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PostIcon Posted on: Jun. 13 2009,00:35  Skip to the next post in this topic. Ignore posts   QUOTE

Most of it was at the Brit GY of course.  Killed one red in Bucs, but he just stood there and let us.  Lol'ed even.

Saw a couple oranges at the GY, but as we were formulating our attack, a bunch of red ACE people showed up.  Taz knew the oranges would go after ACE before us, so, that was our plan too.  The reds were just gating in and out though.  Not fighting outnumbered.  So, we left and went hunting.  Didn't find anything that I can remember.  Went back to the GY.  Taz ran into the oranges again who are T-B.  They are KOS for me, but since they were talking to him earlier when the reds were there, Taz felt bad attacking them.  I didn't though, so I got things started.  I took LuckyLite's reflect down and he coppied.  And then the fighting started.  Holding true to T-B tactics, they both cast heal while we attacked.  When we stopped hitting them, they decided to start hitting back.  Lots of ducking and weaving was going on.  Eventually, we got some good hits on Lite and he was hurt.  Like they so often do, he paniced and ran away from his healer.  Right to me.  I dropped my precast ebolt and down he went.  But, that might not be our first kill.  I remember killing someoen else on the east side of the GY.  I don't remember who though.  They had a friend though cause I remember looting while watching my damage.  I think that was our first kill.  We just got our combos in place and I'm not sure who killed him because we both dropped our ebolts on him at about 7% health.    But, back to the Lite death.  We looted quickly and his partner ran into a house and hid.  Someone was looting our kill, so we were attacking him.  He was running towards town.  I broke off because I wanted to kill Lite's horse.  I went up there and saw him on all names.  I precast para and continued on.  When I cought up to him, I dropped the para.  I didn't want him getting to his horse before me.  I dropped his horse as he ran up.  I finished looting as well.  They were gone for a bit, and we scouted again.  I came across a blue BilboBaggins taming a white wyrm.  He's in T^B, so when we can, we kill them too.  He was at about 60% health from messing with the wyrm.  I attacked.  He tried casting gate and fizzled.  I was trying to call Taz off because I was going to be able to finish him and be the only one with a count.  Taz dropped his ebolt anyway and down he went.  Bilbo tried to gate his new pet out instead of healing.  Given their difficulty, I'm not surprised.  Then we killed his newly tamed wyrm.  When we got back to the GY later, the two Luckys we were fighting earlier and found a friend.  So now there's 3 oranges.  We try to hit the loners, but they regrouped to quickly and they'd come in with heals precast.  So we couldn't drop one.  At one point, we, or at least I, stuck around a little too long trying to score the kill.  They hit me HARD with stuff.  I hit potions and took off.  I was looooowwww on health.  I had distance on them, so I knew they couldn't cast on me.  I kept hitting potions and got my health up.  Trying to regroup with Taz, I got myself caught in a para gank.  Hitting pouches as fast as they could tripple cast, I wiggled my way out from the middle of them.  Someone was casting other spells though cause I was hurtin' again.  This went on for a bit.  Eventually, I ran out of heals and was in trouble.  All three were hot on my trail.  Again, I tried to regroup with Taz, but they would cut the corner.  3 times I should have been dead as I'd get caught on a tree and they'd be all on top of me.  All three times, I'd scoot away.  Finally, Taz came to me.  He caught up and dropped a heal.  Thank you!  100% health and they scattered.  This basically allowed us to get away.  I restocked my supplies and we went back.  All of our attacks failed due to their superior numbers though.  We finally called it a night as we were both VERY tired and T-B weren't making mistakes.

I don't know the final count (too late to try to figure it out.  I'm falling asleep).  I just know we had a handful of kills and no deaths.
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PostIcon Posted on: Jun. 13 2009,08:02 Skip to the previous post in this topic.  Ignore posts   QUOTE

The other guy we killed was the ACE red, Anti-Hero.

We didn't do anything fancy, he just forgot to run/heal.

Also, we pked a TB blue, which was funny.

Edited by Troy on Jun. 13 2009,08:04
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