My Hero Academia

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My Hero Academia

Postby Leisher » Fri Jul 13, 2018 11:36 am

Yay Hulu!

Got put on this series by a friend who isn't a typical anime fan, so it carries more weight.

First two seasons have dubbed versions. They must still be working on season 3's dubbing.

Long story short: This is the anime version of the Charles Xavier Academy.

80% of people are now born with quirks (mutant powers). The best quirks get you the ability to join the Hero Academy to become a professional hero. Heroes need licenses and are broken down into various roles like crime fighters, support people, etc. Unfortunately for one kid who REALLY wants to be a hero and studies them like crazy, he did not get a quirk. However, he's fucking relentless and a hero at his core, so he still ends up at the school.

The whole series plays out like it's for kids, but then the little perverted guy grabs a tit or talks about trying to look up skirts and you're thinking "Who is this for?" The themes are pretty adult too. A kid could absolutely watch this and be entertained and inspired, but as an adult you'd wince maybe once every 3-4 episodes about some pervy comment or action. Most would go over a kid's head though. The heavier themes are beaten until there's nothing subtle about them, which would be good for a kid, but they are pretty deep. One hero has a scared face because his abused mother, one of several "slaves" (best word possible), couldn't stand the sight of him as he reminded her of his father.

The animation is typical anime so expect exaggerated features. Props to them for Nightmare's tits, which are crazy realistic to her body and character. I know, that seems silly and no she doesn't get topless, but when you see them you'll know what I mean.

The most annoying thing about Japanese anime though? The fucking credits. Every episode opens with a long song over credits and they all close the same way. Sometimes there are scenes before the credits, sometimes not. Sometimes there are scenes after the credits, sometimes not. It's very annoying.

Fun show, but I kept hearing about something big in S2 and while a story line did play out, it'd didn't play out in a way that made me think "Holy Shit!". It was just entertaining. In fact, S2 reminded me a LOT of Yu Yu Hakusho, which was an excellent anime series. (I'm now thinking that I really need to go back and finish Cowboy Beebop.)

Gordon, I think you and your kid would like this series.

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