Exposed (2016)

As long as we recognize Lucas is washed up and most TV sucks, we'll all get along fine.
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Exposed (2016)

Postby Leisher » Sat Apr 13, 2019 3:03 pm


Keanu Reeves is a detective investigating his partner's murder, meanwhile there's a Latino family with one son in Iraq, one son just out of jail, and four women all enjoying life. One of those ladies sees something supernatural though and continues to do so.

The supernatural stuff is just the filmmakers lying to you. Literally, that's all it is as there is nothing supernatural happening in the slightest.

This movie is boooooooooring, and all the characters are so bland. There's a villain being pursued for the murder of the detective who is killing all these other people to clear his name, which is hilarious because he LEGIT didn't do it! "I'm not going down for that murder so I think I'll kill all these other people!" That's the logic used here.

Once the twist happens, which you should figure out, it'll basically just make you groan. The entire movie, everything said, everything you see, the way characters treat the one lady, etc. It's all a lie to try and shock you with the easily figured out twist.

The one perk is that the main lady, Isabel, played by Ana de Armas, is crazy hot and she does a great job.

Skip it.
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Exposed (2016)

Postby TheCatt » Sat Apr 13, 2019 7:45 pm

A Keanu film I haven't heard of? Thats...
Leisher wrote:Source of the post Skip it.

exactly what I expected
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