Dead Space 3

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Dead Space 3

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Not sure how I missed reviewing Part 2, but read my review of the first game and it mostly applies here.

This is the final chapter as EA killed the franchise trying to add microtransactions into this one along with changing it from a horror game to a horror action game. They also disassembled the company they bought which had created this franchise. So it's dead.

Still, this is a solid entry in the series despite EA's greed.

The story has you again as Isaac Clarke, but this time you're forced into action as a cult that worships the markers has overthrown Earth's government. Meanwhile, you girl, Ellie, has potentially discovered the marker's home world. So you're fighting both The Thing's children (No better way to describe them.) and crazy cultists we think these monsters are humanity's saviors.

The story is solid enough, although I'm very confused about the overall timeline.

Playing through all three games was a good experience. Too bad EA is more concerned with scorched Earth greed instead of building brands.
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