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Steamworld Dig

Post by Leisher »

Had gotten Rusty a bit lately, but had a bad experience with a server admin, so I looked through my Steam library for something new. Settled on Steamworld Dig. Why? I don't know, but I'm glad I did.

If you can get this game for $1, do so. It's like Dig Dug grew up, got more depth, a story line, and some charm.

It's not long either. I beat the whole thing while collecting every gem within three days, and that's not three full days, but like two evenings while watching movies and one or two hours during a day.

The story is that you're a robot named Rusty (I did not mean to do that in the first sentence.) and you've inherited your Uncle Joe's mine. So you start digging down while doing trades with the local merchants, one of whom develops a fondness for you. Most of the game is spent digging for gems, fighting baddies (a nice variety, not large, but perfect for the game), improving your skills by selling the gems, and exploring caves that are mostly puzzles that contain big upgrades.

I played the whole game on a keyboard. No mouse needed, but I have a feeling a controller would have worked too.

It was a perfect gaming experience, IMHO. Everything worked, it wasn't too demanding, it's cute, it's fun, and I could watch a flick but not be too distracted by either.

There is a sequel which I've recently started. Not just a sequel, but an entire series of different game types set in this world.
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Steamworld Dig

Post by TheCatt »

I enjoyed Steamworld Dig, and Dig 2 is even better.

The whole SteamWorld world is pretty fun, imho: ... ld#p171281
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