Vlogger murdered

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Vlogger murdered

Postby Leisher » Wed Jul 17, 2019 10:51 am

Bianca Devins murdered by psycho.

He posted pictures of her dead on instagram and called her fans fuckers and that they'll "need to find someone else to orbit".

Listen, the photos are out there and I recommend you don't go hunting for them.

Meanwhile, this case is exposing what scum people are who are celebrating her murder and painting the victim as a monster. I fully endorse celebrating bin Laden's death or if someone offed a monster like Epstein, but celebrating the death of a teenage girl proves your own mental instability. The people there are simply losers with extreme hatred for women because women won't give them the time of day. Maybe if they moved out of their basements, took a shower, shaved, and got a job they'd have a chance to meet a nice girl.

Show me a teenage girl with a history of being molested and who is being abused by internet dwellers in exchange for fame who doesn't have issues and...well...you can't. By her family's accounts she had been behaving badly during that time, but had been dramatically improving herself.

The guy stabbed himself in the neck too, but is expected to live. Thankfully, our mental institutions have been disassembled, so he'll be free to murder again someday.
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