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I disagree.

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I must've been on a violent (neo-)noir binge for the past three flicks.  This bitch has Jimmy Caan, Ryan "I can't fucking believe I married Reese Witherspoon" Phillipe, Benecio Del Toro, Nicky Katt, Juliette Lewis, & Taye Diggs just to name a few.  Ryan & Benecio are gunmen/thieves/ne'er do wells that take a high-paying gig.  Then the half dozen or so independent parties spend the rest of the flick w\ each pushing their own agenda whilst trying to derail everyone else's.  Confusing as all hell if you don't pay the fuck attention.  That being said, violence a-plenty, good casting, a decent chase sequence, and competent directing make up for a somewhat windy, twisty script.

Verdict : 3 stars.  If you like shoot 'em ups about criminals that have a few more brain cells than you'd expect, you'll enjoy this.

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