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Indy title.

Side scroller that is best played with a controller. I played on hard, which cannot be changed once you start playing. This is because the narrator asked me some questions early on and one was just ambiguous enough to trick me into hard mode. Whatever. That mostly meant all the bosses had double the hit points. You would wipe them out to nothing and then they'd reset.

You are ICEY, an android or something? I don't know. The story is kind of trash and devoid of details. The biggest "feature" of this game is that there's a narrator, but that's been done before and better. The narrator guides you through the game, and pro tip, ignore him to get to secret areas and achievements. Oh, you don't collect achievements? Then you won't see the "true ending".

The game isn't long. I completed it after short sessions over three nights.

There's something fun and cool here, but mostly it looks like an indy game. It also plays like one.

Do you love melee combat games that throw multiple enemies at you? How about when all of your animations (unless they're special ones that eat health) can be interrupted? How about when none of your opponents' animations can be stopped? How about when you run in a direction then hit attack and your characters attacks back where you came from rather than the direction you were heading and facing? Don't worry though, those animations you cannot stop... How about bugs that appear in the middle of a boss fight when you're doing well and it completely freezes you while the boss jumps around unable to hurt you so you have to start the level over? How about button smashing moves that are more at home in a fighter than a side scrolling action game? (X, X, X, X, X, Y...but only in certain situations!)

It's a frustrating game to play.

I want to recommend it, but I can't. Too many things needed more polish and the ending you get without getting all achievements is lame as hell.
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