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Postby Leisher » Thu Dec 13, 2012 10:25 am

You've all been playing awesome.

Amazing how much a reliable 5th who works with the team has affected the rest of us. The fact that he's good is just an added bonus.

It's not all him though, as I think something has clicked with all of us. And it's not just 5s where we've been kicking ass. Gordo, Cake, and I have a pretty good run going on TT as well.

Every single person seems to have stepped up their game. Gordo seems more tanky and to be doing more damage, Stranger is playing the support role perfectly with heals/wards/harassment/etc., Cake seems to be coming out of the jungle from every direction, I've finally gotten out of my habit of bad positioning and everyone is keeping me alive longer to do more damage, and we're all talking a lot more.

At some point we're going to lose, and when that happens, stay positive. We've got a solid team at the moment, and I'm confident that however we might lose, we now have the players, abilities, and confidence to correct it.

Also, last night Cake asked if we switch things up or not. Right now, I think no. Give us a few more wins. Then, I suggest we start switching it up with scenarios. For example, "They banned Singed, and selected Ezreal first...what's our move?"

Will we be sticking with our roles, and thus need to practice with other champs, or do we shift everyone around the board so they're playing champs they know?
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Postby TPRJones » Thu Dec 13, 2012 10:31 am

I was watching for a bit last night trying to find something to make fun of y'all for, but I couldn't. You were too good. Lots of slick moves and impressive kills.
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Postby Stranger » Thu Dec 13, 2012 11:53 am

I am of the thought that we should just stick with our rolls for now. We all know what to expect from each lane since we have been there for so long. I think we should just expand our champs that we play in each roll.

I know that im very comfortable with Blitz, Sona, and Leona. And i really enjoy playing support as odd as that may seem. The more that me and Liesher play bot together the better we are getting. I think that he just needs to have a few more AD champs to choose from and bot lane will be set.

Cake is doing really well out of the jungle. Good ganks in all lanes and help with the ward coverage. And he already plays a very good Nocturn and I know that Maokai is a common jungler not sure how much he has played him in that roll but im sure he could pick it up pretty fast.

Gordo is doing well top. I think top is a lonely and hard place to play but his Singed is second to none and he holds down that lane very well. I would just like to see some extra champs for him to choose from cause inevetably Singed will be banned in some ranked games. So i say he stays at top and focuses on getting other champs into his rotation.

And im not really sure what Theo's best champs or roll is because all i have seen is his akali, but damn does he play that roll well. If he is ok with doing the AP mid then im all for it, because i think it was the weakest part of our team. No offens to Cake, you have played some good games at mid, but you are MUCH better coming outta the jungle. Cause i know from experiece jungle is a tough roll. You gotta have a feel of when and where to be and have a good sence of when to gank or counter jungle, and you are better in jungle than mid.

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Postby GORDON » Thu Dec 13, 2012 12:14 pm

Leisher wrote:You've all been playing awesome.

I had a lot of driving to do this morning and allowed myself a moment to daydream about how funny it would be to see our team of old men in one of the big broadcasted tournaments playing against a bunch of 19 year olds who have never felt a woman's breast before.

For the tournament we would call our team "The Greybushes."
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Postby Cakedaddy » Thu Dec 13, 2012 9:04 pm

We would never be in that tournament because they are invite only. And they only invite people who have dedicated their lives to the game. And that goes back to my earlier statement that we don't see the best of the best in those tournaments. We see those who are available.

Leisher should take a look at Graves. Easy champ to learn. Isn't banned often. Very high and fast damage output. Close/escape ability. Long range ult. Everything you need in a carry.

I'd like to see Gordon master Shen. VERY popular top choice in ranked games, but is heavily banned. But if he's banned, Singed won't be. Or at least, shouldn't be. Malphite would be another good one.

Top bans in ranked games:
Blitz - 100% At the beginning of every game, I say "Let them ban Blitz" so we don't waste our ban choice on him. If he doesn't get banned, then our whole team has to own him so who ever is picking first can pick him.

I have tried jungling with Maokai and can't quite get it. I've only done it a couple of times, but I have no sustainability. I'm getting sent home way too much. I might be picking up Xin for the jungle though too.

When I'm noc or Xin, we'll need our support to go more tanky since we would be losing Amumu. Top should always be tanky.

Our new fifth has played Wu Kong from top. Akali is rarely banned in ranked games, so she's a good pick for him. Not sure who else he plays.

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