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Posted by: GORDON on Aug. 28 2001,12:22

On the one hand, government intervention in business artificially manipulates the basic economic theories of supply and demand.  On the other hand, I think monopolies are bad.

Discuss.  laissez-faire, or not?

Posted by: Cakedaddy on Aug. 28 2001,12:48

Sometimes monopolies are good.  Sometimes they are  bad.

Posted by: thibodeaux on Aug. 28 2001,13:47

Monopolies only exist when government interferes in the marketplace.  The idea that laissez-faire would lead to one huge monopoly is a myth.

Unfortunately, this cannot be proved either way, since we have no laissez-faire test bed economy.  I therefore propose that America II be established as such.  If monopolies emerge, we simply move on to America III: Attack of the Clones.

Posted by: GORDON on Aug. 28 2001,14:03

Quote: from thibodeaux on 11:47 am on Aug. 28, 2001


My way didn't look right to me at all, but 10 minutes searching didn't produce the correct spelling.

And I have to concur with the "Let the businesses be" concept, initially.  We'll amend as needs be....or, there are other options.

Posted by: thibodeaux on Aug. 28 2001,14:09

< >

Fear my elite spelling skills. ;)

Posted by: GORDON on Aug. 28 2001,14:11

My spelling was so far off, the AI routine on had no idea what I was trying to say.
Posted by: Vince66 on Aug. 29 2001,10:27

I'm with Thibodeaux on this one.  Plus, he can spell good.