Into the Dark - Tentacles (2021)

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Into the Dark - Tentacles (2021)

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Apparently I'm behind on this series. Shame on Hulu for not letting someone who has watched every prior episode know new ones were out.

I'm thinking they have dumped the holiday themed horrors at this point and now it's just horror movies.

This one is about a young couple that meet and fall in love. The ad on Hulu really trumpets the sexual content, but it's just young lovers being horny. There is one scene where both are fully nude and fucking all day/night, but it's shot in the most unsexy way possible. You'll be wondering more about what hell it would have been to shoot that scene than being turned on.

Anyway, the girl is running from her past, while the guy is firmly rooted in his. As her past catches up and causes issues for both of them, he begins to experience medical issues from the stress of the situation.

This film really struggles with not understanding itself. First, there are false flags all over the place. Half the movie is to fool the audience into not knowing what the film is actually about. It's a huge problem. Second, are you making a sexually charged thriller? Yeah? Can you maybe have some actually sexy scenes? This is not 9 1/2 Weeks or Basic Instinct. The main characters have no chemistry. Their performances are fine, but Bruce Willis and Cybill Sheppard had more chemistry on Moonlighting. They just don't work. Third, that total lack of chemistry extends to his best friend/business partner as well. Fourth, the film is a grind of false scenes, which makes it slow. This could have been a short film, and in fact, I've seen short films with extremely similar plots that were better watches than this, AND had better love stories. Tales from the Dark Side: The Movie (1990) - Lover's Vow is an example of this type of story done MUCH better.

The most damning thing about the movie though is that title. It's terrible. An absolutely perfect title would have been something like "Bury the lede". You don't know it just by reading this, but that's fucking brilliant. :D

It's not the worst installment of Into the Dark, by a long shot, but it's not the best either.
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