Hard Candy

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Hard Candy

Postby Leisher » Sun Nov 05, 2017 1:40 am

Yay Netflix!

If you want to go in clean, this movie stars Patrick Wilson and Ellen Page. It's very well acted, but not a movie for kids. VERY adult themes at play.

There are some flaws, but it's a decently put together film. Expect LOTS of talking and very little action. The cast list is, literally, 5 people and I think 3 of them got a combined 2 minutes of screen time. Point being, this is a movie where you're watching performances, not special effects. Prepare yourself.

I do recommend it, but have a comedy on standby to watch after this one.

If you don't mind minor spoilers, read on...

So Patrick is a pedo and Ellen, a minor, sets a trap for him. The rest of the movie is about her trying to get him to do the right thing. And suffer. This movie is very close to torture porn, although the gore factor is a lot less than you will probably expect. There are twists and turns, but probably not the ones you're expecting (although a few are).

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