An American Terror

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An American Terror

Postby Leisher » Sat Nov 18, 2017 1:38 am

Yay Hulu!

Cliche bullied kids (think the Columbine gunmen) plan to get revenge on their cliche bullies (jocks that wear their school coat every day and cheerleaders that always wear their cheer outfits), but they instead run into a cliche killer.

This movie is fucking terrible.

The killer actually does bath salts. "Ripped from the headlines!"

Two people are in the killer's layer in the early afternoon and escaping. So what is their next logical move? Stop and take a nap while still in the killer's hideout. They don't even hide! I'm not making this up. Yeah, teenagers in the most terrifying situation they've ever experienced, who just watched their friend die, can't avoid taking a nappy nap in the middle of the afternoon while in a serial killer's lair.

Did I mention the friend is dead because while in the killer's lair, mere feet away from him, he decides to have a full on conversation? The killer finds him, and never even searches for who the kid could be taking to!

Dumbest ending of all time. "Cheerleader pussy does rock!" That'll show those bullies! I've never seen anything so lame.

Holy shit there's a post credits scene! And it made the movie even more ridiculous.

Horrible writing and horrible direction, but at least the dialogue and acting were terrible! What the fuck was with all the bad angles and weird shots. Clearly some pretentious tool thinking he's Spielberg.

Never watch this movie! I take that back. Absolutely watch this movie if you need some chuckles.

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