Ralphie May

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Ralphie May

Postby Leisher » Tue Oct 10, 2017 10:09 am

Dead at 45.

He was pretty hilarious.

They mention "Last Comic Standing" which he was on and finished second to Dat Phan. I remember watching that and thinking it was bullshit. That got confirmed when the other comics on the show talked about how Ralphie got fucked over by NBC who didn't want to give Ralphie his own show because he was enormously obese. Dat Phan's act was 100% about making racial stereotype jokes about his own people. It got old fast. His TV show you can't name because I don't even think it got out of the pilot stage.

Ralphie was a great comic that never got the exposure he deserved mainly because of his weight issues.

Interesting side note discovered during my research for this post, Amy Schumer was on Season 5 and finished fourth.

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