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Postby Malcolm » Sun Feb 16, 2014 9:30 pm

The place I brew at offers growlers at extremely reasonable rates. 64 oz. for $10 per refill plus a one-time $15-ish deposit on the actual jug. That's with the six-punch card. There's supposedly a 10-punch one that brings the cost down to $8.33. It's maybe 15 minutes from work on the way home, so I may make it a point to hit the place up more often. Anyhow, they've got about half a dozen recipes for sale in growlers at any given time. They get rotated every month or so. I've got two jugs to spare, so I double up. So far (site descriptions quoted and corrected for grammar/spelling):

Capitol Hill Pislner:
Our classic Czech Pilsner. Golden & spicy with authentic Czech hops added over & over again to the brew.

Clean, smooth, crisp. One of the best I've had outside of Eastern European imports. Budvar/Czechvar still reigns supreme.

German Marzen:
Spring version of an Oktoberfest; German amber lager style offering balanced flavors and a very clean finish

Malty, flavourful, but not outstanding. Better than most beers you'll find it in a liquor store, but not the upper echelon of this joint.

Stump Jumper:
Amber colored American pale ale that is one our most popular growler beers. More malty in flavor than most American pale ales, this brew features a lovely and distinctive flavor imparted by the judicious use of biscuit malt.

More drinkable than the Marzen. If you want something that's a quality middle of the road lager with a solid but not overpowering taste, it's good.

Cherry Irish Stout:
An enhanced version of our Irish Stout with a hint for cherry.

Like an Irish stout without the normal coffee/toffee, chocolate aftertaste. The cherry balances that part out goddamn well. Might pick this up again.
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