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Amon Amarth

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Took my kid to the Detroit show last night, as his bday present.

Cattle Decapitation, Obituary, Carcass, opened.

AA is a viking metal band. They were pretty good. I'm not familiar with any of them, though, so honestly 75% of the songs across 4 bands sounded pretty identical to my unfamiliar ear.

Sausage fest. 1:20 F:M ratio. But the Fs that were there were mostly decent. Dudes were mostly white, 35+ years old. I saw more graying pony tails last night than.... well, I think they were all there.

We got there 45 minutes before the doors opened and the line was wrapped around the block. Dudes directly behind us were openly smoking weed, upwind from us. Good times. I saw a couple black kids up ahead in the line, "Oh how nice, black metal fans." No, they were selling candy bars, working the crowd.

We were up in the balcony where the seats were, I didn't know what the floor moshing situation would be and didn't want my kid in it. Plus, 5 hours is a long time to stand, for me. So we had seats, and most people were seated and head bobbing. Group directly in front of us had 4, 2 men, two women, all middle aged. The oldest looking woman had, I assume, a bladder issue and was literally up every two songs to pee, the entire night. So the entire group of 4 would stand up, they would all leave the aisle so the old one could leave, then file back to their seats, blocking our view the entire time. Then she'd come back and it was repeated. Two songs later, she'd be up again. The entire night. And they never thought to put the old woman on the aisle so she could just leave as she had to.

Anyway, metal. *throws devil horns*
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