The Tank (2017)

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The Tank (2017)

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"The following is based on true events"

Hollywood needs to set some rules on claims like this because in this case it is utter and complete horseshit. Nothing in this story ever happened. The only thing remotely real is that a simulation of a trip to Mars did take place (2007-2011), and I'm sure NASA has done it a few times themselves.

The story has the aforementioned simulation taking place in Antarctica. Not just in Antarctica, but a 7-8 hour trip away from the closest base. 6 people are selected to do the experiment, and NASA took a TON of they're known to do :roll: picking the crew. Who makes a good commander? A guy who just lost his wife and child. Throw in a man child who is probably 150 pounds heavier than any astronaut in history. (Side note: I did laugh that he was a Marine...hi Gordo!) A closeted voyeur who suffers from seizures. Another crewmember is a batshit insane religious zealot. And you get the point.

Anyway, Kellie Madison is not a good writer or director. Sorry. Rah, rah for female empowerment and all that, but you don't get a pass just because you have a vagina. This movie is a steaming pile of crap. Poor direction throughout. A terrible plot. Horrific acting.
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