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Postby Cakedaddy » Fri Mar 15, 2013 8:10 pm

Q - Fast rolling ball that stuns and slows enemies. AOE.
W - Defense that gives me 120 armor and resist and sends damage back on the enemy. More armor I have, the more damage it sends back.
E - Taunt that lasts 1-3 seconds.
F - AOE damage that also damages turrets.

I was taking all armor items and stuff. His cool downs are really fast so I'm spamming my stuff. Could be a decent replacement for amumu when he's banned. He's slower in the jungle than amumu though.

He's got that big hitting aoe ult and his taunt cools down in about 10 seconds. With boots of mobility and home guard, he can make it half way across the map in about 3 seconds in ball form. He's really fast.

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