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Postby Leisher » Mon Jun 11, 2018 9:26 am

Aquaman and the generic, terribly written bad guy from Avatar star as a father and son who go to their cabin only to get tangled up with drug dealers.

Momoa is just a normal guy with a wife and kid. Lang is his dad who suffers from dementia. One of Momoa's workers takes a side gig hauling drugs that goes bad. He hides the drugs at Momoa's cabin and that just happens to be when Momoa decides to take his dad there to discuss putting him in a home.

Garret Dillahunt is the main baddie. He's a great actor, but he was given shit material to work with here. You know what drug lords don't ever do? Beat someone to death in a diner in front of a fuckton of witnesses.

There are a lot of WTF? moments throughout the film that I'll cover below if you want to avoid spoilers. It's a pretty shit written film.

Long story short: Skip it.

Spoilers below:
-They drive for miles and the 10 year old daughter just strolls on it? Maybe I was watching my PC and missed it, but how'd she get there?
-You know what's not a good idea? Sending your 10 year old up a mountain in the middle of nowhere, but also bear country, with no weapons or supplies.
-Oh, the mom's a master archer? When was that covered in the plot?
-Drug lords know dick about tactics apparently.
-They also apparently have no concept of negotiation.
-Assault with a deadly weapon. Intent to commit bodily harm. Elder abuse. Trips to the hospital. Thankfully, the guys beating up an old man refuse to press charges on the guy who defended him...
-No, but seriously, he setup a bear trap so HE could step into it and have his leg anchored so the villain would fall off a cliff and he'd dangle there? Holy shit. What were the writers smoking when they came up with this idea? I know the guy is playing Aquaman, but he's not Aquaman here. Nobody, and I mean NOBODY, goes into a fist fight with the plan "Ok, I'm going to throw this guy off a cliff after I step into this bear trap."
-To be fair, the villain's henchmen were pretty invincible themselves. Once you've been shot and then grabbing with glowing hot metal pincers, you'd probably be out for the count or at least showing signs of those attacks. Not these badasses!

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