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Posted: Sun Jan 10, 2016 9:58 pm
by Malcolm
A buddy of mine makes moonshine one pint at a time. I normally see him a couple times per year, so I pick up 3-4. It's white and ~100 proof when I get it. It's quite drinkable then, but I find it's more interesting to flavour it.

This batch:
1) mango shine ... tastes like white wine
2) granny smith apple shine ... tastes like green tea
3) blackberry shine ... best, has a slightly bitter aftertaste

I spent twelve months doing these last three. I would normally take about six months, putting in new fruit every couple weeks.

Previous attempts included: raspberry shine and strawberry shine. The latter was the most dangerous variety I ever made. You could put away at a solid sixteen ounces in ten minutes and never know anything until the alcoholic anvil hits later.