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The Void

Postby Leisher » Fri Oct 27, 2017 11:43 am

Yay Netflix!

A sheriff finds some guy he thinks is drunk and he takes him to the local hospital, which is in the process of closing and has a skeleton crew. That's when weird shit starts happening and a bunch of knife wielding dudes in KKK outfits show up. (All white robes except they have a black triangle on the face.)

This one was just odd. I've seen it listed in various lists about horror films on Netflix you must watch, and that's the only reason I watched it.

There was some good acting, and a few good ideas, but I think it's ultimately brought down by the writing. The medical personnel and the cops do not act like they should at all. Medical interns might be completely inexperienced, but they still have a clue on basic first aid. If one guy was responsible for a "blood bath" (that was never shown or discussed prior to this moment or after) this local cop would probably know about it, and certainly the only response from the state police wouldn't be to have one officer randomly show up. Knowing how cops work, the dialogue between the two cops and the "procedures" they follow are particularly groan worthy.

The pacing was also complete shit, and they do a really bad job of making us care about the characters or even what's going on.

Kudos for the requisite Night of the Living Dead cameo and the obvious homage to John Carpenter's The Thing.

Not a terrible movie, but not really that good either.

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