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Postby Cakedaddy » Thu May 30, 2013 2:44 am

She's awesome. She's VERY much like Amumu lite. Should have had her in our line up a long time ago.

Q - Dash and bounce. Not quite the stun of Amumu. But, it's a pause.
W - Twirls her mace around causing AOE damage for a few seconds. Not quite the tears that Amumu has.
E - Damages and slows anyone that taken any other damage she's caused. Like Amumu's tantrum, but also slows.
R - AOE stun. Like Amumu's, but is a skill shot. So, it's got longer range, but if I miss the skill shot, it doesn't stun anyone. But again, if I do miss, it will slow all enemies in the area. So not a total loss.

She does bonus damage with her W based on AP and bonus health. All else is AP bonus, I believe.

So, she's got her dash, very good CC with a lot of slows and puts out decent damage.

Have to play some real games with her, but since she's so close to Amumu, it will be a short learning curve for me.

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