Plenty of gore.... though I think even that was pulled back a bit. Not as much red as even in the first movie, in the 80s.

An OK movie, a bad Hellraiser movie, but in October it isn't a complete waste of time if you want to see annoying 20s people get killed.
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