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Topic: Our evil guild will soon be indictable in Europe
started by: GORDON

Posted by GORDON on Nov. 20 2008,09:33
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European legislators should consider new laws to prevent the theft of virtual goods, according to a report published today.

The anti-PK crowds are about to win... they are making PKing illegal...

Posted by TPRJones on Nov. 20 2008,09:38
Nah, it sounds like it applies more to people using underhanded tactics, like exploits or out-of-game information such as login passwords.  Not someone who PKs someone inside the proper mechanics of the game.
Posted by GORDON on Nov. 20 2008,09:40
Well let's hope so.  Wouldn't really stop a lawsuit if you PKd the wrong rich kid.  In Europe.
Posted by Malcolm on Nov. 20 2008,11:44
Isn't it just code stored on someone else's server?
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