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Postby Cakedaddy » Sat Oct 06, 2012 2:21 am

Holy OP Batman. . . .

He's got good burst, good slow down, good chase/escape.

Q: His next basic attack does extra damage, plus his attack damage.
W: AOE spell that gives him armor and resist if it hits an enemy.
E: Slows the enemy.
R: Goes invisible and can leap strike an enemy.

Every time he does an ability on an enemy, he gets a counter. At 5 counters, all of his abilities get bonuses.
Q: Does it's normal extra damage plus 150% of attack damage.
W: See above, plus it heals Rengar.
E: Stuns the enemy instead of slows.
R: No bonus with 5 counters.

Also, when he has 5 counters, cooldown is ignored. Say I have 4 counters. I can hit you with my Q that does a boat load of damage. That gives me my 5 counters. Since cooldown is ignored, I can immediately do my Q again doing the bonus damage. Then my cooldown is redisplayed. However, it's not started over. So, say my cool down is 10 seconds. I hit you with my Q and the 10 seconds starts. We are fighting and 3 seconds after casting my Q, I cast W and that gives my my 5th counter. I can immediately cast my Q again. Then the cooldown timers show again and my Q is now at 5 seconds (two more seconds counted down while I cast my W, then my Q again). So, when I cast the 'free' bonus ability using the 5 counters, it does not reset my cooldown. So I'm spamming my abilities during fighting so I can get my 5 counters asap so I can cast my extra free bonusified ability.

Oh. By the way. I don't use mana. Or energy. Or anything else. I am only limited by my cool down. So spamming abilities while laning, jungling, whatever doesn't hurt me. My cool downs are all around 10 - 12 seconds and I don't run out of mana.

That leaping thing he does. That does not hurt you. Well, his basic attack that lands when he jumps on you does. But the leap does no extra damage. It only moves him to you location quickly. That being said, if you are running away from him, make sure there are no weeds near by. Otherwise, he runs into them, and can now leap on you to catch up. He can leap onto nearby minions to close the gap too. Or, use minions to jump away from an attack. So, don't be by weeds when fighting Rengar.

This boy can chew up a turret in NO time. Can't tank one like Trynd. But he does massive damage to turrets because his Q works on them. A normal Q, followed by a 5 counter Q and the turret is instantly at half health. Oh, not to mention that his Q boosts his attack speed for three seconds. So, two Q's and 6 seconds of boosted attack speed equals a dead turret.

It took my a while to beat 5 bots though. Since he's all bursty, he has trouble when the enemy groups up. I had to keep doing things to separate the dumb AI. As long as there were no more than two, I could kill them both. Use my 5 counter W to heal and move on to the next group. I ended up with a ton of kills, few deaths and a victory.

I wanted to learn a different champ to jungle with. With his ult, he can sneak into lanes for the gank. He can also leap out of weeds for the gank. And, he doesn't need blue. Sure, the cool down bonus it gives would help. But not as much as it would help AP mid.

And ya, he's fun to play.

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Postby Cakedaddy » Mon Oct 08, 2012 12:31 am

Getting better with him. He's a slow jungler in the beginning. Doesn't have the DPS of other champs. I burn through the heals pretty quickly. I level slowly and am always too low in health to try to gank. Working on that, but not sure how to fix.

Once I've got my red gloves, I can jungle pretty efficiently. But I'm still not great in ganks because I don't have damage items yet. I buy the bone item after the red glove and basic boots. I finish my boots of swiftness after that. Then I build the mallet that turns into frozen mallet. Then I get a BF sword. Finish lantern. Finish frozen mallet. Finish Blood Thirster. Then I take phantom dancer. At this point, I'm one of the fastest champ in the game. I would replace the lantern at this point with a second BT, but I think I'm going to switch to IE instead.

At the end of a good game, I'm dong the most damage on my team. I CAN solo tank enemy turrets if I start with 5 counters and everything cooled down. I'm at half health when the turret falls.

I can burst kill most squishy champs, but I'm also pretty squishy. I have to pick the right time to jump into the team fight, or else I'm focused and popped pretty quickly. I will normally enter the team fight, dump my abilities including the 5 counter version. Then I'll hit my ult which makes me invisible, they stop targeting me. My counter counts up while I'm invisible, so I get another super ability. I pick a weak target and jump in and pop them. So, I'm in the fight, out, then assassinate another target. If the fight is going bad, I just pull back while invisible.

Late game, I dominate when I pick my targets correctly. Early game, I'm slow and weak. Mid game, I'm average.

Perhaps I'll switch my frozen mallet to Trinity Force. It's only a 25% chance to slow, but, Gordon takes the slowing wand thing, plus his glue, plus my bola, and I think others have/take slow items. The extra damage might do better.

In the games I've been playing, I'm the only one taking frozen mallet. And after bursting someone, the first thing they do is run. Slowing them allows me to kill them.

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