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Postby Cakedaddy » Sun May 12, 2013 4:52 am

Bought Vi instead of Voli for some reason. I'm glad I did. She brings the pain, and hard.

Q - Dash, damage and stun.
W - I don't even know. It's just not. Not an activated ability, that I can tell.
E - Hits the enemy in front for a good hit and damage passes through to enemies behind. FAST minion clear.
R - I dash a pretty good distance to the enemy. Knock them up, then back down for a bunch of damage.

So, two stuns and a ton of damage. My E can be fired twice per cool down. Q and E have short cool downs. Isn't all that mana hungry either, allowing me to spam them.

For ganks, I can dash through walls and stun/damage. Fire my E twice. As they get away, I ult and stun again with big damage.

Not sure on the perfect build yet. I built her like an ADC in my practice bot game so I knew I could clear the enemies fast and hold them back. I will probably build tanky damage instead of tanky support like I do Jarvin. She's easy to play as well which will allow me to get her on the field quicker.

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Postby Cakedaddy » Mon May 13, 2013 12:19 am

I've only got 4 games as Vi so far, but I like her. Hits HARD and has good CC. I hit level 18 before darious (16) and I MELTED him 1v1. I can dive at their carries in back knocking their whole team around. When my team dives with me, their carries die very quickly. When they don't, I die and their carries are barely alive and that sucks. So, dive with me. Thanks.

W - It's just ON. Not not. It gives me attack speed, lowers their armor and stuff like that.
R - Dashes towards and enemy. All enemies I pass through get knocked back and take a whole bunch of damage. I'm immune to all CC while dashing.

In a team fight, I will be circling around to the edges of the fight trying to get a bead on their carry. When I get one, I dive. I hurt and knock back anyone in my way. I knock up the target for 1.25 seconds and slam them down. I do my E twice and then follow with my Q to try to hurt/kill/stun them again. My passive gives me a shield as I go in. I build tanky to try to survive this encounter. That's my initiation.

Last game we just played, I was dealing a very respectable amount of damage, had a ton of health, and was the best champ on our team, no contest.

So, we will win from now on because I'm playing Vi. FYI. Well, as long as you all do what you are supposed to.

I'm buying frozen mallet, maw of whatever, Zephyr, stuff like that. Oh, war mogs too.

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