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Took us a bit to find some, but once we did, we fought for a while.

First we ran into two T-B guys in Bucs.  They did more healing than anything else.  As soon as we'd do damage to one of them, they'd both cast heal.  We actually have to leave, re-equip, and come back.  There were a couple times where they'd get me low and would stop double healing.  One would still heal, the other would chase and try to finish me.  There was one point I really fucked up and hit the wrong macro key.  I was low on health and instead of hitting my heal potion key, I cast explosion.  I dropped it on the target, but it gave them a chance to hit me again.  I was really low and figured I was going to fatigue out soon, which made me remember I didn't have any food or red potions.  But I was able to keep going, hit a heal potion, then Taz came in with a heal.  Because I had been running for so long, I had most of my mana back.  I cast explosion/fs and taz did an FS.  They healed through it though.  We continued our dumps and hits and I dropped another FS.  Not sure what Taz had been hitting him with, but the target was really low.  The other TB was following with heal cast, but must have fucked it up because he never healed the guy.  I started running down with FS precast thinking I'd never catch up in time.  Then the orange came running towards me.  He had doubled back because Taz used his teleport ring to jump in front of the guy.  I dropped my FS and down he went.  His friend didn't even come and try to loot.  Taz res killed the dead guy because he was re-equiping at the bank.  I was trying to find the other orange, but he bugged out.

I was going to res kill the dead one again when a new orange TG showed up.  I attacked him and he did an explosion(on me)/heal(on him) combo.  People are so damn conservative.  Taz was coming down to join as I had him pretty low.  Then all of the sudden the screen was filled with orange and red again.  Taz got out, and I did not.  This is the same crew that did this last night.  However, bucs was way too small to try to get away from 5 people.  So, from now on, TG is an auto recall.  They've got fast response and I'm guessing targeting scripts running.  When the screen went orange/red, they were all hitting me (I think.  Did anyone cast on you Taz?)  Maybe not.  But one things for sure, once Taz was gone, they were all casting the shit out of me, which would be normal. . .  Anyway, they react fast, and they have big numbers.  That's an auto recall.  I guess we'd have time for one dump.  If they heal through it, use your last 11 mana to recall.  Lesson learned.

But, the night ended with one kill and one death.  The kill was against T-B, which is awesome.  The death was to TG, oh well.  The T-B loot gave me twice the regs and cure potions I normally carry.  I just had to get heals, a horse and some pouches.  So, I think we netted a profit for the night in goods.  Even on kills though.

Then the lag hit again.  I sure wish they'd fix that.  It's server side, and a reboot seemed to help.
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I had their two dexers on me :( if they had spread some of the firepower out when we split up you probably would have lived.
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